In this accessibility guide to holidaying in Mallorca (Majorca), find out everything you need to know about holidaying in Mallorca with reduced mobility.

This guide is designed for holidaymakers visiting Mallorca in a wheelchair or those who need additional help getting around

The guide will also highlight my top 10 accessibility tips on how to travel to and from the island, and what to expect in Mallorca’s holiday resorts from getting to the beach to getting into the water!

Find out what to look for when booking your hotel, and some essential tips about what you can expect from enjoying your holiday including eating out with reduced mobility.

Plus find out which resorts are designed as being wheelchair accessible and why this access won’t be suitable for all. 

This guide has been written with the help of holidaymaker and YouTube subscriber Sally-Ann who contacted me to put together some information to help those with mobility issues to holiday in Mallorca.

So many of these tips are from her own experiences of holidaying frequently in Mallorca.

I would like your contribution too.

Let me know your experience of holidaying in Mallorca with reduced mobility in the comments below this article.

I aim to create a list of recommendations for those visiting Mallorca in a wheelchair or with reduced mobility.

Please recommend any hotel restaurant, attraction or excursion that has gone over and above helping you to enjoy your holiday in Mallorca if you have accessibility needs and make this Accessibility Guide to Holidaying in Mallorca even better!

I look forward to hearing from you.

1. Accessibility Guide to Holidaying in Mallorca -Flight Assistance Flying to Mallorca

Palma Airport has excellent facilities for special assistance however the airport is vast and huge.

So if you have reduced mobility and are flying to Mallorca, then I recommend booking special assistance if you are in a wheelchair or are unable to walk for long distances.

You can book flight assistance from your travel agent, directly with the airport before or after booking and directly on the Aena website here.

TOP TIP:  When departing the aeroplane, do not leave the aircraft until you have the wheelchair. As soon as disembarked the aircraft, you are no longer their responsibility so don’t get left in limbo!

2. Flight Assistance from Palma de Mallorca Airport

You can book flight assistance from your travel agent, directly with the airport before or after booking and directly on the Aena website.

You will find the special assistance area at the airport at around check-in desk 100.

Ensure you check in for your flight and then at the special assistance area 2.5 hours before your flight.

3. Transfers from Palma Airport with Reduced Mobility

Of course, there are taxis available at the taxi rank in arrivals and you will see some vehicles are adapted to carry wheelchair users.

However, the red and yellow TIB island-wide bus service is excellent and probably even better than getting a taxi because you can stay in your wheelchair. 

They are well equipped, with disabled access with a platform which will meet the pavement to allow you access and for your wheelchair too.

TOP TIP: Bear in mind that there is only one wheelchair spot on the bus, so you may wish to book a transfer which you can do here.

Also, be aware these buses do not always carry the “key” to allow disabled access. If this happens to you, then please comment on this article or email me at

If you want to find out how to take the TIB bus in Mallorca, check out this article here and bus numbers which go directly to Mallorca’s resorts in the Summer.

4. Disabled Access in Mallorca’s Holiday Resorts

All the main tourist resorts in Mallorca are wheelchair friendly, reasonably flat and offer solutions for holidaymakers with reduced mobility.

So rest assured if you are visiting Palmanova, Magaluf, Peguera, Alcudia, Puerto Pollensa, Cala Millor, S’illot, Sa Coma, Cala d’Or and more for example, you will be able to get around easily. 

I have found each resort to offer a slightly different experience. For example, Pine Walk is a more bumpy experience, when compared to Sa Coma which is flat and smooth.

Watch out in Peguera for the steep drop to Palmira Beach though!

If you need mobility scooter hire, the approximate cost is 100€ per week and you can book this directly with your hotel.

Accessibility Guide to Holidaying in Mallorca mobility scooter hire in palmanova mallorca
Accessibility Guide to Holidaying in Mallorca – Mobility scooter hire in Palmanova, Mallorca

5. Going to the Beach in Mallorca in a Wheelchair

All of the main resort beaches have areas specially set up for holidaymakers who are disabled and who have reduced mobility.

