Spain extends travel restrictions for unvaccinated visitors from Third Countries (such as the UK and the USA) for one month more from the 15 May 2022, with a new update to the rules to be given on the 15 June 2022.

Sadly while travel restrictions have been lifted in many European countries, the Covid travel restrictions continue in Spain which means that adults age 18 years and over without a vaccine or recovery certificate, are unable to travel to Spain at this time.

So the news is that there is no change to the current Entry Restriction in relation to Covid, and Spain remains closed to global tourism.

The rules remain in place for children age 12 years and over and 17 and under who may enter with a negative PCR test.

Under 12 year olds are excempt from these testing rules. And unvaccinated residents may enter with a negative antigen test and a proof of residency (such as a TIE card or Green NIE paper).

To read more about entry restrictions from Third countries and links to official governement sources, you can read more about them here.

In a press release issued by the Interiors Ministry, they quote,

In addition, the border order that the Minister of the Interior will issue extends all the restrictions that are currently applied to the Spanish external land, sea and air borders by virtue of the recommendations of the Council of the European Union due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19 until midnight on June 15, 2022, and replaces the current one, until May 15.

Google Translate from the press release

This “health crisis” does not extend to  unvaccinated EU travellers who are still able to enter the island with just a cheaper negative covid test.

This is hugely disappointing for those  travellers from Third countries wishing to come here on holiday and even visit their family. 

It could also be seen as discrimatory for families from Third countries who will be forced to spend money on a more expensive PCR test, when unvaccinated EU residents need only take a cheaper antigen.

With mask wearing indoors lifted, there has been no explanation or jusfication from the tourist board or indeed the Government as to why these strict restrictions remain in place.

The main message for unvaccinated travellers is “DO NOT BOOK A HOLIDAY” until there is firm and absolute confirmation from the Spanish Government and an annoucement in the BOE (Official State Bulletin).

I have yet to find an insurrance policy that will cover you if you book a holiday which you then need to cancel because Spain hasn’t opened up as expected.

There was a false start announced by the Spanish Tourism board a few weeks ago incorrectly interpretting the BOE which suggested unvaccinated travellers could freely enter Spain.

Many travellers too were left out of pocket too following the wrong annoucement made by the tourism board.

However this was proved to be incorrect, and while the rest of Europe continues to open up to tourism, Spain remains closed to unvaccinated travellers unless they are from the European Union.

Looking at the comments on my latest Youtube video travel news update, it has come as no surprise to many some travellers have chosen to go elsewhere.

Finally, it is your responsibility to double check the travel restrictions before you travel.

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