Here are my 15 best travel tips for Americans visiting Mallorca, Spain which include practical and cultural tips to help get the most out of your holiday.

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With direct flights from the USA to Palma de Mallorca Airport during the Summer season, I have put together my top 15 essential travel tips if you are planning a trip to Mallorca from the USA.

While many of these tips can apply to other areas in Spain, I put together these Mallorca-specific travel tips from my experience of living here which will help you if you’re planning a vacation to Mallorca from the USA and Canada.

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1. Planning a Mallorca holiday |Travel tips for Americans visiting Mallorca

If you are visiting Mallorca from the USA and know little about this Spanish Balearic holiday destination, then Mallorca is approximately the size of Rhode Island.

It’s small, friendly, and easy to get around and there is plenty to see and do.

I have found that visitors from the USA and Canada visiting Mallorca are staying for shorter vacations but wish to pack as much as possible into their sightseeing experience.

And you may be less likely to spend one week in one resort (and maybe you would do if you were visiting from the UK).

If you are looking at exploring as much of the island as possible in a short space of time (5 days for example) my advice is to pick an area – South West, North, East or South and include sightseeing in Palma into the beginning or end of your holiday.

Alternatively, base yourself in the centre of the island in a country town with a nice villa and pool and use this as your base to explore.

Check out privately owned accommodation options here for inspiration.

Travel tip: Don’t try to pack too much into your itinerary if you are visiting Mallorca from the USA, or you will find yourself on the road for much of your holiday and run into the danger of not enjoying anything.

A short trip will give you a taste of Mallorca giving you the option to return in the future.

Depending on when you read this article, you may have heard about the ETIAS visa waiver that will soon be an entry requirement for not just British holidaymakers but also American and Canadian travellers.

The good news is that you won’t need to apply for this if you are travelling in 2024.

Find out more about the ETIAS visa waiver and when it’s likely to come into force, check out more information here.

2. What language is spoken in Mallorca? | Travel tips for Americans visiting Mallorca

Spanish otherwise known as Castilian Spain is spoken widely in Mallorca as is the Catalan (or Mallorquin (which is a Catalan dialect).

However, English is widely spoken particularly in resorts.

You will benefit from knowing some words in Spanish when visiting Mallorca and you will get bonus points for speaking Mallorquin, especially in the marketplace!

However, you can also get by with English.

If you have taken the time to learn some Spanish, you could also find yourself disappointed that your reply will be given in English.

Even though I’ve lived here for nearly 20 years, because of my strong English accent when speaking Spanish and can understand everything that is said to me, I’m often told, “Don’t worry, we can speak in English.” This can be disheartening so expect this!

At other times, your knowledge of Spanish will prove to be very useful if, for example you are shopping in a market, or are asking for directions.

If you are in a situation where you need to speak Spanish then the Google Translate app on your phone will help with immediate translations, pronunciations and text translations.

So make sure you install this before you go.

But learning the basics will go a long way, such as being able to order food, ask for the bill and saying please (por favor) and thank you (gracias).

3. Mistaking Holiday Resorts for Hotels |Travel Tips for Americans Visiting Mallorca, Spain

We have noticed in conversations on the Mallorca Under the Sun Facebook Group that If you are planning your holiday to Mallorca from the USA, there is some confusion about what is a holiday resort!

In Mallorca and in Europe in general, holiday resorts are places such as Palmanova, Alcudia, Cala d’Or or Puerto Pollensa.

However, our American members often refer to resorts as gated hotel complexes such as the Mariott St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort in the Calvia municipality or Marriott’s Club Son Antemon Antem in Llucmajor.

To find out a great choice of hotel options in Mallorca search here.

To find out the top 10 resorts in Mallorca (holiday areas), check out this article here.

4. Driving in Mallorca |Travel Tips for Americans Visiting Mallorca, Spain

If you plan to explore Mallorca by car, remember that in Spain we drive on the right-hand side.

You will need an International Driving Permit (IDP) along with your American driver’s license to drive in Spain.

If you rent a car or get stopped by the police you will be asked to show these, so make sure you carry both with you if you are driving.

If you rent a car, you will also notice that most rental cars in Mallorca are stick-shifted rather than automatic.

