I have great news if you’re looking for direct flights from the USA to Mallorca, Spain for a vacation.

From June 2022, United Airlines will be running a direct flight from Newark Liberty International Airport directly to Palma de Mallorca Son Sant Joan Airport in Spain, making the capital of the Balearic Islands more accessible than ever.

united airlines flights to palma de mallorca

Just imagine being able to work, heading to the airport and taking a night-flight to Palma de Mallorca, and arriving in time for lunch on the beach.

Check out Mallorca’s top 10 resorts here for inspiration on where to stay on the island.

Flights start at around $1,175 shaving hours off a journey that would normally involve one or two stops to get to Mallorca.

direct flights from the usa to mallorca


harmony of the seas palma de mallorca
Cruise Passengers expected to join the Harmony of the Seas in Palma.

The United Airlines direct flights from the USA to Mallorca are also expected to be popular with cruise passengers looking at joining a Royal Caribbean Cruise leaving Palma to tour the Mediterranean.

We know that in the USA company employees have approximately 10 days vacation from work per year. This means that travellers wanting to make the absolute most of their holiday leave can take advantage of these direct flights from the USA to Mallorca.

Demand for these flights is expected to be high, so I recommend booking direct flights to Mallorca from the USA as soon as possible to make sure you have more time to explore the island, see the sights or to just relax on the beach.

mallorca beach

Mallorca’s beaches are waiting for you