The negative news isn’t something I like to report on, but I want you to be aware of crime in Mallorca against tourists and whether you should be worried. Plus I’ll give you some tips to avoid your dream holiday turning into a holiday from hell.

Over the past few months, I’ve received comments on my social media channels and seen across others about crime in Mallorca affecting tourists on holiday.

The first thing I should say is that you shouldn’t be overly worried.  I’ve never been pickpocketed on the island in the 17+ years I have lived in Mallorca, and most people I know haven’t been either. 

However, I have heard about thefts from beaches, whether this has been thefts from sunbeds, or trainers being stolen from the sand, as well as pickpocketing when out and about sightseeing, as well as the infamous Magaluf muggings.

So if you are travelling to Mallorca on holiday, please read the following article.

I must also add that the following scenarios can apply to any holiday destination. This article is not exclusive to just Mallorca.

So wherever you are going on holiday, please beware.

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1. Crime in Mallorca -Thefts on Mallorca Beaches.

There are a couple of ways you could get your valuables stolen on Mallorca beaches.

Firstly if you are staying in Cala d’Or, you should not have too much of a problem if you are renting a sunbed, as the beach umbrellas have lockable security boxes where you can keep your valuables for the day. 

In Cala d’Or, the beaches here are quite narrow and thin, and the beaches run deep, so having a safety box on the sun-bed and umbrella rental is essential as it is almost impossible to see your belongings if you go for a swim or venture out on a pedalo.

This isn’t the case in many other popular resorts with wider beaches.  For example in Palmanova or Alcudia, the sunbeds do not include the rental of a security box.  

Alcudia beach in particular where the water is very shallow means you will have to swim out quite far, making it difficult to keep an eye on your belongings. 

This puts your belongings at risk if you are going to the beach or swimming in the sea.

Now it’s extremely unlikely that you will get your items stolen,  particularly if you are sitting next to the same people all day.

But I would encourage you to get a waterproof bum bag or phone case which you can buy cheaply in my holiday shop here.

However, in the video below, these holidaymakers describe how they believe their belongings were stolen from behind while they were on their sunbeds in Palmanova.

2. Crime in Mallorca – Thefts from car rentals in Mallorca

If you are hiring a car, do not leave any valuables in the hire car.  

I’ve heard reports of visitors having cash, passports and even laptops stolen from hire cars.

So please if you are parking your car anywhere on the island, do not leave anything of value inside. 

This is especially important if you are parking in a remote area. 

Make sure that when you rent your car you also get adequate insurance for the car which should include glass replacement.

Often when cars are broken into, the quickest, most efficient way to do this is to break the windows.

And if your insurance doesn’t include glass replacement, you will have to pay for this to be done which takes not only time but also money.

Thefts from car rentals in Mallorca

3. Crime in Mallorca – Pickpockets in Palma de Mallorca

The main pickpocketing areas are around the entire Catherdal area in Palma and near the very busy El Corte Ingles department store on Avinguda d’Alexandre Rosselló. 

Also, keep a tight grip on your bag in Mercat Olivar on a Saturday when it is especially busy.

If you are visiting with a pram or pushchair, then don’t leave your handbag on top of the buggy.  You could easily get distracted by opportunists and I have heard this happen all too often.

Above all, don’t place your phone or wallet in your back pocket. 

You may well see gipsies selling “lucky heather” near the cathedral too.  This is an age-old scam which has been going on for years. I’ve seen it myself.

Do not take your wallet out.

If you are being sold to on the street, then walk on by.  

In the Mallorca Under the Sun Amazon shop, you will find various bags which have better security than you would expect to keep pickpockets at bay. Visit the shop here.

You can also read more about pickpockets in Palma and how to report a crime here.

You may also remember I reported that Admin Ann from the Mallorca Under the Sun Facebook Group was pickpocketed in Palma. You can read what happened here.

pickpockets in palma de mallorca
Never keep your wallet in your back pocket in Palma de Mallorca

4. Crime in Mallorca – Pickpockets in Shopping Centres

Busy marketplaces aren’t just great to visit but also provide great opportunities for pickpockets around the island.

Watch out when visiting Palma Markets such as Mercat Oliviar, or Santa Catalina market, but also at Inca Market in the centre of the island, as well as at any of the weekly markets held in other towns and resorts.

Don’t forget the night markets that are held during the summer give pickpockets the cover of darkness to operate, so please keep an additional eye on your belongings.

Shopping centres are also prime areas for pickpockets and I remember a few years ago, gangs operating in Porto Pi Shopping Centre in Palma.

If you are browsing clothing rails, keep a tight hold on your handbag and be aware of anyone around you.