You may wish to contact the car rental centre before arrival to ensure your car is automatic if you cannot drive a stick shift car.

Also, bear in mind that rental cars in Mallorca are usually smaller than you will find back home.

I would personally recommend renting a smaller car as it will allow you to more easily park into the smaller parking spaces.

And if you are visiting Palma de Mallorca for the day, you will understand why this is great advice particularly if you are parking in any of the residential side streets!

As a local in Mallorca, I have become an expert at reverse parking into tiny spaces and it certainly helps to have a small car too!

5. Tipping Culture in Mallorca |Travel Tips for Americans Visiting Mallorca, Spain

Unlike the USA, tipping in Spain is more modest. I recommend leaving at least 10% of the bill as a tip and where possible leaving cash.

It’s not obligatory, but if you enjoyed good food and service, then tip what you can.

Restaurant workers usually earn a minimum wage working long, hot hours and often do not live in the resorts where they are working due to the cost of rent.

So where possible please show your appreciation to those who serve you.

6. Local Meal Times|Travel Tips for Americans Visiting Mallorca, Spain

Lunchtimes are typically much later for Spaniards (normally starting from 2 to 3 PM and these lunches can go on long into the afternoon, until around 5 pm when some other cultures are starting to think about dinner!

Going to lunch early at around 12:30 to 1 PM means a greater chance of getting a table in a popular restaurant, but I would always advise booking ahead.

You may also be advised that the table will only be available for a set time too to allow more diners to pass through, so bear that in mind.

Dinner time for locals in Mallorca isn’t until around 9-10 pm.

In holiday resorts, it’s more common to go for dinner at around 8 pm and you’ll find many restaurants taking last orders at 10:30 pm.

The Olive Tree Restaurant, Mallorca
Blackbeards Beach Bar & Grill, Magaluf, Majorca

7. The Mallorca Siesta Tradition | Travel Tips for Americans Visiting Mallorca, Spain

Temperatures run high in Mallorca during the hot summer months so don’t be surprised to find some businesses and shops closed in the afternoon for a siesta.

Independent shops usually close around 2 pm to 2:30 pm and reopen at 5 pm after a siesta.

You will not find big chain stores or supermarkets closing, so for example El Corte Ingles department stores will be open in Palma as will the chain clothes shops and supermarkets around the island. So don’t worry, the island doesn’t completely close down at lunchtime!

Find more about Summer weather in Mallorca here, but even as a local, I find it essential to have a siesta in the Summer.

It’s impossible not to last the day without one!

8. Nightlife Timings | Travel Tips for Americans Visiting Mallorca, Spain

While there is a popular after-work and after-beach scene in the bars in Mallorca, nightlife in Mallorca starts late and can last until dawn, especially in clubs.

With a late dinner time, bars do not get busy before 10 to 11 pm and clubs rarely get busy before 1 am!

It’s not unusual to leave a nightclub as the sun rises at 5 am in Mallorca, where you can pick up your fresh bread from the bakery on the way back to your accommodation.

If you want to experience “nightlife” in Mallorca but cannot face waiting until 1 am to enjoy a nightclub, then check out the “El Tardeo” or afternoon club sessions which take place in Palma on a Saturday afternoon.

The most popular area to head to enjoy this is Santa Catalina in Palma from around 13:30 pm to 9:30 pm and this is particularly popular with partygoers age 30+.

The El Tardeo in Palma de Mallorca allows you to go for a few drinks, a dance, have dinner and return to your hotel at a decent time for a good night’s sleep to enjoy a relaxing Sunday without missing out on the day!

Top Tip: Head to Santa Catalina market before 2pm for some tapas and drinks and then onto a club such as Kaelum night club which is near to Es Baluard Museum, or the Hotel Hostal Cuba bar which is a little more relaxed but vibrant on Carrer Sant Magi.

In the USA, you will know the age to legally buy alcohol is 21 years old.

In Mallorca and throughout Spain the legal drinking age is 18 years old.

Just take it easy though if this is your first experience of travelling abroad and drinking.

The police are extremely intolerant of drunken behaviour and you may find yourself arrested or worse for causing a disturbance.

