In this guide to taking a taxi in Mallorca, I will try and answer questions about how to book a taxi, where you can find a taxi and how much a taxi costs whether from the airport or calculating where you wish to go on the island.

Does Uber operate in Mallorca?

Uber and the equivalent does not operate in Mallorca and it’s completely illegal to book or run a non registered taxi here on the island.

You can recognise the taxis – they are largely white cars with rear blue number plates. Although you will see them in other colours, but you can recognise the offical taxis by the colour of their rear number plates

You will see hundreds of these taxis waiting in Arrivals the Palma de Mallorca airport and driving around the island.

Do I need to book at taxi at Palma Airport?

No you don’t!

Follow the taxi signs and join the queue.

The taxi line is well marshalled to get travellers into cars and to where they are going

However, there have been recently reports that there has been a lack of availability of taxis at the taxi rank.

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The best way to book a taxi in Mallorca

You can prebook taxis to take you to the airport or if you’re planning a day trip or night out.

You can also hail a taxi from the street or wait at the taxi rank.

If you see a green light on the roof, it means it’s for hire. If the taxi is showing a red light, it means it’s already occupied.

If a taxi with a green light passes by, it may be not be allowed to pick up from the area (municipality) that you can standing in.

There are also several taxi ranks throughout the resorts.

To book a taxi, Google “taxi” and the resort you are staying in for options of taxi companies to call.

If you are booking a taxi to return to the airport during July and August, I would recommend prebooking at least 48 hours in advance as I have known occasions when there has been no availability.

Also do not be late meeting your taxi, because it may not wait around!

How much does it cost to take a taxi in Mallorca?

As a guide, check this link to see approximately how much you will pay for a taxi here in Mallorca, travelling from the aiport to main towns and resorts.

This will give you a good idea of how much a fare will cost.

And you will see it costs more to travel at night, weekends and over public holidays. And you can see the fare difference on this link here which explains the supplements charged and approximate starting fares.

If you head on over to the Mallorca Under the Sun Facebook Group, you will see a really useful post put together by group member Nick Brown (it’s pinned in “Features” at the top of the page) about a guide to taking a taxi in Mallorca.

In summary, if you are taking a taxi to or from the airport there is a supplement already imposed. Plus a small charge will be added if you book a taxi in advance.

You are likely to pay more if you cross the city limits of Palma or travel outside the municipality where the taxi is registered, you’ll see the driver touch the meter to adjust the fare.

There are no supplements for child seats, the number of passengers travelling, luggage or the provision of receipts.

However as you are travelling you will see the fare. When the taxi arrives at your destination, the final fare will change when the supplements are added in, so you will see this final figure rise. Don’t worry though, this is perfectly legitimate.

So to roughly calculate your fare, it will cost €4 to get in a taxi, which includes the first kilometre or so, then about €1.10 per kilometre and about €20 per hour.

So roughly a half-hour journey that goes 30km would cost about €46.

How can I pay for a taxi in Mallorca?

You can pay by cash, card or mobile device. The taxis have card readers now, so it’s no longer important to pay in cash only.

However, you may wish to pay the driver a cash tip, by at least rounding up the fare or tipping 10% of the fare.

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