Here is a quick roundup of all the news you need to know for your Mallorca holiday in this Mallorca Weekly News roundup on 16 May 2022, from travel restrictions, airport chaos, safety and more.

Travel Restrictions in Spain Continue

Sadly while travel restrictions have been lifted in many European countries, it seems that Spain has decided to uphold entry restrictions to travellers from Third Countries such as the UK and the USA. 

This means that without a Covid vaccine certificate or Covid recovery certificate, adults age 18 years and over travelling from Third Countries to Spain are still unable to travel to Spain at this time.

Unvaccinated children aged 12 years and over, and aged17 years and under are permitted entry with the presentation of a negative PCR test.

Until now travellers have been eagerly awaiting good news as the current restricitons expired at midnight on the 15 May.

But there had been no announcment in the usual offical way via the BOE (the official state bulletin).

Instead a press release was issued from the Interirors Ministry annoucing the opening of boarders with Morocco. Hidden in the final paragraph was an indication that entry restrictions with regards to the global pandemic would remain the same until 15 June 2022.

With no word on the BOE and no annoucement from the tourism boards we can only assume that there has been no change to the rules.

So when will travellers from a Third Country be able to holiday in Spain?

There is absolutely no guarantee when the rules will be changed or a date confirmed as to when the country will open up to tourism.

Please check this article on my website for links to official Governement websites.

But just to point out this only applies to those travellers outside of the EU.  Unvaccinated EU travellers can still enter the island with just a negative covid test.

This is hugely disappointing for those  travellers from Third countries wishing to come here on holiday and even visit their family. 

Almost ALLL covid restriction have been recently lifted on the island and you can read about them here.

The next review of this rule is due on the 15 June 2022.  It’s another month-long wait for many. 

Either way it’s going to result in lost tourism for the businesses who have struggled over the past two years, and many people missing out on reuniting with their families. 

I can only say and I cannot stress this enough, with this continued uncertainty, if you are thinking of visiting from a Third country, and unvaccinated, please DO NOT BOOK YOUR HOLIDAY yet.

Historically since the onset of the global pandemic, Mallorca has relaxed travel rules in June allowing for peak season tourism.

While I’m confident Spain will open up to tourism in the same way as the past two years, I cannot say for absolute certainty that this will happen.

This is not good news for many and I’d be keen to hear from anyone that this has affected.

The next review of the entry requirements is due on 15 June. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel for news when it happens.

Airport Chaos

So it seems that Summer has started here in Mallorca, and with it an influx of visitors to the island.  

I am getting reports of extremely busy airports around Europe, the UK and here in Palma.  

I know that airports and travel companies are suffering the aftershock of the pandemic and are struggling to recruit staff, so my advice is to make sure you get to the airport in good time.  

Also double check well in advance that your flight is still running as I’m still hearing of problems with flight cancellations on British Airways and some Budget airlines flights as well as on package holiday flights. 

If this affects you, then please check the links in this article if you need to claim compensation

Arriving into Palma

On arrival from a Third Country such as the UK or USA and you are not resident, please make sure you get your passport stamped by Border Guards. 

These stamps will ensure you comply with the 90-day visa limits for short stays in the Shengen area. 

Get your passport stamped
Visiting Mallorca from a Third Country? Get your passport stamped

If entry and exit stamps are not shown in your passport, then border guards could presume you have overstayed your welcome. And this could mean big problems for EU travel in the future. 

Also if you are concerned about the validity of your UK passport, please check this article here.

I’ve also heard reports of tight checks being made on vaccine certificatetes and Covid tests over the past few days.

This is in complete contrast to the extremely lax checks made to this paperwork when we entered the island after the Easter holidays.

I could be the case the increased strictness over tests has been due to the extension of the entry restrictions.

So please ensure you are able to display your test, vaccination certificate or QR code on entry. All the current rules are listed here.

Palma de Mallorca Departures

Please make sure you get to the airport early for your return flight.  But bear in mind the airlines are not allowing check in more than 2-hours in advance of your flight.  

Also if you are taking an afternoon or early evening flight from Palma home, just allow a little extra time to get to the airport as traffic can build up on the motorways and the journey can take longer than expected.

Face masks on flights 

When you do check in for your return flight, please make sure you have a mask for your flight.  At least for the take off.

As you may have heard this week, it is no longer obligatory to wear face masks on most flights now.  But double check on your country of origin before arrival here in Spain.  

It was also reported that Spain is upholding the mask mandate over its airspace so you there will be a requirement to land into Spain wearing a facemask, and leave the island also on take off, wearing a facemask.

There is probably no requirement to keep it on when outside of Spanish airpace, or when you land in your home country. 

Just double check the rules of the airline to that you are travelling with too.   

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