If you are staying in an adult-only all-inclusive hotel then you may find alcoholic drinks restricted.

Read more about all-inclusive drink limits in Mallorca here.

10. Dress Code Considerations | Travel Tips for Americans Visiting Mallorca, Spain

You will find Europeans tend to dress a bit more formally in their daily life. While Mallorca is a tourist destination, not everyone works in tourism so you will find many locals dressed for office environments.

If you are visiting Palma, you will see a much more formal dress code but as a tourist, you will be accepted for dressing like one!

Just remember to dress respectfully if you are visiting one of the island’s many churches.

So do not wear beach clothes if you are visiting churches, sightseeing in Palma or visiting Mallorca’s old towns.

Keep swimwear for the beach or pool!

Topless sunbathing is also permitted on beaches, even in resorts.

Wearing no clothes at all or nudism is also accepted outside of tourist resorts in remote areas but please be careful with this!

To find out more about what not to do on beaches in Mallorca, check out this article here.

11. Healthcare | Travel Tips for Americans Visiting Mallorca, Spain

Please ensure you have travel insurance for travelling to Mallorca on holiday from the USA and Canada.

There is no agreement for Spain to provide free health treatment to Americans so please check health insurance terms and make sure you are covered before you travel.

You can read more about this on the US Embassy website here.

You can also read about seeing a doctor in Mallorca here.

12. Smoking Rules in Spain | Travel Tips for Americans Visiting Mallorca, Spain

While it is possible to smoke on most beaches in Mallorca, the Spanish Health Ministry would like to ban smoking on all beaches in the future.

If you are looking for a smoke-free beach in Mallorca, you can find a list here.

Find out too about vaping in Mallorca with regards to vaping on beaches.

In addition, a ban on smoking on Mallorca’s restaurant terraces has now been lifted.

This ban was in place as a result of the pandemic and I have noticed that now, that many smokers have become used to smoking away from restaurants more are actively choosing NOT to smoke in terraces.

13. Be Aware of Pickpockets | Travel Tips for Americans Visiting Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is generally safe, but remain vigilant for pickpockets in crowded areas and practice general safety, especially at night.

If you are sightseeing around Mallorca’s marketplaces, or visiting the Old Towns or Palma, please be aware that you will probably stand out as a tourist visiting Mallorca.

Please be aware of those around you, and never leave your valuables on the beach while you go for a swim without placing them into a security box or a waterproof bumbag.

14. How to pay in Mallorca |Travel Tips for Americans Visiting Mallorca, Spain

Spain uses the Euro (€). Carrying some cash is advisable, as in smaller establishments or rural areas some businesses might not accept credit cards.

While cash is very much king in Mallorca, cards are widely accepted.

Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in Spain. American Express and Discover are less widely accepted.

If you are taking the public TIB buses, it is cheaper to use your debit card.

Find out more about taking the bus in Mallorca here.

You will find cards are also widely accepted for paying in taxis too in Mallorca

The conversion rate for Euros and USD is similar (you will get fewer Euros to the Dollar, so prices are easy to calculate).

15. Haggling in Mallorca | Travel Tips for Americans Visiting Mallorca, Spain

While fixed prices are the norm in America, haggling in marketplaces is customary in Spain.

If you are visiting a marketplace you may wish to negotiate a price for an item you wish to buy.

Knowing when to haggle is key. If there is no fixed price on the item then there is room for negotiation.

If you see items labelled with the price, unless you are going to buy several items, then just pay the price.

Find a list of the key markets in Mallorca here.

day trip to son servera market
Visit Son Severa Old Town market on Fridays for a great local experience

Other Essential Information | Travel Tips for Americans Visiting Mallorca, Spain

There is also other essential information you need to know if you are visiting Mallorca this Summer.

Find out what to expect when visiting Mallorca in 2024 here.

Find out about the water in Mallorca here with regards to drinking and safety.

If you are arriving on a cruise ship, find out what to expect on arrival in Palma’s Port in 2024 here.

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If you are visiting Mallorca from the USA, I wish you a safe journey over to the island and a fabulous stay.

Do let me know in the comments below what your experience of visiting Mallorca has been like!