When temperatures soar on holiday, then follow my tips for my 15 things to do in a Mallorca heatwave to keep you stay cool in the heat.

The hottest months of the year in Mallorca are July and August and Summer in 2023 is currently looking at breaking all records as one of the hottest recorded for decades, with a heatwave hitting in mid-July.

My advice to cope with a Mallorca heatwave is to go to the beach VERY early – before breakfast, and then return later in the afternoon.

To fill your time in between, if you are visiting the island and arriving in intense temperatures, then you may appreciate these top tips for keeping cool during your stay.

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1. Things to do in a Mallorca Heatwave | Visit the Waterparks

Of course, going to your hotel pool or for a swim in the sea is free, but for something different, you can keep cool for the entire day by enjoying a day out at the waterpark.

A heatwave is the best time to visit the waterparks and it is my favourite thing to do in a Mallorca heatwave.

With wall-to-wall slides, rides and pools, waves machines and more, they are the only place to be on a hot day.

There are three main waterparks in Mallorca. Western Waterpark in Magaluf, Aqualand in El Arenal and Hidropark in Alcudia.

hidropark mallorca
Hidropark , Mallorca

Aqualand is the largest of the waterparks on the island with a huge picnic area for families and little kids section, great play areas, and some really fast and large slides for adults. Get tickets here.

Western Waterpark is brilliant fun for holidaymakers in Magaluf and Palmanova and there is a great KidsWorld too. Get tickets here.

Hidropark is the smaller of the three but again is fantastic for families, especially for its little kids’ waterpark area. It’s a little less busy than the others too. Get tickets here.

You can book them here:

2. Things to do in a Mallorca Heatwave |Book a Boat Trip

The best place to be and one of the best things to do in a Mallorca heatwave is to go for a day out at sea.

There are so many boat trips in Mallorca, but pick one that offers snorkelling and swimming as part of the trip.

The deeper water will be even cooler and clearer than you will find off the beaches, and less busy too. This is one of my absolute favourite things to do in Mallorca.

things to do in a mallorca heatwave
Book a boat trip in Mallorca

You will also get a chance to explore the coastline and get some great views. And if you are lucky spot some dolphins too!

Boating isn’t just reserved for the superyacht owners, so make sure you get out and experience the incredible Mallorca coastline and crystal blue waters for yourself.

Here is a selection of my favourites which include swimming as part of the boat trip which you can book here:

If you are planning to visit Port de Soller, then there are some fantastic boat trips, with many new opportunities in 2023. Check out this article here.

3. Things to do in a Mallorca Heatwave |Enjoy a long and lazy lunch

When in Spain, eat like the locals and pull up a chair in a restaurant for a long lazy lunch in the shade.

Even better choose a restaurant near the sea, or a beach club so you can take a quick dip in between courses.

One of my favourite paella restaurants is the Restaurante La Illeta in Camp de Mar which is located on its own island just off a walkway from Camp de Mar beach.

la illeta restaurant camp de mar mallorca

Of course, there are several beach clubs all over the island where you can book a sunbed for a day and enjoy lunch. But there are some restaurants with swimming pools.

One of the most famous is the Watering Hole in Santa Ponsa which is a great place to eat and swim. Tel: 972 69 21 32

As well as the Jolly Roger in Alcudia, which is at its most lively on a Sunday live music in its “Rock Around the Pool” Event. Tel: 971 89 29 72.

To find a list of waterside restaurants or at least restaurants with a great view in Mallorca, check out this article here.

4. Things to do in a Mallorca Heatwave |Visit Mallorca’s caves

If it’s too hot overground then head underground to Mallorca’s caves.

There are several cave attractions of varying sizes here in Mallorca but the two most popular are on the East Coast in Porto Cristo – the Caves of Drach and the Caves of Hams.

You can book tours to these Caves of Drach even if you’re in the South West of Mallorca which you can do here:


You can see a video I made about the Hams Caves here if you want to see what it is like. And you can book your ticket here for under 20€.

