Find out about what nightlife in Playa de Palma nightlife is like in Mallorca. This article will take a look at what the atmosphere is like, how busy the bars are, and why this party capital may just rival the nightlife in Magaluf.

You will also find out why nightlife in Playa de Palma has caused so much controversy over the years and why going out here is likely to upset the local residents.

Nightlife in Playa de Palma – what’s it like?

In the same way Magaluf is more popular with British visitors, Arenal is most popular with our German friends.

You will find plenty of German bars, beer halls and clubs packed to the limits during the Summer months.  But you’ll also find some really love beach bars too, where the atmosphere is more relaxed.

Also bear in mind that most of these bars and clubs will shut down over the winter so from November until around April.

But how busy is the nightlife in Playa de Palma? 

The nightlife in Arenal rivals the nightlife in Magaluf because it just feels busier.  Check out the video playing on this page to see how many people were out partying after the height of peak season in September.

Nightlife in Arenal is spread far and wide through the resort and along the Playa de Palma, so it feels like the choice of bars and clubs in Arenal is greater too.

It looked like many of the bars and clubs were more modernized than those you may find in Magaluf.

Also, you’ll be surprised to see that Arenal caters for an older crowd just as much does to a younger crowd and for that reason, this makes Arenal a great place to visit, whatever your age.

Where to party in Playa de Palma Mallorca?

The ultimate street to go and party particularly for the older crowd is Calle Miquel Pellisa, Arenal, Mallorca. You can find it here.

On Calle Miquel Pellisa, you will find El Chringuito Beach House, and other popular German bars including Et Dömsche, Weisse Taube, Dings and Bierstrasse.

This street is packed full of bars that come alive from around 9 pm. You will see people dancing in the streets here.  The atmosphere is busy, really noisy but loads of fun. 

Because this area attracts an older crowd you may want to give it a miss. You can see here in this clip from my Youtube live stream in June in this clip here exactly what it is like even before it got dark.

This is great though and it means that Arenal is a fantastic area for people of all ages to go out and enjoy the nightlife in Arenal.

The streets in the block around Calle Miquel Pellisa are also packed with bars and places to grab a takeaway if you get peckish.

What is Megapark like in Arenal Mallorca?

Megapark is one of the biggest clubs in Playa de Palma and is a huge landmark on the Palya de Palma beachfront.

You will Megapark packed with a younger crowd, stag and hen dos, and people just wanting to party. 

There are girls dancing on the tables and a few party people too.

How much is beer in Megapark, Arenal?

Megapark is free to get into but what you don’t pay for in entrance fees, you pay for when you buy a drink.

In the Summer of 2022, the price of a litre of beer in Mega park was 15,80€.  And with the rising costs throughout Mallorca over the past year, it’s expected that these costs will go up even further.

The litre of beer is approximately the equivalent of two pints of beer, however, the quality of the beer (in my opinion) wasn’t great.

There is also a VIP area in Megapark if you’re looking to go there for a special night out.

You will also find huge TV screens here, which will show major sporting events and music videos too.

Watch out for the special guests (normally German too).

Megapark, Party Central in Arenal
Megapark, Party Central in Arenal

Bierkönig is a huge beer hall with outside terraces and an entertainment venue.  It is another big attraction here in Arenal.

Come here and expect a really lively night out, and lots of German fun. You will find  Bierkönig on Carrer del Pare Bartomeu Salvà, Arenal.

Are English tourists welcome in Playa de Palma Mallorca

Absolutely!  I’ve seen British hen parties enjoying a night out and I have to say, as a Brit, the atmosphere was great.

But as a Brit, will you enjoy a night out here as much as in Magaluf?

Possibly!  You will find more German pop and German music playing out in the bars, but that is to be expected if you’re visiting an area that is predominantly popular with German visitors!

However, you will find the music in the clubs to be more for everyone visiting and playing out music from the best club DJs.

Arenal is now attracting visitors of more nationalities than just Germans. And the same goes too for Magaluf. Expect a more multinational experience in both resorts.

brits and dutch visitors partying in arenal
Brit and Dutch girls were found partying in Arenal

What about tourism excess in Playa de Palma Mallorca?

During Summer 2022, there have been several news reports of tourism excess in Arenal and the whole of the Playa de Palma area after dark.

This is caused by too many tourists buying too much alcohol and sitting on the beach, drinking and leaving their rubbish behind.

There have also been complaints by residents of noise pollution running late into the night.

If you are visiting Arenal, please be respectful of the neighbourhood if you are on holiday.

And above all, please have respect for the environment and the resort. 

Watch the video playing on this page right to the end and you can see what I mean.

I saw overflowing bins and rubbish strewn over the streets after an otherwise great night out in Arenal, which is not helped by people buying cheap booze in shops rather than spending 15€ for a litre of beer in the nearby clubs.

So if you are visiting Arenal during the Summer months, expect a really lively night out, and a fun night out, please act responsibly. You wouldn’t pollute your own home, so don’t do it to ours.

Tourism Excess Arenal Nightlife Mallorca
Tourism Excess – Arenal Nightlife Mallorca

Where to party in Mallorca?

If you would like to see what it is like to party in Magaluf, check out this article and video here.

Check out the nightlife in another resort that is popular with German visitors – Cala Millor – in this article here. And to get another perspective, you can also read and watch all about the nightlife in Cala Bona here.

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