I have had many queries asking, “how much is eco tax in Mallorca in 2024?”

Eco tax is the official name of the tourist tax that visitors to Mallorca have to pay when checking into their hotel or apartment accommodation.

This article will take a look at the cost of Eco tax in Mallorca, and how much you can expect to pay when visiting the island on holiday.

For 2024, there has been no indication yet of an increase in 2023 rates.

If this changes, I will let you know via the Mallorca Under the Sun Youtube channel, Facebook Group or you can get the alert by signing up for the newsletter.

But watch this space because costs have gone up on almost every element of booking a holiday we have yet to hear about a rise in tourist tax in Mallorca.

So use this information only as a guide of what you need to pay when checking in to your accommodation.

Updated: 29 December 2023

Who pays Eco Tax in Mallorca?

Whether you are a resident or holidaymaker, if you are staying in a hotel or registered apartment, or even arriving on a cruise, you will have to pay Eco Tax.

If you are staying in hotel accommodation, you will have to pay Eco Tax at the time of check-in.

Eco Tax is only charged for adults aged 16 and over. Children under 16 years old do not pay eco-tax.

Is Eco Tax the same as the Tourist Tax in Spain?

Technically yes! Eco tax is the same as the tourist tax in Spain.

The eco-tax is a small charge for anyone staying in Mallorca for tourism purposes.

Funds raised from the Eco Tax (or tourist tax) were initially destined towards sustainable tourism projects in Mallorca to offset the environmental impact of mass tourism.

There has been much controversy in the past regarding the use of funds raised by the eco-tax since monies have not necessarily gone on to fund the environmental projects promised.

In 2021 it was believed the eco-tax was used to partially fund other projects outside the proposed environmental projects, including the possible funding of a music concert in Palma and as a means to help aid post-pandemic recovery.

It has also been reported that in 2022, the Eco tax was not used to fund any tourism projects

Such is the opposition to this tax, the now almost non-existent “Eco Tax” is more commonly known as the “Tourist Tax,” which is essentially a tax imposed on those who choose to holiday in Mallorca.

However, Spain is not the only country to charge a tourist tax on accommodation stays.

Visiting France, Italy, Greece and Germany to name a few, also charge a tourism tax when checking into tourist accommodation.

How much is Eco Tax in Mallorca in 2024?

The amount of tax you will pay per night, per person depends on the category of accommodation you are staying in, PLUS IVA (a sales tax on a tax) which is around 10%.

You will also pay more during the summer season than in the winter season.

So how much is eco-tax in Mallorca?

Please budget for around 2€ to 4€ a night per person over the age of 16 and add this to the cost of your holiday.

Stay in a luxury hotel, and expect to pay around 4€ per night per person, while mid-range and 4-star hotels will pay in the region of 3€ per night per person.

Cruise passengers will pay upwards of 2€ per person, and those staying in smaller refugios (hostels) will pay just over 1€ a night per person.

For example, when we stayed in the 4-star BQ Delfin Azul hotel, I had to pay 3,30€ a night. Of course, my daughter wasn’t charged as she is under 16 years old.

So if you are arriving for a 7-day holiday in a 4-star hotel you will be paying in the region of 23€ for the week in Eco tax.

Don’t forget this tax will not be charged when you book your holiday. And you will be charged per person, not per room. This eco-tax will be charged upon check-in at your hotel.

Even if you are booking an all-inclusive holiday, eco-tax is not included and you will have to pay this separately.

After your flight and journey to your hotel, when checking in, the hotel receptionist will ask you to pay this eco-tax. This isn’t possibly the best welcome you can get to the island, so be warned!

You will be given the option to pay this by cash (in Euros) or by card.

If you are visiting in the winter months, then you will get a 75% reduction in tourist tax.

BQ Delfin Azul Hotel Alcudia
Expect to pay 3,30€ per night in Eco Tax to stay in the BQ Delfin Azul in Alcudia

Do I have to pay Eco Tax when staying with Friends and Family in Mallorca?

No, when holidaying in Mallorca, paying eco-tax only applies to anyone staying in licensed tourism accommodations such as hotels, tourist apartments or villa rentals and hostels.

If you are travelling from the UK, find out about the reported requirement for the letter of invitation here.

Eco-tax reductions /exemptions for holidaymakers in Mallorca

The following discounts or exemptions apply for holidaymakers in Mallorca

  1. Children aged under 16 do not have to pay tourist tax
  2. Holidaymakers in Mallorca on extended stays will receive a 50% reduction in the tax, applicable from the ninth day of their stay at the same accommodation.
  3. Cruise passengers originating from ships with their home port in the Balearic Islands are waived from paying eco-tax.
  4. As I mentioned above, visit Mallorca in the winter months, and enjoy a 75% reduction in tourist tax.

I hope this article helps to prepare you for your holiday in Mallorca this Summer.

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