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Just as we were on the brink of frictionless travel once again, it seems Covid is to blame for the latest wave of travel disruptions.  As easyJet delays or moves many flights to and from Mallorca, if you have a cancelled easyJet flight, what are your rights?

Apparent staff shortages due to a rise in Covid infections has led to easyJet cancelling many flights to and from the island which will impact those taking an Easter break.

The first thing I’d recommend is to immediately check if your easyJet flight has been cancelled.  And check your flight daily to make sure there hasn’t been a cancellation or change. 

easyJet didn’t email me or alert me via the app. And I found out late last night that my flight from Mallorca to the UK was delayed by a day. This in turn would’ve effected the car hire I had booked and meant spending less time with the family.

Had I not checked the booking, I would’ve found out about the change to my flight at the point of checking in.

If this happens to you and depending which way you are travelling, this could have a huge knock on effect with hotels, transfers, car hire, pet care etc.

So please, I encourage you to check whether your booking with easyJet is going ahead as planned.

Cancelled easyJet flight? What easyJet offer

So what are your rights if you if your flight is delayed/changed/cancelled.

easyjet are currently offering three options.

  1.  Accept the new proposed date for your flight
  2. Change your flight free of charge onto another easyJet flight
  3. Get a refund.

According to Simon Calder from the Independent Newspaper, he stated,

“While easyJet has been offering seats on its own flights, the Civil Aviation Authority insists that passengers should be able to reach their destination as swiftly as possible – with an airline that cancels a flight obliged to buy tickets on rival carriers.”

I contacted easyJet and they refused to book me a ticket on any other airline except for their own. 

So I accepted a refund and booked flights separately with two another airlines. It does however mean flying Ibiza to the UK. But you can see the obvious problem with this if one airline cancels or amends the flight. However the refund cost covered the new flights thankfully.

Are you entitled to compensation for a cancelled easyJet flight?

If you are in the situation where you have a cancelled easyJet flight, you can also apply for compensation in line with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  This compensation applies to flights departing from or arriving into the UK that have been disrupted.

 You can check the CAA link here . According to easyjet, this applies if,

“Your flight arrives more than three hours after the scheduled time of arrival, or is cancelled within 14 days of departure, you may be able to claim EC261 compensation”

Don’t forget to head on over to the easyJet page. Check out their Delays and Cancellations page here:

You can find the link to the form here to claim for compentation.

If you decide to continue with your booking, then do put in a claim and let me know over on the Facebook Group if it was successful.

It’s worrying times again with regards to the travel, especially over a major holiday period.

Don’t forget I will keep you posted with any major changes to rules and restrictions here on my website here and on my Youtube channel.

Also remember it is your responsibility to check your flight is running before going to the airport.

And also to check the entry requirements with regards to visa and covid restricitons before entering Mallorca.

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