In this article, find out all about beach rules in Mallorca and what NOT to do if you are planning a day at the beach on the island.

Going to the beach is the number one activity for holidaymakers in Mallorca, and while our beaches are some of the best places to be on the island, please be aware of Mallorca’s beach rules.

Break some of these beach rules in Mallorca and you could get fined!

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1. Nudist Beaches in Mallorca – where to strip off

Nudism on some of Mallorca’s beaches is accepted but please be aware where you wish to strip off entirely.

You are not allowed to go nude on on any of the main tourist beaches that are lifeguarded, so for example the beaches in Palmanova, Magaluf, Peguera, Alcudia, Puerto Pollensa, Playa de Palma, Cala Millor or in Cala d’Or.

While nudism isn’t illegal in Mallorca, if it causes offence, it’s a crime. So strip off on a non-nudist beach and expect a fine of 700€.

However, you are allowed to go nude on nudist-friendly beaches for example Es Trenc beach, Cala Margo, Cala Monjo and other out-of-the-way coves that are not tourist hot spots.

If you are looking for hotels specifically around these areas to be able to go nude on the beach then search here.

Can I go topless on Mallorca’s beaches?

Yes, you can go topless on any of the beaches in Mallorca.

This includes being able to go topless on the main resort beaches too.

You will find that Mallorca is very easygoing with regard to going topless and you will see ladies of all ages happy to go topless without looks of judgement.

Just keep any nudism or toplessness to the beaches though.

If you are also staying in Magaluf, you will see a street sign on C/ Punta Ballena (Magaluf Strip) which warns of a 400€ fine if you strip off naked!

wear no clothes warning magaluf
wear no clothes warning magaluf

Can I wear a burkini on beaches in Spain?

Yes, you can wear a burkini on any beach in Spain, so if you wish to cover up that is absolutely fine.  Wearing a burkini on beaches has been somewhat controversial in France but this is not the case here in Spain.

I have seen burkinis on beaches in Mallorca.

The message is clear. No one will look or judge, so feel free to wear what makes you comfortable and enjoy your time on our wonderful beaches.

2. Don’t wear beach clothes off the beach in Mallorca

Beach clothes, so bikinis, swimming costumes, men’s speedos and swimming trunks are designed for wear on Mallorca’s beaches and pools, so please do not be tempted to wear just this if you are leaving the beach.

This includes going into Palma or any of the towns around the island sightseeing. By all means wear swimwear if you think you may stop off for a dip somewhere, but wear clothes on top.

Do not also walk around sightseeing in any of the towns bare-chested, especially sightseeing in Plama or expect a frosty reception from locals.

Don’t wear beach clothes in Mallorca’s restaurants

You may well get away with wearing a bikini into a beach chringuito (beach bar), but do not be tempted to go into a restaurant, even in the resorts for a meal in just swimwear or without wearing a t-shirt.

I have seen tourists being politely asked by wait staff to cover up before they are served.

3. Do not take valuables to the beach

One of the most important beach rules in Mallorca is not to take valuables to the beach.

You will have seen in various videos on my Youtube channel that taking valuables to the beach could result in getting these items stolen.

You will also see that not all sunbed rentals have security boxes to leave your belongings.

If you do want to take your phone to the beach then consider getting a waterproof phone case so you can take it into the water with you which you can buy here.

Alternatively, pick up a waterproof bumbag here and keep everything with you and dry on the beach.

Above all, do not leave your belongings on your sunbed and go for lunch. You can read more about what can happen here.

mallorca under the sun amazon shop

4. Do not camp on Mallorca’s Beaches or light fires

It is illegal to go camping in Mallorca and at the time of publishing, there are no dedicated campsites on the island.

That said, people do camp discreetly in out-of-the-way areas of the island.

But get caught and you can expect to pick up a 1,500 fine. This could include falling asleep on the beach sunbeds on your way back to the hotel.

This also extends to having BBQs on beaches. It is illegal to have a BBQ on the beach in Mallorca.

In fact, fires in public places are banned between May and October even in designated BBQ areas because of the risk of forest fire.

Expect a 3,000€ if you break this rule.

