In this article discover what to expect when visiting Mallorca in March in 2024 from the weather, suggested things to do and events. Plus find out what the atmosphere will be like in Mallorca’s most popular resorts.

Plus visiting Mallorca in March is your last call until the end of the Summer season to pick up a bargain break and experience the island with fewer tourists.

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1. Flying to Mallorca in March

The sun may be shining in March in Mallorca, but when you are travelling through Palma Airport, this is still the winter travel season.

So what does this mean?

It means UK travellers will be arriving at Terminal C (which is normally used by German and other European visitors during the Summer.

For that reason, a passport control check area is set up at the far end of Terminal C for UK arrivals.

Be warned that this can get very busy. We travelled through Palma Airport in February 2024 and found only one policeman checking and stamping UK passports on entry and one policeman checking UK passengers leaving.

It is also a very long walk from arriving at the far end of Terminal C to the luggage area.

Therefore if you have mobility issues I recommend booking Fight assistance before travelling. It’s free, and it will help you get through the airport quickly and easily.

Read more here about flying into Palma de Mallorca airport in winter.

2. Getting Around Mallorca in March

The TIB bus timetables will still be running a winter timetable in March, but there are still plenty of options to explore the island.

If you are arriving at Palma de Mallorca Airport, then the TIB buses to resorts will not start until April at the earliest, therefore you will have to take the A1 EMT bus to Palma bus station at Plaza España and change there.

The cost of this is 5€ and it is quick and easy to use.

To find out more about getting around Mallorca, check out this essential transport information here.

3. Celebrate Easter | March in Mallorca

In 2024, Easter Sunday is celebrated on 31 March. 

So Easter Week or Semana Santa starts on the Palma Sunday which in 2024 is held on the 24 March. 

This is the biggest religious celebration of the year, and if you visit Mallorca at the end of March, you will have an unforgettable local experience which is far removed from anything you will see in the resorts. 

From Palm Sunday on the 24 March, to the Easter parades which take place during the week, plenty is going on and if you are visiting on Easter Week or Holy Week then I encourage you to see the processions. 

Last year, I took my then 12-year-old daughter and her friends to watch the Easter parades from Sant Nicholas church in Palma.  

They found it fascinating so even if you are visiting with children, they will do too.

Read everything you need to know about Easter in Mallorca in this article here which includes the fascinating history behind the robes you can see in this photo.

Easter in Mallorca

4. Weather in Mallorca in March

Visiting Mallorca in March is midway between Winter and Spring so expect mixed weather. 

We have been enjoying a very mild winter in Mallorca from 2023 to 2024 and if conditions persist, then you can expect to enjoy early Spring sunshine in March.

However, from my experience in the 19 years I have been living on the island, the weather in March can be very mixed.  

We can enjoy lovely sunny days and 19 degrees or cloudy days when temperatures struggle to top 17 degrees.

Evenings are usually still chilly and temperatures can get down to 10 degrees.

March in 2022 was extremely cloudy, whereas March in 2023 was sunny.  It’s extremely difficult to predict what the weather will be like but check the weather forecasts a week before your stay for a clearer picture.

It’s not quite winter and it’s not quite Spring but on the basis it’s a little warmer than normal, check out this guide to Spring weather in Mallorca here.

Sunrise times in March in Mallorca are at around 7:20 am stretching into 7:35 am by the end of the month and sunset times are at 18:40 stretching to 19:10 in March.

In addition, daylight saving when clocks go forward one hour takes place on 31 March 2024 so while you lose one hour of your Easter day, you will enjoy a longer, lighter evening with 20:10 sunset!

5. What to pack for a holiday to Mallorca in March?

I recommend packing for all weather. 

So bring something warm (long trousers/jeans), a couple of jumpers, a coat or raincoat, and also your swimming costume and some T-shirts. 

When the sun is out you may well be able to sunbathe but always take something warm to the beach with you. 

Take a coat for the evenings too especially if you are sitting outside to eat.

Also, pack an umbrella as it’s not unknown to have storms in March in Mallorca. 