5. Crime in Mallorca – Muggings in Magaluf

Finally, if you are travelling over alone, or going out with your friends, watch out how much you drink. 

We often hear reports of muggings in Magaluf in the early hours of the morning. 

Now, this is a wider issue in the resort that has been going on for years, with young people being taken advantage of after having a few drinks.

Stick with your friends, look out for your friends and just don’t go too crazy on the booze.

6. Crime in Mallorca – Thefts at Palma airport

Earlier on this summer, we heard reports of thefts and attempted thefts at Palma airport.

Thankfully these thieves have been removed from the island however, if you are at the airport, then again please keep an eye out for your hand luggage.

There was a report a few years ago from the Guardian newspaper about thefts at the security belts too. You can read about it here.

Don’t take your eyes off your valuables and stay alert.

7. Crime in Mallorca – Pickpockets on public transport

Buses are great for getting around the island cheaply but please be careful standing on a busy bus, especially where there is standing room only.

I have heard reports of pickpocketing on busy bus routes, where there has been standing room only.

Know where your phone is, know where your wallet is, and keep a tight hold on your handbag.

8. Crime in Mallorca – So how do you protect your belongings?

1. Don’t take valuables to the beach.

I live in the South West of Mallorca, and I never take my phone or wallet to the beach. This means I can swim in the sea and not have to worry about any expensive items, cards or cash left on the beach.

It’s also a great way to spend time with my daughter, disconnect from life and not constantly stare at my mobile phone.

And also remember if you do take any valuables to the beach with you, take them with you again if you’re leaving your sunbed and going for lunch.  

Items left on sunbeds are just asking to be taken!

2. Buy a waterproof bum bag or phone case.

If you do need to take valuables to the beach, use either a waterproof bumbag or phone case.

I recommend this bumbag here from Amazon or this waterproof phone case here too.

That way you can take your valuables into the water without worrying about leaving them on the beach.

3. Don’t take expensive trainers to the beach

I’ve had comments on my Youtube channel about expensive trainers being taken off the beach when their owners have been swimming.

My advice is to go to one of the many cheap Chinese or souvenir shops or a discount store such as Tedi and pick up some really cheap flip-flops for less than a Euro.

4. Leave your valuables in your hotel room, 

Leaving your valuables in your hotel room safety deposit box means not having to worry about anything being stolen when you’re swimming or renting pedals.  

The cost of a hotel room security deposit box is usually around 3€ a day, but it’s well worth paying for one to give you extra peace of mind.

5. Look out for your party

Look out for everyone in your group, if you are out partying or just shopping around the island. The more eyes you have on your belongings, the better. 

9. How to Report a Crime in Mallorca? 

If you are a victim of crime, then please go to your local police station.  Google the nearest one to you. Or ask in a shop, bar or at any hotel reception.

Or you can call the crime number on +34 902 102 112.

Depending on where you are, there may be police on the streets, so also talk to them. 

In Magaluf, there is a huge Guardia Civil police station at the end of The Strip.

If these crimes don’t get reported, then the police will be less inclined to do anything about tourist-related crime in Mallorca.

Particularly if your items are stolen from sunbed rentals on the beach, report the crime. 

It may encourage the authorities to actually put safety boxes on ALL the sunbed umbrella rentals on the island.

10. Crime in Mallorca – The importance of travel insurance

Travel insurance isn’t just essential if you need to quickly see a doctor. 

It’s there if you get robbed, and you’ll need to put in a claim to have your items replaced by your insurance company.

So make sure you bring out adequate travel insurance so you can replace your items.  This is super important.   

Also, DON’T FORGET TO SCAN OR PHOTOCOPY your passport, driving license and other documents before you travel. 

And this is a tip from one of my lovely subscribers who left a comment on my Youtube channel.

Please KEEP A COPY of all currency exchange receipts, as this will help prove to the police how much was taken and also for the insurance company.

Also, another lovely subscriber suggested keeping a copy of bank card details, and emergency numbers in a separate safe place so you can easily call your bank to get your cards or mobile phone cancelled.

Plus, having a copy of these will also help get the originals replaced more quickly.

The importance of travel insurrance before travelling to Mallorca

While this is a serious article, most holidaymakers are coming here and not experiencing any problems with crime in Mallorca and just enjoy their holiday.  

But if this article stops one more theft and one less holiday from being ruined then it’s worth writing. 

So please share this article with anyone you know who is coming out to the island.

Also, this article doesn’t just apply to Mallorca, but ANY holiday destination you are visiting.  So please come over, enjoy your holiday, and just stay alert too. 

If you are travelling over to Mallorca soon, then check out these airport travel tips to make your journey smoother.