If you are planning a holiday to Mallorca, then check out these 25 things to do in Alcudia. Some are free, some are ticketed but all are fun and will keep you coming back to Alcudia time and time again.

Alcudia is one of Mallorca’s most popular resorts and covers a huge area from the beautiful historical Alcudia Old Town, right down along Alcudia Beach resort just before reaching Playa de Muro.

So whether you are visiting solo, with your family or with a group of friends, then it’s impossible to be bored by booking a break at this resort.

If you haven’t yet found your perfect package holiday, then book it here, and then start planning things to do in Alcudia.

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Here is an idea of what you can do in Alcudia for free, as well as a selection of some of the best tickets too.

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1. Beach sports | Things to do in Alcudia

All along Alcudia Beach, you will find a multitude of beach sports and boat trips to maximise your time on this stunning beach.

You will find mini water sports centres every few hundred metres right along the beach on the way up to Playa de Muro.

If you’re visiting with your family, you can rent pedalos for around 20€ per hour, stand-up paddle boards, mini catamarans, wind and kite surfers as well as the new water sport taking Mallorca by storm “wing-foil.”

Just know that wherever you are staying on Alcuida beach you will be situated close to many fantastic watersports to keep any family entertained on holiday.

2. Alcudia Port Boat trips | Things to do in Alcudia

It’s not just Alcudia Beach where you can enjoy the boat trips.  Head to the port to find an even wider selection of excursions. 

While there are many boat trips to enjoy in Alcudia, if funds allow, try and get out on a sailing yacht. This is just about one of the most exhilarating activities you can do in the water here in Alcudia.

I recommend this sailing trip on a 14-foot sailing yacht and this trip includes wine and tapas!

Check it out here.

Also check out these great options here:

3. Beach Walking | Things to do in Alcudia

One of my favourite things to do in Alcudia at whatever time of year is walking some or all of the 14km either to or from Alcudia Port and Can Picafort.

Alcudia Beach is the biggest beach in the Balearic Islands and is also the most beautiful.  

In fact, check out my article on the Top 10 beaches in Mallorca to find out why.

Along the beach, not only can you stop to swim, but there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to break up your journey.

During the summer, you can also have the option to catch the 324 TIB bus back. You can find the timetable here.

4. Boat trips from Alcudia Beach | Things to do in Alcudia

But if beach sports sound a little too active for you, then there are plenty of boat trips to book which depart from Alcudia Port, with pick-up points from the piers running along Alcudia Beach all the way down to Playa de Muro.

I recommend booking with NoFrills excursions which offer these boat trips running along Alcudia beach, which you can book here.

5. Seeing Dolphins in the Wild | Things to do in Alcudia

There are several dolphin-watching trips in Mallorca but by far the best is the Sea Explorer dolphin-watching trip which departs regularly from Alcudia Port. 

The boats are small so you can guarantee a seat right at the edge of the boat to get the best view of the dolphins which makes THIS the main reason why I absolutely love this trip. 

You will head out into Alcudia Bay at high speed which is just exhilarating before meeting the dolphins who will swim around the boats. 

There is, according to the Sea Explorer tour, a 99% chance of seeing the dolphins as they swim in the same location as the fishing trawlers!

After spending time with the dolphins the boat will take you to possibly Mallorca’s least busy beach during the Summer, Es Coll Baix, which is normally only accessible via a hiking route.  

Expect to see many greedy goats on the beach here.

You will also see the impressive coastal caves and have the opportunity to go for a swim. 

Check availability and book it here. It could be the best thing you do on your Alcudia holiday!

6. Alcudia Port Summer Market | Things to do in Alcudia

If you are visiting Alcudia Port in the Summer, then you will find a lovely Summer market which operates most evenings throughout the Summer running in AlcudiaMar dock and along the Paseo Maritimo waterfront.  

There are also some funfair rides and bouncy castles for little kids too. 

I love visiting here, as you will also get the opportunity to buy locally produced products including jewellery, clothes, souvenirs, including my favourite locally produced honey which is delicious.


7. Alcudia Port Summer Festivals| Things to do in Alcudia

Festivals run throughout the year in Alcudia and often you don’t know exactly when they are held until you are in Alcudia and in the middle of one.

In April you will enjoy the Maritime Festival. On the 29 June, you’ll find the Sant Pere Festival which you can also read about here.

Whichever festival is being held, expect to find a market, a lot of visitors and bal-de-bot traditional dance displays!