6. Are Mallorca’s resorts busy in March?

There are also some hotels, restaurants and bars open year-round in Mallorca but we will see many restaurants and hotels opening up in March to capture Easter visitors.

The official start to the Summer season in Mallorca is 1 May but usually, we see resorts opening up in April. 

In 2024, we will see an early season opening in March. 

But what does this mean?  Will there be sunbeds on the beaches in Mallorca in March? 

No there will not be sunbed rentals on the beaches – we will see these slowly being placed out on the beaches during April.  

You will not find pedalo rentals available either in March.

However there are plenty of beach shops that are open where you buy sunbeds if needed. 

march in mallorca
Son Matias Beach in Palmanova, Mallorca in March

7. Nightlife in Mallorca in March

If you are planning to visit Mallorca in March, then what can you expect from Mallorca’s nightlife?

Unfortunately, Magaluf Strip, Alcudia Strip, and Arenal will still be quiet until possibly Easter week when we will see some bars opening up.

But these resorts will not be busy during March.

If you are expecting to see busy and lively nightlife, then visit Mallorca in July or Mallorca in August.

Otherwise, expect to enjoy some quiet drinks in one of the main bars open in resorts, or hit Palma’s nightlife at the weekends to party with the locals.

8. Things to do in Mallorca in March

It’s not quite day-long beach weather in Mallorca in March, so whatever the weather look at getting out and exploring. 

I have lots of great inspiration on the Mallorca Under the Sun Youtube channel such as Hiking in Mallorca – check the playlist here. 

Plus don’t forget this is a great month to explore Palma, the capital city of the Balearic Island.

See all the sights quickly and easily aboard the Palma City Sightseeing bus which you can book here.

You can also read about more things to do in Palma de Mallorca here.

Alternatively, Mallorca is famed for its fine wines and grape growing. For this reason, wine tasting is extremely popular.

So if you’re looking for a great activity then consider joining a group tour and exploring the island’s wineries on an organised group tour and picnic.

Check out this wine-tasting activity that has received rave reviews here.

Here you will meet other visitors to the island and learn all about winemaking and wine tasting on the island. 

There will also be some boat trips running so search here for your perfect activity. 

There will be dozens of tours available.  Search here for your perfect activity.

9. What to do if it’s raining in Mallorca in March

With the very mild winter we have experienced, I would not be surprised if we do get some rain in Mallorca in March.

If that is the case, then there are still plenty of things to do when it’s raining in Mallorca.

Check out the local markets in Mallorca here, or hit the shopping centres in and around Palma.

And don’t forget there are some great. emblematic monuments in Palma to visit such as Bellver Castle, Palma Cathedral and the Palace of Almundana.

To find tickets, book here.

10. Traditional Events in Mallorca in March

March 1st:

  • Day of the Balearic Islands: Experience traditional music, dances, and celebrations honouring the rich cultural heritage of the Balearics (throughout Mallorca).

March 9th – 10th:

  • Fira del Fang (Marratxí): Discover the ancient art of pottery at this renowned fair showcasing local artisans and their handcrafted clay creations (Marratxí). There is a huge festival with Bal de Bot traditional dancing and the opportunity to pick up Mallorcan handmade ceramics.

March 16th:

  • Puerto Portals Classic Car Rally: This annual event brings together vintage automobiles from around the island which is a big hit for car enthusiasts (Puerto Portals).

March 17th:

Saint Patrick’s Day : While not a traditional Mallorcan celebration, you will find pubs open in Santa Ponsa for Saint Patrick’s Day.

A huge parade which will make its way through the resort centre. This is normally held on the Sunday closest to St Patrick’s Day if you’re planning for 2025.

Watch a video here on the Mallorca Under the Sun YouTube channel filmed at Saint Patrick’s day here.

March 24th – 31st:

But that’s not all. To find out more about holidaying in Mallorca in 2024, check out this essential information here including updates to ETIAS, and all-inclusive drinks restrictions.

If you are visiting Mallorca at Easter, have a fantastic time and feel free to share any recommendations of your experiences on the Mallorca Under the Sun Facebook Group here.