Find out the top 10 things to expect when visiting Mallorca in 2024 if you have a holiday planned or are thinking of booking a break to Mallorca.

In this article, I will look at questions I am asked most often on the Mallorca Under Sun Youtube channel, and Mallorca Under the Sun Facebook group to create the ultimate guide to things to expect when visiting Mallorca in 2024.

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1. Top 10 Things to Expect When Visiting Mallorca: NO ETIAS Visa Waiver for 2024

The much-discussed ETIAS visa waiver won’t be a concern for 2024 travellers to Mallorca.

ETIAS European Travel Information and Authorisation System which is a travel authorisation for visa-exempt nationals from a list of countries travelling into the European Union, including (Mallorca) Spain.

You will have seen the non-stop news articles about this speculating as to when it will be coming into force.

However, the requirement for an ETIAS visa waiver will not be necessary until 2025 – and a firm date is yet to be decided

It’s going to be an extra layer of bureaucracy for you to go on holiday whether in Spain or elsewhere else in the EU in the future. That’s IF it goes ahead because there is still speculation that it won’t.

The requirement for a visa waiver for visitors to popular holiday destinations such as Mallorca adds friction to the travel experience, and if the requirement does go ahead, then systems need to be in place to make the application as seamless as possible so as not to cause chaos at airports.

I have more information about the ETIAS visa waiver which you can read about here, which includes a link to the official website.

So watch this space. As soon as I have an update, I will let you know but for 2024, for now, it’s not something you need to worry about.

2. Expect Mallorca’s NEW Entry-Exit System (EES) to launch after summer 2024

Anticipate changes in border procedures with the late 2024 introduction of the Entry Exit System (EES).

Do not confuse the ETIAS with the Entry Exit System (EES) that is due to be installed at Palma Airport in late October or early November 2024.

The EES, a new automated IT system, will register travellers from third countries every time they cross an EU border.

This system will check the 90-day stay limit within any 180 days. Currently, passport stamps are the norm, but with the EES, expect a shift towards digital tracking.

While this could potentially increase wait times at airports, it might also streamline the entry process. We’ll keep you informed as more details emerge.

3. Expect your 2024 Mallorca Holiday to Cost More

Holidays to Mallorca will cost more in 2024 so be prepared when you are looking to book

If you are looking for a package holiday this year, you will have noticed the cost increase, particularly if you are a regular visitor to the island.

You will see on my YouTube community page that I am running a poll asking viewers how to find the cost of holidays for 2024.

You will see that over 50% of those who responded to the poll have found that the cost of a holiday has gone up.

You will also have seen in my live stream in Palmanova from the 14 January when asked, many viewers felt the same, however, some viewers gave some good tips for finding a bargain holiday.

Reading the comments on the poll and also the live stream chat, some viewers are saying that they are finding better than value self-catering.

Others have found value through finding package holidays just out of peak season.

Others say it’s better it’s better to self-package their break too.

Support the channel at no extra cost if you collect hotel points through here and points. You will also find great value and great cancellation terms through here

Alternatively, check out Jet2 for the best deals.

With the increase in prices for a Mallorca holiday some regulars who normally holiday on the island either defer their holiday to later in the season or go elsewhere. 

You will see in from my live stream in Palmanova and video in Magaluf that considerable redevelopments are taking place in resorts. 

When the renovations have been completed, this will lead to higher hotel costs too.

Let me know in the comments if you have found a bargain break so others can look too!

4. Expect to spend more on holiday in Mallorca in 2024

Dealing with Mallorca’s escalating costs requires smart planning.

To get an idea of how much to budget check out this article here from 2023 to get an idea about what you can expect to pay on holiday.

I’ll update these costs when businesses open up so use these prices as a guide and add 10% on top to be on the safe side.

You will find it’s usually cheaper to holiday earlier on in the season. Be warned: I was tipped off last Summer some restaurants will increase their prices by another 10 % during July and August.

I noticed this too by the rise in the cost of a lunchtime set menu (or menu del día) increasing during peak season.

Paella in Mallorca
Paella in Mallorca: Expect your paella to be more expensive in 2024

5. Expect Further or NO All-Inclusive Drink Rules in Mallorca

All-inclusive drink restrictions otherwise known as the law of excesses currently only apply to hotels Magaluf and El Arenal. I have a list of hotels on my website stating which ones these are which you can read here

As it stands at the time of publishing, the 6 drinks rule in the hotels mentioned means you will be allowed 3 alcoholic drinks for lunch and 3 alcoholic drinks for dinner in hotels in Magaluf and El Arenal.

So far the all-inclusive drink rules apply to only these areas.

However, there is speculation that this law may well be applied islandwise or this could be dropped as it doesn’t make sense.

Read more about the law of excesses in Mallorca here.

Having drink restrictions in most of Magaluf makes no sense when you can walk the five minutes into Palmanova and drink there, so we can expect these rules to be changed before the season starts.

