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If you need easy to understand UK travel restrictions when travelling to and returning from Mallorca , then you are in the right place.

If you have a holiday planned in the next few weeks, see how the latest rules impact your trip.

We are being frequently asked on the Facebook Group about the these travel rules, especially from the UK.

Different rules apply depending on whether or not you or your family have had the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Please remember, it is your responsibility to double check with the official government websites listed below before travelling as rules can and will change.”  

It is your responsibility to check before you travel. I will endeavor to keep this page updated and this page is intended purely as a guide. Official links can be found below.


I would recommend visiting the Travel Safe Spain website for an immediate overview with regards to travel rules entering and leaving Mallorca from your country of origin.

Travellers resident in the EU can enter with either a Covid Vaccination Certificate or an antigen test taken 24 hours before travel.

Don’t forget to cross reference these with your own Government website.

TRAVEL RULES TO MALLORCA (from the UK): Update 7 April 2022

After huge confusion of the new rules coming into Mallorca from the UK (and third countries), this is what you need to know. Little has actually changed, so:

British travellers arriving into Spain from the UK and other “third countries” (such as the USA and Canada) may enter under the following rules:

Vaccinated Travellers aged 12 and over: Who are fully vaccinated (have received two jabs in the past 14 days) follow these rules:

  • Vaccination certificate Take proof of an EU Digital Covid Vaccination Certificate or equivalent– digital or printed. Find out if your certificate is included here. You can also check the validity of your certificate here.
  • For adults aged 18+, if more than 270 days have passed since the date of the last jab, then a booster vaccination is required before entering Spain. There is no expiry date on the booster.
  • As of 30th March 2022, children are exempt from getting a booster, and Covid-19 vaccination certificates will be accepted on entry to Spain even if they are older than 270 days old.
  • Children aged 11 years and under are exempt from carrying a Covid-19 vaccine certificate and do not need to take a test.
  • A Spanish Health QR code is no longer required for entry if you are fully vaccinated, however, this news is yet to filter down to some airlines.
  • If you want a stress free journey, fill one a Spanish Health QR code here (or download the apps – links to the apps at the end of the article) and download the QR code (to either your mobile or print).

Non-vaccinated Travellers

  • Non-vaccinated travellers from the UK (and other Third Countries) are unable to travel to Mallorca unless they they are in this situation:
  • Have a Recovery Certificate: They must be issued by an official testing service at least 11 days after the first positive NAAT or rapid antigen detection test will be accepted as valid.
  • The recovery certificate will be valid for 180 days after the date of the first positive diagnostic test result.
  • Residents are exempt from this rule but you will need proof of a negative antigen test 24 hours before arrival to Mallorca and proof of residency – eg. a TIE resident’s card. There are a few other exceptions related to travelling or visiting family. Please consult the TravelSafeSpain website.

Complete the Spanish Health form here (or download the apps – links to the apps at the end of the article) and download the QR code (to either your mobile or print).

Non-Vaccinated Children aged 12 and over: 

  • ANNOUNCED ON 11 FEBRUARY 2022 in the BOE. Children aged 12 and over and under 18 travelling from the UK who are unvaccinated will be allowed entry to Spain on holiday with a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of travel.

There is also a new lane procedure on landing at Palma aiport depending on vaccination status reported on the Spanish Health website. I´ll report back here if this currently applies when I travel back through the airport in the next two weeks.

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Travelling to Mallorca


Update: Valid from 4am 18th March

All rules travelling to the UK will END from 4am 18th March 2022 in England. This means the passenger locator form will be scrapped. And there will be no testing requirements regardless of vaccination status.

Please always check official sources before you travel (see links below).

This is the first step towards friction-less travel and hopefully Spain will also see the end to UK travel restrictions. However, this rule currently applies to arrivals back to the UK. Please take note of the current entry restrictions for UK travellers coming into Mallorca (see above).

Arrivals hall Bristol airport

Where to get a Covid Test in Mallorca

  • If you suspect you have Covid and want to get tested you can now buy an antigen (LFT) at the pharmacies for around 6 euros.
  • If you would like to get tested in a testing centre, an antigen test should cost no more than 30€ and PCR tests no more than 75€.
  • Covid testing centres are open will be in hospitals such Clinica Juaneda or Quirionsalud.
  • A list of test centres can be found here.
  • If you’re travelling out of season bear in mind that many of the resort testing centres will be closed for the winter.
  • The easiest testing centre to reach if you’re in Palma is Clinica Rotger on La Rambla, just 5 minutes walk from Plaza España.


Please note, from the 1 November 2021, holders of the NHS Covid pass will need to refresh their digital travel passes if they have been previously downloaded or printed to ensure they’re updated. 

From 1 February 2022, ensure the date of your last vaccination is less than 270 days ago, otherwise you will have to get the booster jab.

Whether you are vaccinated or not, don’t forget to check if you need a visa to enter the UK

You are responsible to check the rules before you travel. I would recommend getting your information from official sources.

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