If you are hoping to holiday in Mallorca, then in this article, find out how to plan your Mallorca holiday budget.

From meals out to the price of drinks in Mallorca, find out how much you can also expect to spend for sunbed rentals, boat trips and extras in this ultimate guide to your Mallorca holiday budget.

I will also link to other handy guides on my website here so you can plan further.

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How much to budget for meals | Mallorca Holiday Budget

You can pay as much or as little as you wish for an evening meal in Mallorca. Mallorca has everything from high-end restaurants to many fast-food restaurants, so you can always find something to eat to fit your budget.

You can even avoid the cost of dining in a restaurant and take a picnic or a takeaway pizza to the beach and eat for even less.

Also if you’re visiting Palma, you are more likely to pay more for meals and drinks in the main squares and around main sights such as the Cathedral or on Paseo del Bourne. 

The same applies to visiting Mallorca’s markets. You will pay more to eat near the market than away from it.

This guide will show you roughly how much to budget for meals throughout the day and give you some handy tips along the way.

How much to budget for dinner | Mallorca Holiday Budget

Budget for at least a minimum of 16€ per person per night for a main course and drink.

This will get you a main course and a drink in many restaurants. Of course, you will still be able to find meals for less in most resorts.

However, if you plan to have a couple of drinks, and maybe a starter and main course (and/or a dessert), then you may wish to budget 30€ to 35€ per person per meal.

You will pay even more if you are eating in a high-end restaurant or a good quality steak house or seafood restaurant.

The best value I have found for meals are bizarrely Chinese restaurants. you can easily pick up a meal for around 10€ to 12€.

Just be careful ordering tapas dishes. While each dish can be quite inexpensive, depending on the portion size, you could end up ordering more dishes than you thought and blowing the budget.

How much to budget for lunch | Mallorca Holiday Budget

Lunchtime is a great opportunity to enjoy a larger meal and pay even less than you would do at dinnertime.

Many restaurants throughout Mallorca will offer a Menu del Dia which means a set menu with a few options for often a starter, main course, dessert and a drink for a set price.

The Menu del Día offering will dependent on the restaurant but the cost for 2023 is from around 12€ to 15€.

This means you can experience the very best Mallorca cuisine for less than you would pay for dinner. So keep an eye out for these bargains.

If you are looking for a lighter lunch, then a bocadillo (baguette) will set you back around 4,50€. Cheese toasties in resorts are in the region of 3€.

However for the ultimate lunch on a budget in Mallorca head to the bakery section of Lidel supermarket where you will find Spanish pastries from 0,99 cents!

How much to budget for paella | Mallorca Holiday Budget

Paella is immensely popular in Mallorca however did you know paella is actually a traditional dish from Valencia traditionally eaten as a Sunday lunch?

Many visitors come to Spain and want to try a great paella on any day of the week (why wait until Sunday), so how much are you likely to pay?

Ordering paella in Mallorca in 2023 ranges from around 18€ to 25€ per person.

But you can pay more!

If you are visiting Mallorca, try paella at least once. If you would like some suggestions, check out this article here.

I would also avoid buying paella in a restaurant that doesn’t typically serve paella or have a seafood menu because you could have a disappointing experience.

You will know the best places because the locals will eat there, and paella is served fresh in huge paella pans which are brought to the table.

Avoid the smaller tourist traps in Palma where you are quite likely to get a microwaved paella served in a dish it wasn’t actually cooked in.

How much to budget for tapas | Mallorca Holiday Budget

The cost of tapas can quickly add up if you order these small portions of food for a main course.

Dishes may cost from 4€ to 12€ each, but ordering a few different plates can soon add up.

So tapas is served to share, so don’t order too much and if you are still hungry you can add more dishes to your table.

A cheaper option for lunch could be going to a bar and getting pintxos. These are normally slices of baguette bread with meat or cheese or another delicacy served on top and the price is usually from around 1,50€.

A good place to find these are at the bars in Palma.

How much to budget for kids’ meals | Mallorca Holiday Budget

Restaurants cater for children really well. Most will have dedicated children’s menus. So expect to pay approximately half as much for a child as you would do for an adult.

The average price for a kid’s meal is in the region of 8€ to 10€ to help you plan.

Unfortunately, kids’ meals don’t tend to be varied in Spain, so you will find chicken nuggets, hamburgers and spaghetti bolognese on most of them.

