Can you drink tap water in Mallorca? Generally yes, you can drink tap water in Mallorca but not all over the island and not all of the time.

In this article, I will outline when you may be shouldn’t drink tap water in Mallorca and opt instead for buying bottled water.

Plus I’ll let you know the best and the cheapest water to buy if you’re over here on holiday.

Today, drinking water is subject to strict regulations and testing to ensure it meets both European Union and Spanish drinking water standards.

So while yes, you can drink tap water in Mallorca, here are some answers to popular asked questions as to why you may not.

Does the water in Mallorca taste bad?

The tap water in Mallorca has come a long way since the 1980’s Heineken advert, the “water in Majorca don’t taste like what it outta” (See it here!).

Today, tap water in Mallorca doesn’t taste bad, but because of its high mineral content, it can have a taste which you may not like.

The water in Mallorca is primarily sourced from groundwater, which is naturally filtered and purified through layers of rock and sediment to make it safe for human consumption.

In addition, it’s also treated with chlorine to further disinfect it and protect against potential contamination.

With the chlorine and a slight saltiness, you may find the taste unpleasant, so you may wish to stick to bottled water.

Can Tap Water in Mallorca upset your tummy?

The hardness of the water in Mallorca can for some lead to an upset tummy because of a high mineral content

Also, different locations and different times of year can affect whether or not you can drink the tap water in Mallorca.

For that reason, then it may be a good idea to stick to bottled water for the duration of your stay.

Can you drink the water in Mallorca in holiday resorts?

I’m often asked, “Can I drink the tap water in Mallorca’s resorts?” and while the answer is “Yes!”.

However, I have heard that water quality can slightly deteriorate during the summer months when resorts are packed with tourists.

With the huge demand for fresh water, during these months, it may be wise to buy bottled water for the duration of your stay.

So while you can drink the tap water in Palmanova, Magaluf, Santa Ponsa, Playa de Palma, Alcudia, Puerto Pollensa, Cala Millor and Cala d’Or for example, if you are visiting during peak season then it may be better to seek out bottled water from your supermarket or Spa shop.

Is tap water safe to drink everywhere in Mallorca?

At the beginning of 2024, Spain’s Ministry for Health reported that in small towns and rural areas, the water quality hasn’t been quite up to standard.

In fact, from this report, out of the 53 municipalities in Mallorca, nine have been identified with water quality concerns (January 2024).

In five of these municipalities – Ariany, Costitx, Santanyi, Sineu, and Vilafranca, it is not advised to drink the water here. So please be aware of this if you are staying in these areas.

In some cases, areas of a municipality have been identified as not having safe water to drink.

So while you should not drink the water in Santa Margalida, the tap water is fine in Can Picafort.

There is a similar situation in the Manacor area where it was reported the water is not suitable for drinking in the town, or in Cala Murada.

However, you will find other nearby areas – Porto Cristo, Calas de Mallorca, Cala Morlanda, Es Domingos, Playa Romantica, and Son Macia, apparently the water is suitable for human consumption.

Always double-check the drinking water quality with your accommodation provider.

And if you are unsure, then buy bottled.

Can you drink tap water in Mallorca at your hotel?

It’s always a good idea to check with your hotel or accommodation provider to inquire about the safety of the tap water in the area.

If you are staying in a rustic Airbnb or similar, then the plumbing may be very old, although they may purchase drinking water.

You will see the water trucks making their way through the island in the Summer to fill up water tanks with external water tanks.

This is to make sure properties have access to clean drinking water.

Your accommodation provider should be able to inform you of any potential issues or recommend alternative sources of drinking water.

Should I avoid tap water if there are water restrictions in Mallorca?

If we have a particularly hot Summer, then you may hear about water shortages around Mallorca.

This happens almost every year with hosepipe bans and threats that water will be cut off for certain times during the day.

In the past, I have also heard of desalination plants to process drinking water from seawater.

In this case, I would recommend purchasing drinking water separately just to be assured of supply and water quality.

Does bad weather decrease the quality of drinking water?

I also would not advise drinking tap water after a very big storm.

The water systems can get extremely overloaded, and produce a strain on the system which is just another case when you may consider bottled water over tap water.

Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s just my opinion.

Top Tips: Can you drink tap water in Mallorca?

Where to find the best mineral water in Mallorca

You can see in this photo the huge choice of bottled and mineral water in the supermarkets in Mallorca.

buying water in mallorca supermarkets
Buying water in Mallorca supermarkets

But in my opinion and based on almost 19 years living in Mallorca, the best mineral water if you have an upset tummy or if you wish to avoid an upset tummy is Bezoya mineral water which you can see here.

You can see it has a low or weak mineral content “mineralización muy débil” which if you are prone to an upset tummy on holiday from the change in food and water, should help avoid problems.

Bezoya the best mineral water in Mallorca
The best mineral water in Mallorca

Where to get the cheapest bottled water in Mallorca

The supermarkets sell cheap bottled water which also varies in quality.

However, if you do not want to drink tap water in Mallorca, you can pick up 5 litres of bottled water in any supermarket will cost in the region of 85 cents.

You will find the more convenient Spa shops to be slightly more expensive.

Please drink bottled water responsibly in Mallorca

In the hot Summer months in Mallorca, while it’s important to stay hydrated, the bins are overflowing with plastic bottles.

Many of these bottles don’t make it into the bins and are littered all over the beaches and streets.

You can see in this video here the huge rubbish problem caused by over-tourism in Arenal.

Please can I ask you to take a refillable bottle on holiday?

My favourite bottle is the Chilly’s water bottle which keeps water icy cold even in the hot sun. Check it out here.

The obvious advantage is that using a refillable bottle will keep your water cool for hours.

Alternatively, if you do buy bottled water, please place an empty plastic bottle in a yellow bin which you will see places all over the resorts and on the beaches.

This will allow the plastic bottles to be recycled.

Free drinking water in Mallorca

You will see drinking fountains installed all over the island.

This water is suitable for drinking and it is essentially tap water. You will see locals filling up empty plastic bottles to take home.

You will also see there is a drinking fountain installed on these units, so even if you do not have a bottle you can pass by and drink directly from this.

Free water fountains in Mallorca
Free water fountains in Mallorca

My final water fact is – did you know tap water free in a restaurant in Mallorca?

You do not have to buy expensive bottled water and the restaurant is obliged to give you free tap water if you ask for it!

For more information about drink restrictions in Mallorca, find out about the restrictions on all-inclusive drinks here.

You can also read about water quality in Mallorca here, and when we get green seas in Mallorca.