In this article, find out all about Summer weather in Mallorca, so you can prepare for your holiday here on the island. Find out what to expect in terms of temperatures, if it will rain and how to find out the latest weather forecast.

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When does Summer start in Mallorca?

The official start to the Summer season is on 1 May and runs until 31 October, however, the weather you can expect during this time can vary.

The 1 May does not necessarily signal the beginning of hot temperatures in Mallorca. You may experience hot days before the 1 May.

However, from my experience and following 18 years living on the island, Summer normally starts just before mid-Summer’s day on the 24 June.  This means hot days and very warm evenings.

Typically, these high daytime and nighttime temperatures will arrive around mid-June and as we have seen so far, Summer 2023 has been no different.

What temperatures can you expect from Summer weather in Mallorca

July and August are usually the hottest months in Mallorca with the chance of experiencing most consistant sunshine.

To find out what the weather like in May and June check out this article on Spring weather in Mallorca here.

Summer weather in Mallorca is going to be HOT!  With daytime highs expected to top 40º Celsius this Summer.

The usual Summer daytime high is around 32ºC to 36ºC

You will find Summer weather to be hot and sunny and you will enjoy endless blue skies.

Do not underestimate the strength of the sun. 

If you’re going to the beach, make sure you get some shade, whether it’s underneath a beach umbrella or under a tree.  

The resorts to find trees on beaches include Santa Ponsa, Alcudia Beach, Puerto Pollensa’s Pine walk, Peguera and the calas in Cala d’Or. Check out these video on Youtube here to find the shade on Alcudia Beach.

Make sure you take a break from the midday sun to avoid heat stroke and go and visit one of the many lovely restaurants we have on the island.

Take plenty of water to the beach with you too and drink frequently to avoid sunstroke. 

Don’t forget to prepare yourself against the mosquitos too.  Check out this article here for tips and buy your mosquito repellant and treatment from my online shop here.

buy mosquito protection and treatment mallorca

The temperatures in the evenings during the Summer are on average around 26 to 28 degrees Celsius.

Nights can be hot for sleeping and you may wish to use the air conditioning in your hotel room.

Just bear in mind a minimum temperature has been set by hotels in Spain which maybe warmer than you would like. Read about it here.

July weather in Mallorca 

In July, the Summer feels more intense than at any other time of the season.

Don’t forget days will be longer and hotter as the sun will not set until later on in the day.

Evenings rarely cool down to be comfortalbe and the heat in July is hot and dry.  

We rarely see rain in July. We rarely seen cloudy weather either. But with changes to the climate, who knows what we have in store for 2023.

Alcudia beach in June in Mallorca

August weather in Mallorca 

In August, the weather in Mallorca is also very hot but it can also turn extremely humid. 

With this brings the possibility of storms.

In previous years I have seen Summer break around mid-August. Often the first storms of the Summer can be a dramatic affair which allow temperatures to cool a little, but this rain can also increase humidity.

Please don’t worry if it does rain in August in Mallorca. The sun almost always comes out very quickly afterwards.

In recent years we haven’t witnessed the Summer storms. And these storms didn’t happen until well into September. At the moment for Summer 2023, it is impossible to forecast.

Summer weather in Mallorca for 2023?

With reports that this Summer will be hotter and wetter be prepared for the arrival of some extreme weather conditions on your holiday.

With unusual stormy weather in June 2023, could we expect similar in July?  It’s a possibility. Do not be surprised by extremely high temperatures that give way to thunderstorms that are more likely to be seen in September.

The climate is changing and it seems that Summer weather in Mallorca is too. 

What to pack for Summer weather in Mallorca

If you are wondering what to wear for summer weather in Mallorca, then I would recommend wearing only Summer clothes.

Please consider that this information is relevant for mid-June until the end of August.

I often see visitors dressed purely for summer weather outside of these months, when the reality is that evenings and some days can be cooler in May, September and October.

So if you are visiting Mallorca in the Summer, bring shorts, tshirts, summer dresses, and swim wear.

I would also advise bringing longer trousers, a longer dress or skirt and a couple of long sleeve tops to ward off any hungry mosquitos if you do get affected by them.

If you do bring a cardigan or fleece then I guess this will only be used on the aeroplane arriving and departing Mallorca with a cool onboard airconditioning.

September and October weather in Mallorca

With hot temperatures rolling into September, don’t forget the nights will be slightly longer so in theory the evenings should cool more quickly too.

September is usually a great month to visit Mallorca.

In October, the days are shorter, but you will have a wider mix of warm to hot day time temperatures and cooler evenings.

To find out more about Mallorca weather in the Autumn, check out this article here.

Mallorca Weather Forecast

Your mobile phone will have a weather app. Add your resort as a destination and it will serve you the same weather that we will see here.

Other useful websites are Accuweather which you can find here, or here.

To see how windy it is, check out the windguru website here.

I am often asked what the weather is really like in Mallorca, but I get the same information from websites and on my phone.

To see exactly what the weather is like right now in Mallorca in your favourite resort, then check out the webcams in your favourite resorts.

You can find a list of the webcams in this article here.

If the summer weather in Mallorca is a little too warm, then maybe consider visiting Mallorca in winter. Find out about the weather here.

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