How much to budget for icecreams | Mallorca Holiday Budget

The cheapest place to buy icecreams in Mallorca is an ice cream chain called Boutique Gelato.

A scoop is around 1,40€ but you will find this to be a little more expensive in some of the other resorts, for example, Puerto Pollensa.

There is also a massive selection of homemade and artisan ice cream or Gelaterias in Mallorca.

You could be paying up to 3,40€ a scoop.

Ice lollies will be much cheaper from the Spa shops costing in the region of 1,50€.

How much to budget for drinks | Mallorca Holiday Budget

How much you pay for drinks will depend on where you drink. Local Spanish bars on the outskirts or right outside of main tourist areas are going to be cheaper than an upmarket beach club.

As an idea, expect to budget around 3,50€ for a bottle of beer, or anything from 1,50 to 2,50€ for a caña (which is less than half a pint).

A jug of sangria can cost in the region of 15€ to 20€. Bottles of wine can range from 15€ to as much as you wish to pay.

A bottle of cava is around 22€.

Cocktails seen the average price is around 8€ to 8,50€. If you are drinking in a restaurant or bar in a nice beachfront restaurant with views, then these cocktails could amount to around 10,50€ to even 19€.

You will find better value in cheaper beach chringuitos (beach bars) and off the main areas.

Tap water is free in restaurants, and you will find free drinking fountains around Palma too. 

How much to budget for boat trips | Mallorca Holiday Budget

I would say budget at least 50€ per person for a boat trip. This is the approximate cost for a smaller boat trip to see dolphins or to explore a natural park or remote beach.

As an idea, check out things to do in Alcuida here for a great selection of boat trips. and things to do in Port de Soller here as well as a guide to things to do in a heatwave here.

You can get cheaper boat trips though, so aboard the Cormoran cruises which leave from Santa Ponsa, and sail to the Malgrats can cost around 20€ which you can see here, or go dolphin watching and pay a little more here

How much to budget for excursions | Mallorca Holiday Budget

Waterpark tickets are in the region of 34€ for an adult but don’t forget to add extras.  If you want to check out the extra costs you may not expect to face at one of Mallorca’s biggest waterworks, check out a video I made last Summer here on my Youtube channel here so you know what you can expect to pay.

To find out more about things to do when it’s hot in Mallorca and the perfect selection of excursions to book, check out this article here.

How much to budget for sunbeds | Mallorca Holiday Budget

You will see that the sunbed situation in many of the hotels involves an early morning wake-up call and a race to put your towel down to get a sunbed for the day.

You can read more about Mallorca’s sunbed wars here.

So you may wish to give the hotel pool a break and head to the beach.

Expect to budget in the region of 15€ for the rental of two sunbeds and a beach umbrella. Prices will vary across the island – so you can pay around 13,50€ in Palmanova, 18€ on parts of Muro Beach and 35€ in Playa Formentor!

The advice for getting a sunbed is the same in peak season. Get to the beach early to make sure you get a sunbed for the day.

how much are sunbeds Mallorca holiday budget
How much are sunbeds | Mallorca holiday budget

Don’t forget that some sunbed rentals on the island don’t include security boxes.

So you may wish to pick up your own beach locker which you can get in the Mallorca Under the Sun holiday shop here, as well as waterproof bumbag and waterproof phone cases.

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How much to budget for getting around | Mallorca Holiday Budget

If you are travelling to Mallorca on a budget then use the excellent public transport.

You can easily use the TIB buses to get from the airport to your resort which costs just a few Euros.

You can also take the TIB to sightsee in Palma which can cost around 5€ depending on your depature point on the island.

Check out this article here about sightseeing in Palma and some great things to do and this video here for a self-guided walk, with a downloadable Google Map route.

You can see how the TIB buses work in Mallorca in this video here.

You may also wish to get a taxi in Mallorca. There is usually a plentiful supply of taxis at the airport taxi rank to take you to your resort.

But during Summer 2023, you may be in for a wait to get a taxi late at night.

To find out more about taking a taxi in Mallorca, check out this article here.

To find out more about getting around Mallorca check out this section here on the website.

How much to budget for Eco Tax in Mallorca

Depending on which tourism accommodation you are staying in, you will have to pay a tourism tax, otherwise known as eco-tax.

The average rate for this is 3€ per person, per night (over 16s only). This is payable when you check into your hotel, and you can pay this tax by cash or by card.

To find out more about tourism tax, check out this article here.

If you have been surprised by any costs in Mallorca, do let me know in the comments.