If you are staying in the South West of Mallorca, then you don’t need to make the long trip to Porto Cristo.

I recommend jumping into a taxi and visiting Genova Caves outside of Palma.

You can get your ticket here for this cool experience.

5. Things to do in a Mallorca Heatwave |Go to Palma Aquarium

Palma Aquarium is a great place to go, particularly if you have kids, and you want to escape the heat.

The cool, dark aquatic displays and cinema experiences will keep you out of the midday sun and keep families entertained.

Plus there are diving experiences for older children and adults as well as water fountains which spray water from the ground in the park outside for little kids to keep cool, so don’t forget your swimming stuff.

You can book your ticket here.

Palma Aquarium Mallorca

6. Visit the Rafa Nadal Musuem

If you’re staying over on the East Coast, then head on over to the explore the museum of Mallorca’s tennis great, Rafa Nadal.

Explore the world of sport and take part in the interactive displays.

Get your tickets here.

7. Things to do in a Mallorca Heatwave |Go Shopping Indoors

If you need a break from the beach, then head to shopping centres with really good air conditioning.

Porto Pi on the west side of Palma is a great escape from the heat for a few hours, and are the large supermarket Carrefour guaranteed to keep you busy for a while.

If you are staying in Palmanova, walk to the TIB bus stop in Son Caliu and jump on the 108 TIB bus and change in Cala Mayor to pick up the blue EMT no 4 getting off at Porto Pi shopping centre.

You can find the timetable to the TIB 108 bus here.

To find out more about getting the TIB bus in Mallorca, check out this article here.

To find out how to take the EMT Palma city buses, check out this article here.

Or if you are in Palma, head inside to either of the large El Corte Ingles Department Stores.

Both are around five-stories high and are based on both Avenida Jaime III, and Avenida Gabriel Alomar.

With ice-cold air conditioning, you can while away the hours shopping on the many floors for clothes, stationery, the food hall or electronics or grab a cool drink in the café.

Mercadona supermarket is also one of my favourite heatwave escapes. There are some seriously huge supermarkets (especially Mercadona in Son Caliu) where you can pick up some local food such as cheeses, hams and wines to try or take home.

Don’t forget many shops and shopping centres will stay open until 10 pm allowing you plenty of time to shop, with some shops in busy tourist areas staying open even later!

8. Things to do in a Mallorca Heatwave |Go to the Cinema

With temperatures hitting 40 degrees in July 2023, then you may wish to spend a few hours in the cinema and enjoy the air conditioning while watching an original language or English film.

Check out the movies showing Original Version / V.O.S.E. (which means they will show the film without being dubbed into Spanish) at the Ocimax here.

I also absolutely love the Cineciutat which you’ll find in S’Escorxador Emperatiu Eugènia, 6, Palma de Mallorca.

This area is actually a great area to experience Spanish city life with very cheap restaurants, and a great cinema.

Both are too long a walk from Palma bus station, so I recommend jumping into a cool taxi, before enjoying an afternoon or evening in the aircon.

9. Things to do in a Mallorca Heatwave |Explore Museums and Galleries

Museums and galleries in Mallorca are great places to escape the heat.

You can read more about my recommended half-day self-guided tour that you can make yourself if you’re visiting Palma for the day.

This tour also works as well in the rain as it does in the heat. Just make sure you follow the next step as you move between art galleries.

What to Do on a Rainy Day in Palma de Mallorca

10. Things to do in a Mallorca Heatwave |Eat ice-cream

You’re on holiday. Eat as much of the wonderful ice cream as you like and there are several top ice cream parlours to make a beeline to. Plus it’ll make you feel a little cooler even if the experience is short-lived.

Things to do in a Mallorca Heatwave

Here are a couple of my favourites.

Los Iananni in Cala Mayor, Palma: Run by an Italian family and serving the best gelato on the island, it’s also my local ice cream parlour and you can often find me in there. My recommendations are ginger and chocolate!