8. Nightlife in Alcudia Port| Things to do in Alcudia

Nightlife in Alcudia Port is more of a family affair, with holidaymakers going for dinner, a stroll and a few drinks and for some ice cream.

Of course, you will find the night market on the waterfront.

However, if you are looking livelier pub atmosphere, then it is possible to do a small pub crawl.

You’ll find the Irish Tavern pub on Carrer del Mariners but head up that road, taking your first left to Smugglers Bar and the Shamrock Irish pub.

If you’re looking for a beachfront beach club, then head to Sa Gavina beach club for cocktails.

You will find a video on the Mallorca Under the Sun Youtube channel all about nighttime in Alcudia Port here.

9 Hidropark Waterpark | Things to do in Alcudia

One of the best water parks on the island is Hidropark. I absolutely love this waterpark, which is especially good for families with small children.

My daughter used to love the separate waterpark area with slides that only children under the age of 10 can use.

This is a small waterpark that is less overwhelming than the others. Make sure you visit here with your children!

You can get your tickets here.

10. Horseriding at Rancho Ses Roques Stables | Things to do in Alcudia

I have taken my daughter to Rancho Ses Roques for a horseriding excursion ever since she was really small.

We most recently went in April this year and were delighted to find our favourite horses available to ride.

This is a great activity for all the family, even for small children. Enjoy the animal sanctuary and farm display before heading out the horses. Plus wine and cheese tasting, which you can book here.

11. Explore Alcudia Old Town | Things to do in Alcudia

If you are visiting Alcudia Beach Resort, then I really recommend visiting Alcudia Old Town.  

Alcudia Old Town is easily visited by either a 20-minute walk from Alcudia Port or by taking the 324 TIB bus which runs from Can Picafort along Alcudia Beach resort. 

In fact, most buses running in the North East of Mallorca will stop at Alcudia Old Town. 

If you want to find out more about getting the bus in Mallorca, then check out this article here

If you are hiring a car, you will find plenty of FREE car parks surrounding the old town.

Once in Alcudia Old Town, you will find this beautifully preserved ancient old town located in the city walls. 

So my advice before even planning your trip to Alcudia is to wander at leisure and soak up the sights and sounds of this wonderful old town in Mallorca

12. Visit Alcudia Old Town Market | Things to do in Alcudia

You will find a twice-weekly market in Alcudia Old Town taking place on Tuesdays and Sundays from 8:30 am until around 1:30 pm. 

During the Summer months, Alcudia Market can get extremely busy.

Therefore I really recommend keeping an eye on your personal belongings.  In fact, check out this article here for some top tips. 

The market is filled with stalls where you can buy locally grown fruit and vegetables, locally made products, arts and crafts as well as clothes and toys. 

The buses heading into Alcudia Old Town on these days can get extremely busy.  If you would like a quieter experience, then visit on any other day than a market day.

13. Explore Alcudia’s historical sights (Pollentia, and Church) | Things to do in Alcudia

Discover Alcudia’s fascinating Roman history in the Roman ruins of the Pollentia found just on the outside of Alcudia Old Town. 

Find out what influence the Romans had on the area.  This is a must-see for anyone interested in learning more about Alcudia’s historical sights.

Another unmissable historical sight is the Sant Jaume church in Alcudia Old Town. While the church itself is free to enter, you will be asked for a 1€ donation to enter. This euro will also allow you access to the museum. 

Make sure you walk up the steps to the viewing point across the church.  The views are just incredible. 

What’s more, if you are visiting in July and August, you will find this sight a wonderful escape from the hot summer temperatures.

14. Watch the Alcudia Old Town Sunset | Things to do in Alcudia

To see another wonderful side of Alcudia, I really recommend visiting the old town at sunset. 

It’s possible to walk up along the Old Town walls, and I really recommend doing this at sunset.  

You can watch a video about this on my Youtube Channel, Mallorca Under the Sun. 

After watching the sunset, then head out for dinner in one of the many restaurants in Alcudia Old Town.

Find out more about visiting Alcudia Old Town at sunset here.

15. Rent a bike in Alcudia | Things to do in Alcudia

For something a little more active in Alcudia, rent a bike from the many bike shops located just on the outside of Alcudia Old Town. 

From here you can cycle safely on the dedicated bike path all the way to Puerto Pollensa. 

This is one of the most fun things to do in Alcudia and will allow you to take in the breathtaking views along the coast.

There are areas where you can stop and watch the kitesurfer in Pollensa Bay (or try it for yourself).  You can walk across the wild beach where you will find no visitors.  

