Find out about Autumn weather in Mallorca to help you plan your holiday to the island.

In this guide know what to expect weatherwise at the beach, as well as sea temperatures in Mallorca, if it will rain, the likelihood of experiencing a dramatic thunderstorm as well as what to pack.

September and October are also considered by many as the best months to visit, so find out more about this below.

The holiday season on the island runs until 31st October when many hotels, restaurants and excursions will close for the season.

That’s not to say all tourism closes down in Mallorca for the winter. There is plenty happening on the island from November onwards, so please check out this article here.

But one of the main questions holidaymakers ask on the Mallorca Under the Sun Facebook Group is about the Autumn weather in Mallorca.

So here is the ultimate guide as to what you can expect weatherwise if you are planning your Autumn holiday.

Why Autumn weather makes this the best time to visit Mallorca

Autumn is considered absolutely the best time to visit Mallorca.

As families return to their home countries and children return to school, the atmosphere on the island changes.

Mallorca is a lot quieter in the Autumn and you will notice this in the hotels and on the beaches.

And with cooler temperatures, this is the best time to go sightseeing on the island.

Summer can be a very unpleasant month for sightseeing but when it’s cooler, you can discover Soller for example, in a much more comfortable way than you would do in the Summer.

The same could be said for sightseeing in Palma as well as exploring the many other towns and monuments around the island.

If you are planning a break in Palma, then check out this article here for recommendations of some fantastic things to do in the city.

Also, follow my guided walk around Palma Old Town here.

What is the weather like in September in Mallorca?

September and October are very different months weatherwise in Mallorca. The weather in September can be described as a hangover from the Summer.

In Autumn 2022, we entered the month with very high temperatures (experiencing highs of 32 to 35 degrees Celcius).

The nighttime temperatures have been extremely hot and muggy for this time of year, and we have been struggling to sleep in highs of 28 degrees Celcius.

I also apologise in advance for any grumpy locals you may encounter around the island. This is due to lack of sleep and the never-ending perpetual heat (not to mention working for the entire summer without a break).

However, thunderstorms are common in September, so don’t expect this great weather to last.

Be prepared if you are coming out in September to witness spectacular thunder and lightning storms.

The disruption caused by getting around the island can be temporarily immense, with localised flooding and driving made difficult and dangerous.

If you are driving, please watch your speed and watch for others around you.

Better still leave your car parked and do something else for the day.

But the good news is that this stormy weather rarely lasts.

In fact, you can experience a tremendous thunderstorm and then see the sun come blazing out a few hours later, allowing you to head back to the pool or beach.

What is the weather like in October in Mallorca?

October can be very similar weatherwise to September, but it will be cooler and you will notice a season change in the air.

Highs experienced during October are usually 24 or 25 degrees Celcius, but this can feel a lot hotter in the sunshine.

On a cooler day, expect highs of around 19 to 21 degrees Celcius.

S'Illot beach Mallorca
S’Illot beach, Mallorca in October

With fewer daylight hours, as Summertime draws to an end, the temperatures will be more bearable but you will be spending less time on the beach.

You could also experience some rainy days too, so make sure you have a wet weather plan to make the most out of your stay.

If you’re struggling to find activities, check out these Get Your Guide activities here:

Autumn weather in Mallorca – the storms!

If you are visiting Mallorca, please take care if you are outside during a thunderstorm.

The thunderstorms in Mallorca, while being spectacular to watch, can also be a danger to life.

If you are on the beach and you can see lightning, leave your beach umbrella in the sand, leave the beach quickly and seek shelter indoors or in your hire car.

Do not be tempted to take your beach umbrella with you as this can easily act as a lightning conductor.

If rain is forecast then make a wet weather plan for that day.

Maybe visit Palma (although you may also find every other tourist planning the same thing, so bus stops can be extremely busy and car parks fill up quickly).

Check out this article here to find things to do in the rain in Mallorca.

Autumn weather in Mallorca - the storms!
When Autumn weather in Mallorca turns stormy. Pic: Palmanova beach

When to go to the beach in the Autumn in Mallorca

During September expect to be going to the beach early and staying late. The early hours prove a much cooler start to the day and a great time to go to the beach if you can’t bear the high temperatures.

However, by October, you will probably not head to the beach before 10:30 am and early mornings are a lot cooler.

On a sunny day, the sun will be warm enough to sunbathe. However, it may also be a little windier than in the summer months.

