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This week, the idea of an extension of the Law of Excesses in Mallorca was reported following an apparent conversation between the Mayor of Calvia and the Balearic president.

It was suggested there could be further drink restrictions in All-Inclusive hotels as part of the Law of Excesses in Mallorca.

Potentially this could mean restricting alcoholic drinks in the all-inclusive hotels in the Calvia Municipality including Palmanova and Santa Ponsa.

While nothing has been confirmed, keep reading to find out why what seems to be a Draconian measure could in fact improve your holiday experience in Mallorca.

What is the Law of Excesses in Mallorca?

So at present, the Law of Excesses in Mallorca is applied to two areas  Magaluf and El Arenal on the Playa de Palma.

This Law of Excesses is intended to fight against anti-social behaviour caused by drinking in resorts and lead to improvement in the quality of these tourism areas that have had bad press and cultivated a notoriously bad reputation over the years.

Where does the Law of Excesses in Mallorca apply?

Two areas have notoriously hit the headlines for bad behaviour and tragically fatalities throughout the years from alcohol-related incidents ranging from balconing, fighting and antisocial behaviour due to excessive drinking.

These areas are in Magaluf and El Arenal.

Looking at the map you can see the areas the Law of Excesses applies to and currently, in Magaluf, it applies to areas around the Strip and the all-inclusive hotels in Torrenova.   

all inclusive restrictions magaluf
All-inclusive Restrictions in Magaluf

You can also see that they apply to an area of the Playa de Palma in El Arenal here:

All inclusive restricitons El Arenal
All-inclusive restricitons El Arenal

The all-inclusive offering in terms of alcohol being served in an All-Inclusive hotel means:

  • 3 alcoholic drinks at lunch
  • 3 alcoholic drinks at dinner

And that’s it. You can see which hotels All-Inclusive hotel restrictions apply to in Magaluf in this article here.

The Law of Excesses also includes other measures including including a ban on the sale of alcohol in shops in Magaluf and El Arenal from 21:30 to 08:00 in these areas.

There is also a ban on the all-you-can-drink party boats or any activity promoting excessive drinking.

Fines can range from 60€k to 600€k and this summer a supermarket on Punta Ballena on Magaluf Strip was fined for selling alcohol after hours.

You will also see going down The Strip signs threatening fines for anti-social behaviour. 

wear no clothes warning magaluf
Warning to revellers on Magaluf Strip

What’s more the beachfront and Strip is meticulously policed for any sign of trouble creating a safer experience for all, although you’ll be stretched to find any trouble in the middle of the day here.

The situation over in Arenal feels a little different, maybe less strict, and the ongoing debate about the law of excesses in Mallorca as being more lenient in that resort rumbles on.

You can watch a video about what El Arenal looks like in the daytime here, and why this could now be the worst area in Mallorca if you’re looking for a quiet holiday, or the best if you would like a party atmosphere!

Tourism Excess Arenal Nightlife Mallorca
Tourism Excess – Arenal Nightlife Mallorca

Will the Law of Excesses in Mallorca apply to other resorts?

The Law of Excesses in Mallorca have been strict but have they worked but will they be extended to other resorts?

Well, it was reported in the press that the Mayor of Calvia indicated he may wish to see this happen.

The Government are celebrating a Summer of zero fatalities from balconing this Summer which is great news and it’s understandable that they may wish to see the same rules apply to other resorts in the area.

This is because it was reported during the Summer that holidaymakers who wanted an all-inclusive alcohol offering were instead going to the all-inclusive hotels in Santa Ponsa or across to Palmanova which is also located in Calvia.

So what would this mean to you if you are looking to book your holiday for 2024?

Well, firstly an extension of the Law of Excesses in Mallorca has NOT been confirmed with regard to extending the restrictions on all-inclusive hotels to other resorts. 

However, it has been noted that any imposed alcohol restrictions can only mean those seeking an all-inclusive offering will just book to another resort.

One Mallorca Under the Sun subscriber left this comment on the channel, “As a very regular visitor to Cala d’Or, we’ve noticed a real difference in the type of guest visiting the resort since this new law was introduced – and have actually been told, “We used to go to Magaluf, but are trying somewhere different due to the new laws”. The problem is Cala d’Or is a couples & families resort – it’s not a suitable resort for people who want to party hard and get drunk. The level of bad behaviour we’ve seen recently is so sad.”

The Advantages of the Law of Excesses in Mallorca

But what does it mean if extensions to the Law of Excesses in Mallorca are made?

  1. It doesn’t stop you from drinking in the many bars and restaurants that the resorts offer.
  2. You will get better quality drinks than the drinks in bars outside your hotel than you will do in an all-inclusive hotel.  Just like the food on offer, restaurant food will be leaps and bounds. better than the all-you-can-eat buffet. So you will find the drinks to be of a higher quality too.
  3. You will have a better experience at your hotel around the swimming pool if alcohol is limited.
  4. Most importantly it supports local businesses and bars and allows them to stay open.
  5. You will have a better holiday, going out and experiencing the resort.

However, the standout disadvantage of the Law of Excceses is price, meaning it will be more expensive to come on holiday to these resorts if this extension goes ahead.

Don’t forget you can read more about budgeting for a Mallorca holiday in this article here.

If this extension goes ahead, then subscribe to the Mallorca Under the Sun Youtube channel for updates.

And we can see Magaluf has changed radically over the years.  Read the comments on my Magaluf Strip videos and you will see that this year may have been quieter than others.  

Magaluf is no longer just about the Strip. There is a Literary festival being held this weekend at the Melia Innside Hotel.  

Some say the fun is being policed.  But then there have been NO fatalities from balconing this Summer so that alone is a good thing.

Also check out some other rules about visiting the beach in Mallorca here.

Would this put you off coming to Mallorca on holiday?  Let me know in the comments below.

Is having access to all-you-can-drink alcohol offerings in your hotel an important factor when booking your holiday?

Don’t forget any Law of Excesses in Mallorca does not apply island-wide but we may well see an extension in the future…. possibly.

You can also read more about Magaluf in this travel guide here.