Find out about drink restrictions on all-inclusive hotels in Mallorca (Majorca) in 2024, where they are and what this means if you are looking to book a holiday to this Balearic Island

The cost of living crisis means that many holidaymakers are increasingly looking to book all-inclusive hotels for their next Summer holiday without having to worry about budgeting for meals and drinks.

However, if being able to drink unlimited alcohol as part of your Summer holiday is important to you, then this article will give you all the information you need to know.

During 2022, restrictions on alcoholic drinks in all-inclusive hotels in Mallorca were placed only in a small selection of hotels to combat drunken tourism. These restrictions look like they are continuing into 2023.

These restrictions mean a 6-drink limit in selected hotels.

Reports in the local press have shown that drunken tourism still runs rife in certain areas of Mallorca.

So, find out where hotels with alcohol restrictions are in Mallorca, and what other alcohol restrictions are placed on the holiday experience.

Also, find out where you can book if you wish to enjoy an all-inclusive “alcohol without limits” holiday experience.

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Which resorts have drink restrictions on all-inclusive hotels in Mallorca

Alcohol restrictions on all-inclusive hotels in Mallorca only apply to a small selection of hotels shown in these marked areas in the maps below in Magaluf and El Arenal resorts. 

So this doesn’t affect hotels in Palmanova which neighbours Magaluf, nor does it affect Can Pastilla which neighbours El Arenal.

To find hotels in areas which neighbour the biggest party areas, but do not have alcohol restrictions, search Expedia here for hotels and search here for package holidays or just check on

However, please check the marked areas, as the restrictions on all-inclusive hotels do extend into Torrenova (Magaluf), and some hotels that have “Palmanova” in their name, are actually within this marked area too.

You can check out the BOE statement here in Spanish about this which refers to all the areas in the Balearic Islands where restrictions are placed on alcoholic drinks in all-inclusive hotels.

There are NO drink restrictions in any other all-inclusive hotels in other areas of the island.

all inclusive restrictions magaluf
All-inclusive restrictions in Magaluf hotels
All inclusive restricitons El Arenal
All-inclusive restrictions in El Arenal, Mallorca

Which all-inclusive Magaluf hotels have alcohol restrictions?

In 2023, the following hotels had all-inclusive limits placed on alcoholic drinks:

  •  Leonado Royal Hotel Mallorca Palmanova Bay (formerly Alua Palmanova Bay) See here
  • Alua Sun Torrenova 
  • Leonardo Royal Hotel Calvia and Suites (formerly Alua Hawaii Mallorca. See it here.
  • Bahia Principe Coral Playa
  • HSM Atlantic Park 
  • HM Martinique 
  • Hotel Flamboyan-Caribe
  • Hotel Florida Magaluf 
  • Hotel Samos used to be an adults-only hotel. For 2024, It is now a FAMILY hotel so is not subject to all-inclusive alcohol restrictions.
  • Palmanova Suites by TRH 
  • NOTE: You may remember last year the BH Mallorca Resort was included in this list. But NEW for 2024: The BH Mallorca is now the Fergus Club Mallorca Waterpark. This means the all-inclusive offering will be REINSTATED at this hotel now as it will no longer be adult-only

This list could change at any time to include more hotels or even resorts, so watch this space for changes.

What are the drinks restrictions in all-inclusive hotels in Magaluf and El Arenal?

Hotel guests staying in hotels in these areas will only be allowed 3 drinks at lunchtime and 3 drinks at dinner.

And for the rest of their stay, other drinks will be paid for.

It also means that you will be able to go out to the many wonderful bars and restaurants, enjoy the nightlife in the resort and enjoy some of the best quality drinks on the island.  

It also means you can experience the island properly and support local businesses.     

If you are in doubt as to whether drinks in the hotel you wish to book are included in these restricted areas, please contact your hotel directly.

Where else can you find all-inclusive alcohol banned in Mallorca?

There has also been a ban on booze cruises in Magaluf and El Arenal, so if you do go on a party boat, you will have to either buy drinks separately or be limited in what will be served to you.

The same applies to all-inclusive alcohol bans being placed on “Happy Hours” in bars, 2-for-1 drinks as well as bar crawls with unlimited drinks.

There is also there a ban on the sale of alcohol in shops in Magaluf and El Arenal from 21:30 to 08:00 in these areas.

Don’t forget this does not apply to all Mallorca holiday resorts, so you will not have these restrictions in Santa Ponsa or Alcudia for example.

Which resorts have no drink restrictions on all-inclusive hotels in Mallorca

If you would like to enjoy full all-inclusive service in resorts around Mallorca, then choose to book your holiday to any other resort than Magaluf or El Arenal.

However, in an article I wrote about booking a holiday in Santa Ponsa, you will see that many holidaymakers who would have booked hotels in Magaluf have moved down the coast.

There have been reports of rowdiness in some of the hotels in Santa Ponsa during Summer 2022 and in Summer 2023, so please be warned.

These restrictions could spread to other areas of the island as the Balearic Government is trying to rule out this kind of alcohol tourism.

Otherwise, you will find great all-inclusive hotels available in Alcudia, Palmanova, Cala Millor, Cala d’Or and in fact in many other areas of the island.

You can find more information about these resorts in the Guides section of this website.

If you want to find out how much drinks and holidaying costs in Mallorca then check out this article here which explains how much you should budget for your break.

18 years is the legal drinking age in Mallorca. This is the same as in all regions of Spain.

If you are coming from the USA where the legal drinking age is 21, you will be happy to hear you can drink legally in Mallorca and the whole of Spain.

Drunken tourism in Mallorca

There is a big anti-alcohol tourism movement in Mallorca. If you do go out, please be respectful of the residents living in Mallorca and keep the noise down after midnight.

If you are caught underage drinking then expect to get into a whole lot of trouble with the police if you are caught. Authorities are cracking down on so-called “alcohol tourism” so be warned!

What’s more, if you are caught illegally buying alcohol from a shop, you could also land the shop owner a fine.

Underage tourists caught drinking and fighting in Mallorca are often reported in the local paper too and on social media networks. So please take care when you are out and about drinking in Mallorca and be respectful.

Will drink restrictions on all-inclusive hotels continue in 2024?

The law of excesses and drink restrictions may be amended in Magaluf and El Arenal this Summer because of the inconsistencies surrounding this.

These all-inclusive drinks rules could also be extended as Mallorca is investing heavily in hotel renovations, and making some formerly adult-only hotels family-friendly (with the opening of the Fergus Club Mallorca Waterpark (formerly BH Mallorca Resort).

Check out this article here I wrote about the law of excesses here.

We will hear more as the Summer approaches.

How busy were Magaluf and Arenal in the Summer of 2023?

Famed for being one of Majorca’s biggest party destinations, read what Arenal is like in the Summer too, in this article.

Check out the video below I made of Magaluf in August to see how busy it was during the Summer 2023.

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