In this article, find out if smoking on beaches in Mallorca is allowed and where and the current update on policy for the next season.

Also, find out how smoking on beaches will affect your stay whether or not you are a smoker visiting the island on holiday.

You will also find out if the same no-smoking rules apply to vaping in Mallorca.

However, as of 12 December 2023, there has been an update regarding smoking on Spanish beaches.

The Spanish Health Ministry has announced it is considering BANNING smoking and vaping entirely on beaches in Spain, including Mallorca.

While no decision has yet been made about this, I would be keen to know your opinion.

So in this article find out what the current restrictions are regarding smoking on beaches in Mallorca and what your thoughts are regarding an all-out ban.

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Smoking on beaches in Mallorca – is it allowed?

It is currently possible to smoke on most beaches in Mallorca in Summer 2023, however, some beaches on the island have been designated as smoke-free zones.

This is to combat the sheer number of cigarette butts that are left in the sand during the busy holiday season.

At present, there are 23 beaches in Mallorca which have banned smoking.

This could increase to an all-out ban in future years but for now, let’s look at which beaches in Mallorca have been designated smoke-free.

Which beaches are smoke-free in Mallorca?

Looking at the main holiday resorts in Mallorca, the following beaches are now smoke-free:

Palmanova: Es Carregador (otherwise known as Portonovo) in Palmanova is smoke-free. You will also find Es Carregador featured in my Top 10 Beaches in Mallorca post here.

Peguera: Playa Romana is smoke free

Santa Ponsa: All of Santa Ponsa beach is smoke-free

Palma de Mallorca: Cala Estancia and the bathing area in Molinar are smoke-free.

Andratx: Camp de Mar and Sant Elm beaches are smoke-free.

Alcudia: Sant Joan Beach (this is on the headland between Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia and isn’t in the Playa de Muro area.

Puerto Pollensa: Albercutx Beach just off The Pine Walk is now smoke-free.

Cala Sant Vicenç : You will find Cala Barques and Cala Molins to be smoke-free.

Cala Deia: This beach which is a short hike from Deia village and home to the restaurants Cas Patro March and Can Lluch (read about it here) is also smoke-free.

Manacor:  On the East Coast, the beautiful Cala Anguilà is also smoke-free.

Cala d’Or area: Cala Mitjana, Cala Ferrera, and further north Cala Sa Nau are smoke-free

Portocolom: Cala Marçal and Arenal de Portocolom are smoke free.

Santanyi: Cala des Moro on the south coast is smoke-free

Colonia Sant Jordi: Playa des Port and  Cala Galiota are smoke-free.

What are the rules around smoking on beaches in Mallorca?

If you do wish to smoke on the beaches in Mallorca then please avoid the smoke-free beaches.

Please also dispose of your cigarette responsibly and do not leave cigarette ends in the sand.

This is because cigarette butts do not biodegrade, and they can get washed into the sea creating a hazard for marine life. It’s fair to say they are an environmental nuisance.

I’m a resident of Mallorca and have been since 2005, and it has become almost impossible to visit a beach in Mallorca and not find cigarette ends in the sand.

Please respect the designated smoke-free beaches. If you are caught smoking on any of the beaches listed above you could pick up a fine.

In the meantime, enjoy smoking on beaches in Mallorca while it lasts.

In years to come, there could be an all-out ban. Watch this space!

Can you vape on Mallorca’s beaches?

Vaping is not the same as smoking so in theory, it is possible to vape on the beaches in Mallorca.

Also vaping leaves no cigarette ends or ash in the sand which is why there is a smoking ban in place

While there is no ban on vaping, it would be polite to move away from people if you are vaping.

You won’t get fined but people will be going to smoke-free beaches to have a smoke-free experience, even if a vape is technically a kind of water vapour aerosol experience.

Word of warning about vaping on the beaches in Mallorca: As with anything you take to the beach, please be careful leaving a vape in the sun on a beach in high temperatures as it could get damaged.

What are the vaping rules in Mallorca?

Any vape with any percentage of nicotine remains banned in certain public places.

Vaping isn’t allowed everywhere in Mallorca such as indoors in medical centres or on public transport and other public spaces including children’s play parks.

This includes schools and colleges, and public transport including planes and inside airports.

I have read about the possibility of being fined 100€ for vaping in these places.

Also for information, you will find vaping products sold in Tabacs (tobacconists) and even at hotel bars.

If you’re visiting Mallorca on holiday and wondering what vaping etiquette is, then it is probably easier to treat vaping like you would smoking to avoid offence.

vaping in mallorca

Can you smoke on restaurant terraces in Mallorca?

In July 2023, the ban on smoking on restaurant terraces was lifted. The ban was the final Covid restriction to be lifted in Mallorca (along with no longer requiring face masks in medical centres or pharmacies).

Talking to friends, locals and visitors here, the lifting of the smoking ban has not been well received with many feeling it will ruin their restaurant experience.

Do let me know what you think in the comments below.

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