You will find these disability areas near lifeguard towers on the main beaches.

Boardwalks or wooden paths run down to the disabled area on the beach.

These reduced mobility areas also feature covered areas for those in wheelchairs or who have pushchairs, water or amphibious wheelchairs and walking sticks to help users get into the sea.

The best beach access I have seen for wheelchair users is in Colonia Sant Jordi with a mesh pathway, and pavement access right next to the beach.

You can see this on the Mallorca Under the Sun YouTube channel here.

6. Accessibility in Mallorca Hotels

Before booking your holiday, check the location of your hotel.

It may sound obvious, but check out Street View on Google Maps to make sure your hotel is not located on a hill, which could make walking back difficult if you have limited mobility.  

If you are visiting Mallorca in a wheelchair, request a hotel room that has been modified for wheelchairs and make sure you will get this room for your holiday.  

Also, check your hotel doesn’t have a curfew for wheelchair users.

I heard a horror story from a hotel in Palmanova last summer where wheelchair users had to be back at a certain time. This situation has now been resolved, but it’s always worth asking!

Also, check if there is an allocation of sun beds for those in wheelchairs as how the hotel ensures you can access these. 

I have also heard of a sad experience whereby hotel guests stole these allocated sun beds by removing the disabled signs.

So please get assurance before you travel.

Also check, that if you are in a wheelchair you can access all the hotel’s facilities. 

Sometimes there is no access to say rooftop pools nor is it possible to access all levels of the evening entertainment area.

And if you’re watching this as a holidaymaker, please don’t sit in front of anyone in a wheelchair! 

Make sure to check at the hotel where you wish to stay, as services may differ.

7. Using your UK Blue Badge in Spain

If you’re travelling from the UK, and hiring a car, don’t forget your Disabled Blue Badge is not valid in the EU in the disabled parking spaces and you could risk getting a ticket.

To read more about using a blue badge in Spain, read this article here.

Also check out this video here about visitors getting fined in Mallorca for displaying their blue badge in disabled parking areas. 

8. Eating Out in Mallorca with Reduced Mobility

The great news is that restaurants are required to provide a disabled bathroom for those who need it.

So don’t worry about eating out in Mallorca if you are in a wheelchair.

You will also find that rooftop bars and restaurants must also provide disabled access.

One of the best I have seen is in Orgin Bar and Restaurant in Palmanova, which has a stair lift to access the terrace area.

9. Obstacles for wheelchair users in Mallorca

When you are out and about in Mallorca, look out for steep pavement curbs. The height of these pavements can be extremely steep depending where you are on the island.

Also look out for trees in the middle of the pavements in some areas, particularly in the area behind the beach in Cala Millor.

In some cases, you will have to go onto the road to manoeuvre past the trees in a wheelchair.

It’s not ideal, but this is Mallorca!

10. Disabled access for Excursions in Mallorca

Not all boat trips are going to be wheelchair friendly.

Before making a booking, enquire if the excursion is suitable for wheelchair users or those with reduced mobility. 

Some meeting points for these trips could involve going down steps, such as the jetty in Calas de Mallorca

 Also, make sure to do research before booking anything that cannot accommodate your needs.

Let me know in the comments of any excursions you recommend for those holidaymakers with reduced mobility.

An Accessibility Guide to Holidaying in Mallorca

To watch the video I made about An Accessibility Guide to Holidaying in Mallorca, check out this video here posted to my YouTube Channel Mallorca Under the Sun.

Don’t forget I would love to see your contribution too. 

I’d like to improve this Accessibility Guide to Holidaying in Mallorca and create a list of recommended hotels, excursions and activities that are recommended by holidaymakers with reduced mobility who have had first-hand experience of staying in Mallorca.

Tell me your experience in the comments below or email me at to be included in this article.

Many thanks to Sallyann for her help in putting together the YouTube video. We will be making more content in the future around this subject!