6. Expect a limit on airconditioning in your Mallorca hotel

We had a question in the Mallorca under the Sun Facebook group this week asking if there will still be a limit on air-conditioning in Mallorca’s hotel rooms.

A decree passed in Summer 2022 stating a maximum cool temperature for air-conditioning of  27 degrees Celsius would be allowed in hotels, so rooms and common areas.

In addition, a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius would be allowed in naturally hot environments such as hairdressers and kitchens.

This decree led to a barrage of complaints about hot hotel rooms in Mallorca which you can read about here

So there was some backtracking and the airconditioning limit was removed from hotel rooms and made only to apply in public places such as airports and supermarkets.

Following reports in 2022 that hotels were still limiting their airconditioning, I phoned some hotels (that are open in January 2024) to ask and the responses I received are mixed.

One hotel said, “Yes there are still restrictions in place and it’s not possible to put the air-conditioning lower than 27 degrees Celsius.” And if the room is not cool enough, to request a fan from reception. 

This compares to other hotels I spoke to show said their customers can freely set the air-conditioning temperature as low as they wished.

So while this decree was apparently in place for 2023, nothing has been said about airconditioning temperatures for 2024. However, on if you find your airconditioning running warm in your hotel room, please report this to reception as limits should not be in place.

Also, let me know of your experience in the comments below. If you stayed in a hotel room in 2023. Could you adequately cool your room?

7. Expect Mallorca will be Busy in Summer 2024

Don’t expect to see the empty beaches you can see in my winter videos during the Summer months.
It’s an easy misconception that the empty beaches we see out of season are a reflection of the island in the Summer – it isn’t.

Mallorca is a seasonal holiday destination, so you’ll find most resorts resembling a ghost town during the winter and in the Summer they are packed with visitors.

With visitor numbers back to superseeding 2019 levels, expect record numbers of visitors in Summer 2024.

However, not all of the resort beaches will be busy all of the time.

TOP TIP: You may find resorts popular with UK travellers, so for example Palmanova and Santa Ponsa to be less busy in the middle of August onwards.

This is because children from Scotland return to school in the middle of August.

Check out my video from last Summer in Palmanova and take a look at what seemed to be quite an empty beach, which is usually unheard of at this time of year!

I’m also anticipating Mallorca’s old towns will be busy with both day trippers and holidaymakers. They will be packed which is a reminder for you to find out how to take the bus.

Top 10 Things to Expect When Visiting Mallorca
Expect Port de Soller to be Busy: Top 10 Things to Expect When Visiting Mallorca

8. Expect Busy Roads in Summer in Mallorca in 2024

Expect further congestion on the MA-20 in Palma de Mallorca in 2024.

The main roads in Palma de Mallorca during Summer 2023 were congested with hire cars from midday until 8 pm almost daily until the end of the Summer season.

This situation is not expected to change without fewer visitors hiring cars on the island.

My recommendation to ensure a hassle-free holiday in Mallorca is to use public transport where possible.

I have a full guide to getting around Mallorca which you can read about here.

Using the buses is easy and cheap and more services and routes are running now than ever before.

Taking the bus in Mallorca
Taking the bus in Mallorca is the BEST WAY of getting around

9. Expect MORE crime in Mallorca in 2024

An increase in visitor numbers also means a likely increase in petty crime in Mallorca, so this is a warning to take adequate precautions coming to Mallorca in 2024.

I anticipate an increase in pickpocketing and of course, more visitors mean more opportunists will be working.

You will have seen in my videos that not all sunbeds have security boxes. Watch this video from Palmanova here.

Check my video made in Palma last year about pickpockets in Palma de Mallorca, taking out adequate insurance and the importance of looking after belongings.

Will this be the case this year? I’ll let you know as soon as I know!

You can also read more about taking security measures and how to report a crime in Spain here.

10. Expect unpredictable weather in Mallorca in 2024

The weather in Mallorca is difficult to forecast.

This is the question I am most asked and really what should be at the top of the “Top 10 things to expect when visiting Mallorca” is the weather!

You will see on the YouTube channel, I have made videos for all seasons.  I also have website articles here:

Read about Spring weather in Mallorca here

Read about Summer weather in Mallorca here

Read about Autumn weather in Mallorca here

Read about Winter weather in Mallorca here.

If you wish to see what the weather was like at a specific time, go back and check my YouTube live streams which I film almost weekly.

I usually give a weather check in these videos.

The weather is becoming increasingly impossible to forecast and weather here is largely unpredictable in terms of guaranteeing sunshine for the week you wish to visit. 

If you want to find out more about how to find out a good weather forecast check this video here. 

I hope you found this article useful if you are planning a trip to Mallorca.

Don’t forget if you have any question to join the Mallorca Under the Sun Facebook group or you can book a call with me here.