You will probably then leave the beach at the latest around 17:00 depending on the temperature.

You will notice that the sea will be at times a little choppier in Autumn than during Summer when the Mediterranean Sea is like a pond.

During Autumn in Mallorca, the effects of the storms can affect the sea too, so if you are travelling with very small children, please keep an eye on them in the water.

This change though is great for surfers who will finally be able to head back to some of the beaches to catch some waves.

Surf beaches in Mallorca include Playa Palmira in Peguera, Cala Mayor Beach and the beach in Son Serra de Marina on the East Coast.

Is 21 Degrees Celsius Warm enough to sunbathe?

Yes, it is! In fact, 21 degrees in the sunshine and out of any wind will feel a lot warmer.

So make sure you find a sheltered beach such as Cala Mayor, and the beaches and coves in Illetas.

However, in October, you will most likely find temperatures on a sunny day to be a little warmer than 21 degrees.

If it is 21 degrees, and you are either on a beach or on your balcony, then make sure you wear sunscreen because it’s perfectly possible to get sunburn at any time of year, not just in the Summer.

Autumn Sunrise and Sunset Times in Mallorca

By mid-September, the sun will rise at around 7:30 and set at around 20:00.

By mid-October, this changes to the sun rising at 8:00 and setting at 19:10.

With these sunrise and sunset times, you can plan roughly how many hours of daylight you can enjoy and also when to watch the sun go down.

October is the start of the really amazing sunrises and sunsets that we experience on the island, so my advice is to make the most of your time here and get out early in the morning or find a nice spot for the sun to go down in the evening.

What to pack for Autumn in Mallorca

I would always recommend bringing a cardigan or light long-sleeve top to Mallorca on holiday whether it is Spring, Summer or Autumn.

As well as needing some kind of covering on the overly airconditioned aeroplanes, you will experience lower temperatures at some point during your stay, whether it is at night, or if the day is rainy.

Take a hoodie to the beach with you in the Autumn. As I mentioned before, Autumn can feel a little winder, so if you swim, you will feel a lot cooler when you come out of the water.

In early September, it is unlikely you will need to wear a long-sleeved top, jacket or jeans in restaurants in the evenings.

In October, the evenings will be cooler, so I would recommend bringing something warm to wear.

What’s the sea temperature like in Autumn in Mallorca

The effects of the long Summer days mean that the sea temperature in Mallorca in Autumn is warm. It’s around 27 degrees Celsius.

In fact, it’s a lot warmer to swim in Mallorca in September than it is in May and June.

The storms do, however, cool down water temperatures slightly from one day to the next, but it is still pleasant to swim all the way into November in Mallorca.

By October, the sea temperature is around 22 degrees Celsius, which has been made cooler by the occasional rain shower or storm blowing through the island.

A quick word of warning. If it does rain very heavily, avoid swimming in the sea for at least 24 hours as pollution levels will temporarily go up.

This is because of the rain pouring from the streets into the sea.

If it does rain heavily, you will also notice the temperature of the hotel swimming pool to be a lot cooler.

With the high temperatures we are experiencing in Autumn 2022, this is not such a bad thing.

How do I find out more about Autumn weather in Mallorca

We no longer accept posts in the Mallorca under the Sun Facebook group asking about the weather forecast.

This is because it’s so easy to find out yourself. Either take a look at your mobile phone weather app and select the destination in Mallorca where you are travelling to.

Nor can I possibly answer questions such as “What is the weather like in the second week of October in Alcudia?” (And yes, I do get these questions!).

In the same way, you cannot answer questions about the precise weather forecast in your home country at any given time, I am also unable to do the same.

We do not have special access to a special weather forecast and use the same resources that you would also look at to find out the weather.

So my recommendation is to Google “weather in Alcudia“, “weather in Palmanova“, or wherever you are staying nearer the time of your visit.

This is what you will see:

weather in Palmanova mallorca

This search will give you an idea of temperature and if you click on the tabs for precipitation (rain) and wind, you can get an even better insight.

Another great website to use is Accuweather which will give you an extended weather forecast.

Windguru is worth checking out if you’re looking to windsurf or kite surf.

If you choose to come on holiday to Mallorca during September and October, the Autumn weather in Mallorca will be very different to what you would experience in the Summer.

However, many would say it is much more pleasant and will make an amazing Mallorca holiday.