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Updated April 2023: With prices for Summer holidays reaching an all-time high, the cheapest way to get around the island is by taking the public TIB bus. Here is a quick guide to how to take the TIB bus in Mallorca.

The TIB buses are red and yellow and run island-wide. Do not confuse the TIB buses with the blue EMT buses that run in the Palma city limits.

If you are travelling from the airport to the centre of Palma using the blue A1 EMT bus, you will have to buy this ticket separately on the bus at the airport and tickets cannot be purchased online.

If you want to find out more about using the Palma EMT buses, check out this article here.

With the cost of car hire proving expensive, you can get around the island using the TIB buses for as little as 1,80€ per trip.

NEW FOR 2023: You can pay 40% less for your bus ticket by pre-purchasing your ticket online!

Taking the local buses in another country can be daunting, but as Europe’s number one holiday destination, Mallorca has made travelling on the TIB busses really easy.

Here is my guide to using the TIB buses to get from the airport to your resort, or to get out and about sightseeing on the island.

Of course, if you’d rather still rent a car, then get a price comparison here.

TIB bus timetables, Mallorca

First, check where you wish to travel. The timetables of the TIB buses can be found here .

Just click on the area where you will be staying and wish to travel and you will be able to see the bus routes in that area.

But also click on the area that you wish to travel to which will show even more bus routes.

You can also search for your route in the timetable finder, by typing where you wish to depart from and your destination to find your perfect route.

NEW FOR 2023 – Buy your TIB Bus ticket online

Save money and buy your TIB bus ticket online before you travel, which you can now do here

Buying your TIB bus ticket for travel within Mallorca online will save you 40% of the ticket price that you would normally pay when getting on the bus and paying by cash.

To purchase your ticket, click on the “buy” button, and enter your route (departure point and destination) and the day you wish to make your journey and how many passengers will be travelling with you.

Finally, pay for the ticket.

You will then be given a QR code which you must either print or keep on your phone. You must then use this QR code to scan the reader as you enter and exit the bus.

A QR code will be given for each passenger.

Does buying a ticket online guarantee a seat on the TIB bus in Mallorca?

While buying a TIB ticket bus ticket online does guarantee that you can travel on a TIB bus in Mallorca, it does not allow you to queue jump at any bus stop.

Also buying your ticket online does not guarantee a seat on a bus arriving at a certain time.

If the bus arrives at the bus stop full or is filled quickly and you are unable to get on, you’ll have to wait until the next bus comes along.

How much is it to travel on the TIB bus in Mallorca in 2023

Paying by cash on the TIB buses will mean paying more. Fares will cost a minimum of 3,00€.

You can see a guide to the zones here so you can calculate how much one trip will cost.

It’s much cheaper to use your bank card, mobile phone or wearable device to pay for your bus fare and you can see this in the table below.

The price goes down to 1,20€ per person for a group of five travelling together.

There is no discount for purchasing multiple TIB tickets online but it is still cheaper than paying by cash.

The cheapest option to travel by TIB bus in Mallorca is to use your bank card when getting on the bus.

The fare system works by the amount of “hops” taken crossing zones from one line to another and paying by card.

TIB bus prices Mallorca
How much is it to travel on the TIB buses Mallorca?
TIB bus ticket costs buying online and in cash compared
Comparing TIB bus ticket costs buying online and in cash

You can still pay with cash, but the fare will be more expensive. Make sure you are carrying cash with you just in case your bank card doesn’t work or your phone runs out of battery!

If you prefer to have your bus ticket bought and paid for before travelling, then purchase online.

For more information on TIB bus fares, click here. Enter your route and you can see how much the fare will cost if buying online, by card and in cash.

Paying by cash TIB buses Mallorca
Paying by cash TIB buses Mallorca

Travelling with family and friends on the TIB buses in Mallorca

You can use the same bank card for yourself and up to four other members of your family or friends.

Just tap the card on the reader for the corresponding number of people that are travelling on the TIB buses.

And when you leave the bus, make sure you “tap out” for the same number of people you “tapped” when you got on the bus.

So for example, tap twice getting on (for yourself and one other), and tap off twice when leaving.

The same applies if you have pre-paid for your ticket.

Scan the QR code for each person who travels when you enter and leave the bus.

Travelling with Family and Friends on the TIB Buses

Travelling with children on the TIB bus in Mallorca

Children under the age of 4 who do not sit on a seat can travel on Mallorca’s TIB bus service FREE.

How to take the TIB bus in Mallorca

When you get on board the bus, tap your bank card or phone (or QR code from your online ticket) on the reader which will register where you got on the bus.

Then when leaving, tap your card or phone again on the reader at the exit. This will calculate your fare to charge to your bank card.

Tap your bank card again and up to four times more depending on who is travelling with you. And do the same when leaving.

The good news is that no bank fees will be incurred by using the TIB buses.