Can Joan de S’Aigo, Palma. This is a must-visit for afternoon tea in general but the ice cream and cake here is out of this world. There are two cafés. My recommendation is the strawberry sorbet.

Fet a Soller, Soller: As the name suggests this ice cream is made in Soller and you will find it served in town and along the waterfront in the port. I never leave the Soller Valley without getting myself a couple of scoops.

Of course, you have to try the flavour that Soller is so famous for, and that is orange!

11.Have a Siesta

To get the absolute most out of your Mallorca experience, especially if you have been unable to enjoy getting out during the day, then make sure you have a quick “siesta” or afternoon nap.

Siestas are something many locals do in Spain to cope with the afternoon heat, but a quick sleep will power you up to enjoy the evening aheaD.

12. Things to do in a Mallorca Heatwave |Enjoy Mallorca’s Nightlife

With hot daytime temperatures, the evenings really come alive in Mallorca. So when the sun dips, so do the temperatures. So get out and enjoy Mallorca’s nightlife.

Locals don’t tend to dine until around 10 pm. So to enjoy a cooler experience eating out, delay your evening meal.

Nightclubs start to open up at 1 am in the main party areas.

If temperatures are soaring, order wine spritzers (white wine and fizzy water). This will keep you hydrated. And just make sure you drink some water in between the drinks.

You can see the early evening atmosphere in July 2023 in this live stream filmed after 8 pm in Alcudia in Mallorca here.

It’s a time when you will still see people on the beach, and others heading out to dinner.

Expect nights to be busy in Palma City and all major tourist areas during the Summer months.

BONUS TIPS: Keeping Cool in a Mallorca Heatwave

13. Keeping Cool in a Mallorca Heatwave |Drink Water

This may sound obvious but if you’re arriving from a colder country then you may not be used to drinking the amount of water you will need to drink in a heatwave.

The recommended amount to drink in moderate temperatures is 2 litres (or 8 glasses). But with temperatures topping mid-30 degrees Celcius, expect to increase that by at least another litre to keep hydrated in a heatwave.

Getting kids to drink can be tricky too, but keep an eye on them and make sure they especially are drinking water frequently.

If you can’t get them to drink then slice up some watermelon, or eat ice lollies. Just keep them hydrated.

Sunstroke is really serious and so easy to avoid. So keep hydrated, because heatstroke could land you in hospital.

mallorca heatwave

14. Keeping Cool in a Mallorca Heatwave |Close your hotel blinds or curtains

With curtains left open, your hotel room can achieve the greenhouse effect in just a few hours.

Meaning when you come back after a long day at the beach, your room is the last place you’ll want to be.

Before you even leave your hotel room for the day, close your curtains or blinds, particularly if you have beautiful, south-facing sweeping sea views and large glass doors or windows.

You will notice if you are travelling through smaller Mallorcan towns that they may look inhabited in the middle of a heatwave. But this is not the case.

The locals are used to Mallorca heatwaves so many will close their shutters, even if they are at home to keep out the midday heat. Take their advice!

15. Keeping Cool in a Mallorca Heatwave |use a Spanish Fan

Spanish fans are not just a souvenir to take home from a Spanish holiday but also a really practical form of air conditioning.

You will see locals furiously fanning themselves for a reason.

So join them.

You can pick up fans cheaply from any of the markets for just a few Euros, or the Chinese shops in resorts, and trust me you will be grateful for the breeze if you are waiting in a queue for a bus, taxi or shop!

mallorca fans

Finally, don’t forget to wear high-factor sunscreen and a hat.

If you can think of any heat-beating things to do in a Mallorca heatwave, then do let me know in the comments below.

And even though it is hot, make sure you only strip off on the beach. You may also be interested about these beach rules in Mallorca which you can read about here.

Also find out more about Summer weather in Mallorca in this article here.