Find out everything about winter weather in Mallorca, what to pack and what temperatures you can expect if you’re planning a winter break to the island.

It’s easy to assume, looking at photographs, postcards and videos of Mallorca that Summer is a year-round season in Mallorca, but this is not the case.

And it’s news to many that Mallorca can experience cold winter temperatures that you would normally find in Northern Europe, particularly in the evenings.

Thankfully these days are few and far between, as the island boasts 300 days of sunshine per year.

So here are the most asked commonly questions about winter weather in Mallorca.

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When does Winter in Mallorca start?

Winter weather in Mallorca officially starts around 20 December and finishes on 20 March 2023. However, it does start to feel a lot colder beforehand.

You can start to feel whiffs of winter in the air from as early as October with cooler evenings and occasional stormy days.

However, the more noticeable temperature drops have taken place around the last week of November. I remember this happening most years.

With darker evenings and a change of weather, expect to experience a sharp drop in daytime and evening temperatures, before winter officially hits.

There is already a noticeable season change from Summer into Autumn by the end of September. in fact you can read about the Autumn weather here.

And then again during November as daylight hours considerably shorten and Winter feels like it’s on the doorstep.

For many visitors, Winter in Mallorca is the best time to visit. The cooler temperatures open the island to other activities such as cycling and hiking that are almost impossible for many to enjoy in the Summer.

What’s more without the influx of tourists, any visitors to Mallorca during the winter are able to experience the island as locals see it.

Whether it is to take long walks along empty beaches, paddle in the sea or hike across the mountains, or just chat with locals in a local bar, Winter in Mallorca can seem like paradise.

What are the daylight hours in Winter in Mallorca?

The first day of Winter is on the 20 December when the day is at its shortest.

Sunrise times are around 8:05 and the sun sets at 17:30.

This still equates to 9.5 hours of daylight which is considerably more than you would find in the UK or Northern Europe for example.

So expect winter weather in Mallorca to be darker, but with this darkness, you will see the sun being a lot lower in the sky, so the scenery becomes even more stunning with dramatic shadows around sundown.

How hot is Mallorca in Winter?

Mornings can be cold with temperatures starting at around 8 degrees Celsius at 8 am with daytime temperatures rising to 16 degrees during the day.

However, you will find on a sunny day, in the shade, temperatures can raise to 19 or 20 degrees Celsius.

It is perfectly possible to get sunburnt in a sun trap anywhere on the island, whether you are on a sheltered balcony or a wind-free beach.

The best time of day to catch any rays during the winter months is between midday and 2 pm.

Night-time temperatures can feel very “un-Mediterranean” as going into the evening, this temperature falls quite sharply.

While there are many restaurants where you can dine outside, many now have gas heaters to keep diners warm.

What should I pack for a Mallorca Winter holiday?

Dress for all weathers. If you are walking around and sightseeing you may need a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans. Throw in a t-shirt or two but I do find at this time of year, long sleeve shirts are needed most.

Bring a coat and bring a scarf, gloves and warm clothes for the evening.

Still pack swimwear for the days when you can sunbathe for a few hours, but make sure you take something warm to the beach such as a hoodie, so you can wrap up if you go for a sea swim.

You will find the evenings can be surprisingly cold.

If you are hiking in the mountains, then bring some performance clothing and layers. I usually just hike in a t-shirt and fleece, and very occasionally take a hiking coat.

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Can I go to the beach in Winter in Mallorca?

Absolutely but beach time wouldn’t be anything like what you would experience in the Summer.

Beach picnics are hugely popular in Mallorca over the winter months.

On a sunny day, it’s still a great place to congregate, catch some rays and enjoy the sand without the tourist masses.

You will see swimmers year-round in Mallorca. The water does cool off in December, but still on a sunny day, provides the most refreshing swim.

You’ll find residents too over the winter heading to the beach to do a beach clean. Join them. Just bring a bag, and do your bit for the environment.

With the beaches cleaned by the council during only the summer season, you will find debris washed up on the beaches right through the winter months.

When does it get cold in Winter in Mallorca

While the official start of winter isn’t until the 20 December, I consider around the first week of November, in my opinion, to be when you feel the season change.

If you are staying in an accommodation where you are sheltered from the wind, check the actual roadside temperature before venturing out.

More often than not, you can wear shorts and t-shirt on a sunny balcony, but head out into Palma and you’ll need jeans and a jumper.

Does it snow in the Winter in Mallorca?

Yes it does! Snow can begin to appear on the peaks of the Tramuntana mountains, particularly Puig Mayor, Mallorca’s tallest peak from November.

I have known snow to top these mountains like frosting as late as late March in years gone by, however, we rarely experience snow at sea level.

The one exception. And this was on the 4th February 2012, when temperatures plummeted across the island and snow settled at sea level for the first time since (my neighbour told me) around 40 years ago.

You can see how Mallorca looked from the community area of the apartment block I once lived in, in this photo here.

winter weather in Mallorca
Winter weather in Mallorca at sea level (taken in 2012)

If it does snow in Mallorca, please do not do as so many residents want to do, and that is to drive to the mountains.

Last year, roads were closed as residents headed for the hills to see the snow.

Cars blocked mountain roads, and the police handed out fines. In addition, most cars are not equipped to drive in snowy or icy conditions so please be careful before travelling.

Don’t forget too that locals are not used to driving in icy and dangerous conditions either.

So my advice is to admire the views from afar and don’t be tempted to join the crowds unless snow falls at sea level.

Which month has the worst Winter weather in Mallorca?

Up until 2022, I would have consistently said February tends to have the most rain and the coldest temperatures.

However, February 2022 turned out to be rather sunny. You can see what the weather was like in my live stream from Palmanova here.

March 2022 on the other hand was the greyest month I had ever experienced on the island. We had approximately two days of sunshine and colder than normal temperatures.

This was extremely unusual for March. Normally we are entering the month when Spring has well and truly sprung.

So fingers crossed for 2023.

What are the best activities for Winter weather in Mallorca?

Warm sunny days and cooler temperatures mean perfect conditions for getting out and exploring Mallorca.

From Palma city sightseeing to hiking the Tramuntana mountains, winter in Mallorca can often be the very best time to visit.

Plus visit Mallorca during the festive season and you will have the ultimate experience at this time of year to Palma’s Christmas lights, shop in the Christmas markets and enjoy the events over the festive season.

Read all about what to expect during Mallorca’s festive season here.

Winter in Mallorca is also the perfect time to go hiking and there are a variety of hiking routes to suit all abilities.

I have a small Mallorca Hiking playlist on my Youtube channel of these walks which you can check out here.

And if hiking the mountains isn’t quite your scene then Mallorca offers plenty of coastal walks to enjoy during the winter months. The longest being the walk from Alcudia Port to Can Picafort.

There are also plenty of markets island-wide to enjoy.

My favourite is over at Son Severa. This is a great opportunity to explore the resorts along the East coast and visit a traditional market too.

So if you’re looking for more things to do in Mallorca in the Winter, check out the article and video here.

What to do if it’s raining in Mallorca

While many visitors pile into the bars and restaurants on a rainy day in Mallorca, there are plenty of things to do for the active visitor.

Attractions such as Palma Aquarium, Palma Jump, and many of the Caves of Hams are open during the winter months.

It’s also a great opportunity to explore the art galleries and I have created a self-guided tour here.

Whats the Spring and Autumn weather like in Mallorca?

If winter doesn’t seem like the best season for you to visit, then find out what Spring weather in Mallorca is like in this article here, or what Autumn weather is like in Mallorca in this article here.