However, if you have a bank card with a non-Euro currency, you will be charged an exchange rate. Therefore it may be worth considering getting a Revolut card which is considerably cheaper to use abroad.

The buses used for longer journeys across the island, so for example from Palma to Alcudia, will feature reclining seats and USB points to recharge your mobile phones.

All the buses are fitted with great air conditioning!

No bank fees on TIB buses

How do you know when you’ve arrived at your destination?

You will know when you have got to your destination as the TIB busses have monitors on the bus displaying the next stop.

In my case, I alighted at the Iberostar Ciutat Blanca Hotel on Alcudia Beach.

When you've arrived at your TIB bus destination

Making a transfer on the TIB buses

The great news is that you can make up to two transfers on different modes of transport so bus, metro or train), so long as no more than one hour has passed after exiting one mode of transport and entering another.

What’s more, however long or elaborate your transfer is, no more than four transfer hops will be charged.

I also made a brief video about getting the TIB buses in Mallorca on Youtube here.

If you pre-buy your tickets online, then you will get a different QR code for each leg of the journey and you will get 2 free transfers across three bus lines (this applies to bus, metro or train) which will be useful if you are travelling from one end of the island to anyone.

If you are still unsure where to stay in Mallorca, check out some guides to areas here.

Palma de Mallorca Airport Buses – getting to Mallorca’s resorts by bus

The cheapest way of getting out to the resorts during the Summer season from Palma Airport is to get a TIB bus directly from the airport to your resort.

From around the first week of April, the TIB airport buses start running again from the airport. These buses do not make intermediate stops and are express services only to key resorts to and from the Airport.

To find the TIB bus stop, come out into the Airport Arrivals lounge, follow the signs to the taxis, walk along the travelator, cross the road and you’ll see the TIB bus stops, which are usually on the left.

Here’s how to get to where you are going.

A11 – Airport to Portal Nous, Son Caliu, Palmanova, Magaluf, Santa Ponsa, Peguera and Camp de Mar

If you are travelling to Portals Nous (Marineland stop), Son Caliu, Palmanova, Magaluf, Santa Ponsa, Peguera and Camp de Mar, take the A11 bus. You can find the bus timetable to and from the airport here.

A32 – Airport to Inca, Sa Pobla, Alcudia, Alcudia Port, Alcudia Beach, Muro Beach, Can Picafort

If you are travelling to Inca, Sa Pobla, Alcudia, Alcudia Port, Alcudia Beach, Muro Beach, Can Picafort, take the A32 bus. You can find the bus timetable to and from the airport here.

A42 – Airport to Manacor, Porto Cristo, S’Illot, Sa Coma, Cala Millor, Cala Bona

If you’re travelling to the East Coast, the A42 will stop at Manacor, Porto Cristo, S’Illot, Sa Coma, Cala Millor, Cala Bona. you can find the bus timetable here.

A51 and 515 – Getting to Cala d’Or from Palma Airport by TIB bus

If you’re travelling to Cala d’Or from Palma Airport by bus, there is no direct service, and you will have to change TIB buses.

So take the A51 TIB bus to Campos, stopping at S’Arenal, Llucmajor, and Campos. Find the timetable here.

Then change onto the 515 from Campos to Cala d’Or, stopping at Santanyí, S’Alqueria Blanca, Portopetro, Cala Egos, and Cala d’Or. You can find the timetable here.

A204 – Getting to Soller or Port de Soller from Palma Airport by TIB Bus

There is no direct Airport Bus to Soller or Soller Port, so take the A1 EMT bus to the Intermodal bus station in Palma and then pick up the more direct A204 bus which will stop at Soller and Port de Soller. See the timetable from Palma bus station here.

If travelling to Deia to Valldemossa (as well as Port de Soller and Soller), then change onto the A203 bus here.

A2 EMT bus from Palma Airport to Can Pastilla and Arenal

If you travelling to Cala Estancia, Can Pastilla and Arenal, then you can also take the A2 EMT bus which you can see here. Find out more about taking the EMT bus in this article here.

How busy are the buses running from Palma de Mallorca Airport?

During the peak summer season, buses running to and from Palma Airport to resorts are expected to be very busy.

If you want to ensure your resort transfer when arriving at Palma Airport then I would encourage you to book a transfer here.

Do TIB buses run from Palma Airport to resorts over the Winter?

No TIB buses do not run from the Palma Airport to resorts over the Winter months.

From around 1 November until the beginning of April, if you wish to travel by bus from the airport to resorts, then you’ll have to get the A1 blue and white EMT bus into the Intermodal Bus Station in Palma and pick up a connection there.

Using EMT Palma de Mallorca city buses

The red and yellow TIB Buses do run through Palma, but you will also see the blue and white EMT buses. This is another bus company and the way of taking the bus is a little different to taking the TIB buses.

To find out more about taking the Palma EMT buses and some ideas of where to visit, check out this article here.

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