In this Mallorca News exclusive, find out about Alcudia’s mosquito control plan for Summer 2023 in Majorca. Find out what measures are being taken to alleviate the high numbers of mosquitos we had in the area at the end of the Summer season.

You may remember a video I made on the Mallorca Under the Sun Youtube channel about the worst thing about visiting Mallorca at the end of October last year – and that being the unusually high number of mosquitos in the North East of Mallorca.

This influx of mosquitos was caused by unseasonably high temperatures which caused the mosquitos to breed for longer than they normally would have done.

The situation with regards to mosquitos in Mallorca at the end of Summer 2022 in the northeast of Mallorca (so from Cala Sant Vincent, Puerto Pollensa, Alcudia, Playa de Muro and Can Picafort) was the worse I had ever seen since moving to the island since 2005.

You can read more about the problems of mosquitoes in Mallorca here.

This brought comments to my Youtube channel, Facebook Group, Instagram, and website from visitors to the island who had been badly bitten.

Visitors remain concerned about returning or booking a holiday to Alcudia in Summer 2023 and I have been asked across all my forums what is being done about the mosquito problem.

I contacted Alcudia Town Hall and arranged to meet the environmental councillor Tomás Adrover who kindly took the time to show me around the area.

So here is Alcudia’s Mosquito control plan for 2023:

Which areas will Alcudia Council treat for mosquitos in Mallorca?

Alcudia Council can only treat public land in the Alcudia area. They cannot enter private properties to make mosquito control treatments.

Private property owners in Alcudia must carry out their own mosquito treatment and best practice (for example, not leaving areas of standing water) to help assist the efforts to reduce mosquito numbers for all.

This also means that mosquito numbers can be reduced.

Mosquitos will never be exterminated completely from the Alcudia area, but their presence can be managed.

So even though measures are being taken, do not expect a complete eradication of these pests.

Tiger mosquitos in Alcudia Beach resort, Majorca

Tiger mosquitos didn’t arrive in Majorca until around 2004. Until then, the Alcudia was afflicted by the more common mosquito.

However, tiger mosquitos are known to be worse than the common mosquito because they are known to carry diseases.

The mosquitos themselves are more vicious and the bites are just awful. Anyone who has been afflicted with tiger mosquito bites can vouch for this.

Alcudia beach resort is one of the most popular areas in Mallorca and you can see why from this guide here. Therefore, Alcudia council will be treating the drains directly behind Alcudia beach.

You can see from the video playing on this page, that treatments will be focussed around areas where there is a high concentration of hotels, so right through Alcudia Beach resort and behind the beach for example, near the Sunwing hotel on Calle Minerva.

This should help reduce the number of tiger mosquitos going into the Summer.

Alcudia beach resort, Mallorca
Alcudia beach resort, Mallorca

Mosquitos around Club Mac, Alcudia

It’s no secret that visitors to Club Mac in Alcudia have complained about the mosquito problem around this hotel complex.

This is because of the location of the hotel near marshland. I have been reassured by Alcudia council that the entire area around the hotel will be treated for the common mosquitos with treatments beginning in Spring.

You will also see that HidroPark waterpark neighbours Club Mac and where you can see the wetland landscape across the Alcudia area.

However, in all the years I have visited Club Mac, I have never been bitten while visiting HidroPark.

Mosquitos are more likely to come out in the evening and if you want to read about tips to avoid getting bitten, check out this article here.

Mosquitos around Club Mac Alcudia Majorca
Mosquitos around Club Mac Alcudia Majorca

Mosquitos around Bellvue, Alcudia

The main waterways here are fed from Es Llac Gran, which is the lake in between Alcudia and extending down behind Playa de Muro, and the wetlands around the horse riding centre, Rancho Ses Roques and over to the Lagamonte Hotel.

It’s also no secret that this area has experienced problems with mosquitos in previous Summers. I have seen Bellvue nicknamed “Hellvue” in TripAdvisor reviews because of the mosquito problems in recent years.

I was assured by Alcudia council that this entire area would also be treated throughout the Summer too with the intention to reduce mosquito numbers.

Mosquitos in Puerto Pollensa Mallorca

Alcudia Council treats the wetlands running beyond Alcudia Old Town, running right down to the S’Albufera Natura Park areas on the edge of Puerto Pollensa.

These wetlands are extremely popular with bird watchers.

I contacted Puerto Pollensa town hall who has also assured me that mosquito treatment would take place in the same way as measures are being implemented by Alcudia council.

However, again they are only able to treat public areas, and much of the responsibility for mosquito numbers lies with private homeowners.

Albufera Natural Park Mallorca
S’Albufera Natural Park, Mallorca

Alcudia’s Mosquito Control Plan Majorca

I have been told that the areas around Alcudia will be treated every 15 days starting in late Spring. Currently, six treatments have been programmed in these areas and others have been mentioned in this video and article.

If required the council will go on to programme another two treatments which should reduce mosquito numbers going into October.

Mosquitos in Alcudia – Working with the Alcudia Hotel Federation

Alcudia Council is working closely with the hotel federation in Alcudia to identify any higher-than-normal mosquito infestations.

So this extends not only to best practices such as ensuring areas of standing water will not be left out to allow mosquitos to bread.

But also to work together if higher than-normal mosquito numbers are detected in Alcudia.

Will winter kill off mosquitoes in Mallorca?

The snow and low temperatures that we have experienced in February 2023 will go some way to kill off any existing mosquitos from the warm conditions experienced in January, however, it is unlikely to have had the same effect on the larvae.

Winters are great for mosquito control but with rising temperatures in Mallorca, and possibly climate change, time will tell if temperatures have been cool enough to have had a big enough impact on mosquito numbers.

Are there always mosquitos in Alcudia, Mallorca

Yes, there are always mosquitos in Alcudia, but you won’t necessarily get bitten.

There are also mosquitos throughout Mallorca and throughout the entire Mediterranean area, so regardless of where you go on a European beach holiday, you will always encounter mosquitos.

And you won’t always get bitten in Alcudia. I am prone to mosquito bites but didn’t get bitten once when we stayed in the BQ Delfin Azul hotel in Alcudia beach resort in July 2022.

Just make sure you take measures to avoid getting bitten. My best advice is not to leave windows open and buy mosquito plug-ins for your hotel room from supermarkets.

You can also prepare yourself with mosquito repellant and afterbite too which you can buy in the Mallorca Under the Sun holiday shop here.

buy mosquito protection and treatment mallorca

Should I book a holiday to Alcudia because of mosquito problems?

Puerto Pollensa, Alcudia, Playa de Muro and Can Picafort are all located on this wonderful stretch coastline which benefits from a breeze meaning this will naturally keep the mosquitos away.

While there can be no guarantee of a breeze blowing, I have known this breeze to blow even in August.

With the combined efforts from the local councils, homeowners and also visitors taking responsibility and protecting themselves with effective mosquito repellant, then I see no reason not to visit.

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Finally, let me know below what your experience has been if you are visiting Alcudia in 2023. Has Alcudia’s mosquito control plan worked in terms of reducing mosquito numbers?

Have mosquitos affected your holiday in any way?

Let me know in the comments below.