MALLORCA EXCLUSIVE: The cost of fines for UK Families holidaying in Mallorca during term time is going up from August 2024.

With the price of holidays to Mallorca rising at an eye-watering rate, families in the UK are more tempted than ever to escape the price hike by booking a term time holiday, either at the beginning or end of a school term. 

This article is a warning for you before you book.  

The UK Government are increasing fines for families wishing to take advantage of cheaper holidays during term time. What’s more, these fines for going on holiday in term-time are going up for the 2024/2025 school year.

Fines for UK Families holidaying in Mallorca

As of August 2024, taking one child out of school during term time for more than five days will mean a fine of £80 instead of a £60 fine (if the fine is paid within 21 days), rising to £160 instead of £120 (if paid within 28 days).

According to the Department of Education, approximately 90% of fines were due to families booking cheaper holidays outside school term times.

Are British parents the only nationality who can receive a fine for taking children on holiday in term time? I would love to know.

What’s more, for the non-payment of these fines, it’s possible to get prosecuted for taking your child out of school for a holiday in term time.

Interestingly, Scottish and Irish families are not subject to the same fines!

Also, do our European/US/Worldwide viewers also get fined for taking a term time holiday or is it just the UK? Let

Free child places on Mallorca holidays 

So while there are fines for UK families holidaying in Mallorca, you can book free child places with most major tour operators during term time.

No limits have been placed on the sale of free child places, yet it remains a punishable offence to take your child out of school during term time.

Holidaymakers can still save hundreds of pounds by booking these free child places and taking an earlier holiday.

Check out some free child places here on the website.

I would love to hear from you. Do you think fines are fair? 

Will you be taking your child out of school so you can afford a holiday this year?

Is it still cheaper to pay the fine and get a cheaper break?

Find out your council’s rules for taking children out of school in term time here.

Your thoughts on Fines for UK Families holidaying in Mallorca

Head on over to the Facebook Group and YouTube channel Community page and have your say. offer free child places right through the Summer season, in term time.

Add your comments to this article.  Do you think the benefits of a family holiday outweigh missing a few days at school?

Do you consider these fines for UK Families holidaying in Mallorca as a tax on the less wealthy families who cannot afford peak season prices?

Do you feel that holidays in term time are an educational experience?

Will kids miss vital schooling on the final few days of term?

Or are holidays in term-time the best way to make memories with your children while they are young if you can’t afford to travel in the Summer?

Or is the Government right to take action, not only from the teacher’s perspective but would taking a child out of school during term-time have a negative impact on their education?

Are you a teacher, and does this problem impact your work?

Do children get left behind academically?

Is it more work from your side to help children take term-time holidays to catch up?

What impact does this have on the classroom and is it disruptive?

Or do you think visiting Spain is an educational experience for them?

Alternatively, do you think the fault lies with the holiday companies who should offer affordable holidays for all during the Summer season?

Let me know what you think!

So far on the Youtube community 75% of respondents say they would take their child out of school in term time and pay a fine as otherwise they wouldn’t be able to afford to go on holiday.

Here are some comments:

“Travel is education in itself.”

Subcriber SammyLou stated, “As a single parent the only way I can afford to take my daughter away is during term time. Don’t think it fair that we get fined for family time.

John commented, “The education system is a joke at present, the kids aren’t going to miss much useful information by taking a holiday during term time. It should not be allowed to fine parents for this. It should be the parent’s choice if they wish to have their kids in school every day of the term or to take them on a trip.”

Even teachers are not in agreement.

Steve commented, “I’m a teacher..and I’d 100% take my kid on holiday out of term time..a few days here and there won’t hurt a 10 11-year-olds education.”

Here are some comments already received from the Mallorca Under the Sun Facebook community:

G said, “Even paying the fine you’d still save ££££’s taking the kids out of school!”

It’s not just parents that are affected by the holiday price hike,

Michelle commented, “I’m a teaching assistant and if I could save at least £500 off my holiday out of term time…”

One Facebook member commented, “I have heard of one family that we know in the UK. Lovely family took 2 x hols during school term and are being prosecuted in court.”

A Facebook member from Canada commented,” No fines in Canada – they are always shocked when I mention the fines in England.”

Term Time Holidays in Mallorca
Term Time Holidays in Mallorca – are they a good idea?

I’m pretty sure the local press will pick up this story, so remember, you read about it here first!

To find out how else you can get fined on holiday in Mallorca, check out this article here.