You will also find some lovely picnic areas as you begin to enter Puerto Pollensa just before heading along the beach.  

Of course, on arrival to Puerto Pollensa, you can enjoy everything that this lovely port town has to offer from a walk along Puerto Pollensa’s famous Pine Walk to a day on the beach.  

If you’re feeling energetic, cycle up to the Es Colomer lookout and explore Formentor.  You can read more about this here.

16. Paragliding in Alcudia| Things to do in Alcudia

If you’re looking for more adrenaline-fuelled action in Alcudia then head to the hills to enjoy tandem paragliding in Alcudia. 

This is something I haven’t tried (nor will I !), but by all accounts, this is one of the most incredible ways to get a Birdseye view along this coast.

17. Lake Walk | Things to do in Alcudia

From the Bellvue Complex in Alcudia, you can walk along the Aluferra lakeside down towards Playa de Muro. 

This will give you a lovely and alternative view of the resort, with views of the incredible mountain scenery.

This is another great activity to do if you’re an early riser, or later on as the sun sets. 

18. Bird watching in Albufera Natural Park | Things to do in Alcudia

Many holidaymakers visit Alcudia just for the amazing opportunities to go bird watching in the Albufera Natural Park.

This park is made up of trails and cycle tracks and will allow you to spot over 200 species of birds.

It’s popular hikers, bikers (cyclists) and those wildlife watchers. To get to the nature park, take the 324 bus from Alcudia or walk!

To find out more about this wetland area, visit the official website here.

19. Visit Alcanda | Things to do in Alcudia

If you want to see more than just the beach and Old Town in Alcudia, then just a short drive or bus ride from Alcudia Old Town, take the 323 TIB bus to Alcanda. Check out the timetable here.

Alcanda is one of Alcudia’s lesser-known gems.  This area of the coastline is a little more wild and rocky, but there is a lovely hike here to the lighthouse, some fantastic snorkelling opportunities from the rocks and some fantastic local restaurants and picnic areas too.

You will find many local residents visiting this area on the weekends, so to enjoy a quieter experience, make sure you visit during the week (outside of the school holidays!).

20. Alcanada Golf Club | Things to do in Alcudia

Golf fanatics will absolutely love the wonderful Club de Golf in Alcandad, which is set in a beautiful location

This golf course has amazing views of the coastline and is one of the prettiest on the island. 

The cost to play 9 holes in peak season is 99€.

Founded in 1985, enjoy a few rounds of golf, make sure you check out the Club restaurant too.

21. Walk to Alcanda lighthouse | Things to do in Alcudia

Apparently, it is possible to WALK to the Alcanada lighthouse during the Summer months, when the water is calm. 

Walk to the furthest point along the coastline and wade out across the bank and over to the lighthouse. 

I haven’t tried this myself yet, so make sure you take care ibut this is another unusual activity to do while on holiday in Alcudia.

22. Visit La Victoria | Things to do in Alcudia

One of the most underrated areas in Mallorca and somewhere that I would really recommend visiting particularly from October to June is the area of La Victoria. 

Famous for the monastery, La Victoria is home to one of the La Victoria Restaurants which has amazing views across the coastline. 

This restaurant makes one of my favourite restaurants with a view of Mallorca and you can read more about restaurants with a view here.

In the cooler months, I would also recommend making the hike along La Victoria to enjoy the incredible views from here.   This is one of my favourite hikes on the island. 

23 Kayaking & Cliff Jumping | Things to do in Alcudia

To make your Alcudia holiday more challenging, then check out this multi-activity tour which is not for the faint-hearted, but caters for every level of fitness.

Starting off on a jeep tour, enjoy kayaking the cliff jumping for the ultimate day out in the Alcudia area.

Check availability here.

24. Visit Can Picafort Market

If Alcudia Market is just too busy and hot during peak season, then I recommend taking the 324 bus on a Friday morning to Can Picafort. 

This market is altogether more pleasant and while it does get busy, it’s more open and located right on the coast, and feels a little less claustrophobic.

There are plenty of restaurants here to enjoy lunch with a sea view and also a lovely beach too. 

Don’t forget you can walk back to Alcudia Beach if you want to see this entire stretch of coastline or get the bus back. Check the timetable here.  

25 Visit Menorca | Things to do in Alcudia

If you are a frequent visitor to Alcudia and you want to easily make an escape for the day, then it’s possible to make a day trip to Menorca from Alcudia Port. 

This day trip…. 

Book it here and you can check it here:

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