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In my Mallorca Weekly News | Spain Opens to All, Hotel Price Hikes, Car Hire & more update, there is GREAT news for travellers coming into Spain from a Third country such as the UK or USA.

Spain Opens to All

Confirmed in the Official State Bulletin (or BOE) on Saturday 21 May, the Covid Restrictions have finally been lifted for travellers coming to Spain from outside the EU.   

Therefore the same rules apply to everyone, so regardless of the country of origen, you must fall under one of these three situations:

  1. Fullly Vaccinated.
  2. Have a Recovery Certificate
  3. Take a Covid test with a negative result. This can be either a PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival into Spain, or a Rapid Antigen Test taken 24 hours before arrival into Spain. I recommend the later as it’s much cheaper.

To read more about the details of this, check out this article here.

For children, if they are not fully vaccinated or have a recovery certifcate they can also take a test.

Children age 11 years and under do not need to take a Covid test or present a vaccination certificate.

Official Links

To check the Entry Requirements to Spain and to fill in passenger locator form, click here.

You can also check the Entry Requriments from the country you are coming from, here.

Who needs to fill in the passenger locator form?

In addition the only travellers required to present a passenger locator QR code on entry to Spain are those who do not have a EU Digital Covid Certificate or equivalent.

This Digital Covid Certificate can either be in the form of a vaccination, recovery certificate or test certificate

To find out if the country you are travelling from has signed up to have a EU Digital Covid Certificate, you can check the list here.

Check too on the SpTH website to check here.

If you are fully vaccinated with an EU Digital Covid Certificate or equivalent, you do not need to fill out the Spanish Health Control form.

If you need to access the Spanish health form you can do so here. If required, this must be filled out within 48 hours of your flight.

Travel Insurance for Unvaccinated Travellers

If you are travelling to Spain and have to take a Covid Test, make sure you take out good travel insurance to protect your money on the off chance you test postive for Covid just before you travel.

Hotel Price Hikes in Mallorca

If you do not have to travel to Mallorca on holiday in July and August, then I would recommend visiting the island in June instead. 

I can see there are enormous price hikes on hotel prices in July and August and the same will happen too with flights as there is reduced availability the closer we get to Summer. 

Looking at search results in Google for a hotel stays in June, you can see the Hotel Samos in Magaluf is charging 94€ for a night’s stay on the 6 to 7 June.

This then rises to 181€ for a night’s stay a month later in July. This is a price increase of 92%!

The same can be seen for a night’s booking at the Zafiro Tropic hotel in Alcudia. On the 15 to 16 June, a night’s stay is 156€. This rises to 261€ on the 15 to 16 August which is a price rise of 67% !

There is huge demand in the Mallorca for holidays. I would recommend using a travel agent to try and find the best deal.

Package holidays are looking to be better value the present, but be aware of rapidly diminishing availability as we head into the summer.  

And due to pent up demand for a summer break, do not expect to find too many late availablity deals.

My advice would be to book earlier than leaving until later in the season. 

How to save money at Mallorca Petrol Pumps

You can now save money at Mallorca petrol pumps when you are hiring a car right up until the 30 June 2022.

You are entitled to a 20 cents per litre discount on fuel when you fill up your hire car at the petrol stations until the end of June.  

There is a chance that this discount may be extended into July but I’ll keep you posted about that. 

I’ve recently had to ask for this discount myself to be applied when paying so please make sure it is applied before parting with your cash.  

With petrol (Unleaded 95) averages around 1,95€ to 2,00€ a litre, and the price changes almost daily, so you will definitely want to get your discount! 

How to save money at the Mallorca Petrol Pumps

Don’t forget too that you can now book your car hire here in Mallorca on my website.

See how booking on this affiliate link helps my channel.

Mallorca Weather Forecast

We’ve been experiencing the hottest May for the past two years here in Mallorca this week.  However this is set to change.   

Temperatures will drop slightly to a daytime low of 21 degrees on Wednesday and we will expect some showers and possible storms on Wednesday and Thursday and maybe a shower or two on Friday.

However, the sunshine and highs of 26 degrees celsius are expected to return by the weekend. 

If you’re packing to come out this week, I would still recommend bringing a cardigan or light sweater for the evening and maybe one pair of long trousers as we are not quite in Summer time yet. 

Mallorca Weekly News | Spain Opens to All, Hotel Price Hikes, Car Hire & more