The exception is on the Noche de San Juan held on Mallorca’s beaches on the night of the 23 June to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

Locals gather on beaches throughout the island lighting candles and fires and there are various fire runs taking place around the island.

5. Don’t use shower gel or shampoo in beach showers in Mallorca – fines of 750€

The main tourist resorts have free-to-use showers on the beaches allowing you to wash off the sea water and sand before heading back to your accommodation.

However do not use shower gel or shampoo in these beach showers, and do not use them to wash your dog either (if you’re visiting the island with your pooch).

Do this and expect a fine of 750€!

5. Do not underestimate the strength of the sun on Mallorca’s beaches

This is not a rule, this is just a word of warning. Do not underestimate the strength of the sun on Mallorca’s beaches.

Even on a breezy day, and out of season, the sun can be strong enough to burn if you don’t wear a high SPF suncream.

So cover up, stay hydrated and wear a high-factor suncream which you can get here or for kids here.

And you can also get some other rather lovely sunscreen here too.

6 Do not smoke on (some) of Mallorca’s beaches

Mallorca is cracking down on smoking on beaches.

You will now be fined 100€ fine for smoking on non-smoking beaches.

These include Es Carregador or Porto Novo Beach in Palmanova, Playa Romana in Peguera, Cala Formentor, Albercuix Beach in Puerto Pollensa, Cala Barques and Cala Molins in Cala Sant Vicent. 

If you do smoke on any of Mallorca’s other beaches, make sure you take the cigarette butts with you. Failure to do so could be classed as littering which will also be fined if caught.

If you want to read about my top 10 beaches in Mallorca, check out this article here.

Palmanova beach Mallorca
Porto Novo Beach in Mallorca

7  Don’t have a false sense of security on Mallorca’s lifeguarded beaches

Lifeguards in Mallorca operate from 1 May to 31 October on main tourist beaches from around 10 am until 6 pm in the Summer months.

This is another warning. Do not rely on these lifeguards to look after your personal safety or that of your children on the beaches at this time.

Often the ratio between the number of lifeguards on duty with the number of people on the beach makes it impossible for them to watch everyone all the time.

The same applies to lifeguards at hotel swimming pools.

So be careful where you are swimming and don’t get out of your depth.

9. Don’t ignore the beach buoys in Mallorca

If you are swimming off the beaches in Mallorca, you will only be allowed to swim inside the yellow buoys.

This is to make way for sea traffic.

If you swim outside these areas, the lifeguards will ask you to swim back in.

On the other hand, if you are renting Watersports equipment such as pedalos or stand-up paddle boards, then you will need to exit the beach on the channel between the green and red buoys and stay out of the swimming area on the other side of the yellow buoys.

Remember too to stay well out of the way of passing marine traffic. Don’t forget that the boats and day cruisers can’t slam their brakes on.

10. Don’t ignore Mallorca’s Beach Etiquette

This isn’t a strict beach rule in Mallorca, it’s just beach etiquette. Please don’t just sit right in front of someone when you are taking your spot on the beach.

In fact, this can totally ruin someone’s day at the beach and no one wants to be staring at your back!

I see this so many times on beaches in Mallorca and it’s not nice. So slightly to the left or to the right when you are taking your spot.

Also, musical instruments are banned from Mallorca’s beaches and playing loud music on speakers is considered rude.

You will see both out and about on the beaches in Mallorca, but they are not considered good beach etiquette. So if you’re visiting, then please have respect for everyone on the beach.

Finally, don’t throw away your beach inflatable…

Finally, if you are spending your last day on the beach and returning home for your holiday and don’t wish to take your beach inflatable with you, then please donate it to a local.

Kind holidaymakers have given my daughter beach inflatables over the years that we have never had to buy one and it’ll bring so much joy to us islanders instead of dumping them.

So if you have reached the end of your holiday and it’s your last day on the beach, and you don’t have space to carry your lilo or inflatable home with you, then pass on your inflatable to local kids when you leave the beach for the last time.

They’d absolutely love and appreciate this kind gesture.

Let me know if you think there should be other beach rules when visiting Mallorca in the comments below.

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