In this Magaluf Majorca travel guide, find out about one of Spain’s most notorious and infamous party resorts.

After two years of Covid restrictions, see if the party has returned to Magaluf, or if the Covid pandemic has changed nightlife in Magaluf forever.

In August 2022, I took a walk down the Magaluf Strip and along the beachfront to find out what Magaluf is really like during August 2022 to find out what to expect if you’re planning a holiday for Summer 2023 or beyond.

Magaluf Majorca Travel Guide

In this Magaluf Majorca travel guide, find out why it could be better, what has changed, and why you should still book your holiday to Mallorca’s most talked about holiday resort.

I’ll take a look at the atmosphere you can expect to enjoy in high season, who should go, what time Magaluf gets really busy and some facts such as Magaluf, including opening times and the price of a pint, as well as what the weather in August is like.

Plus I’ll have my prediction for what Magaluf could be like in 2023.

What’s Magaluf like in August?

Every Summer since the resort began, Magaluf has been plagued with stories of drunken British tourists causing trouble.

And while there have been isolated cases that have featured heavily in the national UK media or the local Mallorca press, more people are coming to Magaluf to have a good holiday without experiencing any problems.

In fact, most tourists leave Magaluf with nothing more than a bad hangover, a suntan (or sunburn) and great memories.

Just 12 months ago in 2021, due to the Covid pandemic, bars banned revellers from dancing and many venues didn’t open.

And 12 months prior to that, the Covid restrictions were so severe, The Strip remained closed and helicopters flew down the beaches at 9 pm with tannoys telling people to leave the beach. It seems almost incomprehensible that this even happened.

However, Summer 2022 saw a return of bars opening, dancing being allowed once again and restrictions being lifted for those wishing to go to the beach at night.

But this Magaluf Majorca travel guide has to be honest. And it’s often been said that Magaluf hasn’t returned to its former glory.

Years before the pandemic, Magaluf Strip was so packed, that visitors almost had to elbow their way from bar to bar.

This is not the case now.

Magaluf is now busy resort-wide and the centre of nightlife isn’t just centred around Carrer Punta Ballena or Magaluf Strip.

During Summer 2022, we saw some bars on the Strip that hadn’t opened for the summer leaving a hole in the nightlife too.

Lennon’s, one of the biggest and most prominent bars on the Strip opened briefly in April, and then closed its doors for Summer 2022 (there will be a story around this somewhere).

But any closure on the Strip, or anywhere in Magaluf leaves a hole in the resort.

Magaluf beach Summer 2022

Who is Magaluf really for?

Across the decades, Magaluf has traditionally attracted a young British 18-30 crowd but over recent years there has been a notable change in the age of tourists that you’ll see on holiday here.

Generations have passed through Magaluf, and those who partied here in the 1980s are now coming back to Magaluf for a different type of holiday with their young families.

With Calvia council trying to give Magaluf a new name – Calvia Beach Resort – in an attempt to eradicate the Magaluf image, the resort has seen an influx of swanky beach clubs with their expensive Bali beds, and the regeneration of the Wave House hotel area along the beach front.

Magaluf doesn’t live up to its image in the same way. It’s no longer a place to get drunk and vomit on the sand.

Today Magaluf has something for literally everyone and now attracts visitors of all ages.

In 2020 and 2021, when the Covid-19 pandemic made travel almost impossible for many, I noticed the arrival of a multinational crowd to Magaluf.

Magaluf is no longer just a place for British visitors, but also for other Europeans (especially French visitors), Americans and holidaymakers from Eastern Europe.

And it’s not just the 18-30 crowd dominating the resort. On a night out you will see as many visitors over the age of 40 in the bars throughout the resort and even on Magaluf Strip (Punta Ballena).

Walk down the Magaluf waterfront in the evening and expect to see families walking over from Palmanova and heading out to dinner.

Walk along the seafront and see these same families going for ice cream.

In fact check out the video playing on this page to see even young kids are out very late in Magaluf on a hot summer’s night, or a group of lads who you’d expect to be downing shots on The Strip, queueing up in an ice cream shop.

What time does Magaluf Strip get busy?

During the summer months, Magaluf Strip is pretty empty for much of the day, but nightlife really picks up at around 11 pm.

Admittedly at this time of night, you will see a younger crowd hit the bars on Punta Ballena, but that’s not to say you won’t see the older crowd out too.

This is especially the case when there’s a football match on.

If you want to experience Magaluf Strip busy, and not get too caught up in the party, then go early at 11pm.

When I made my video, I saw no trouble and didn’t even get video bombed. I just saw a lot of young people going out for a good time.

What time do Magaluf nightclubs open

Night clubs in Magaluf open from 11pm. But wait until at least midnight to 1am before heading inside.

BCM, the biggest and most popular Magaluf nightclub saw a return to regular opening hours, attracting celebrity DJs including Radio One Mallorca’s very own Des Mitchell, plus guest DJs including the legendary Todd Terry, Roger Sanchez and Danny Howard.

But the party isn’t limited to BCM.

There are party nights in other clubs around the resort, and the best value can be found with the MCP club nights you will see advertised around the resort.

Getting an MCP (Magaluf Club Pass) wristband means being able to spend a night not just in one club but several.

You can buy wristbands for however many nights you like which means access and perks to some of Magaluf’s biggest clubs and party nights with credit loaded onto your wristband to spend on drinks or merchandise.

Google “Magaluf Events company” to find out more.

Magaluf Strip is it busy
Magaluf Strip between 11pm and Midnight

Working in Magaluf

It’s been a Summer of staffing issues.

Brexit added to pandemic chaos, with bars and restaurants unable to attract the British staff needed.

And in Summer 2022, there has been a struggle to attract local residents (Spanish and European staff) because of the reputation the resort holds.

But there has also been a great demand on British residents who are already employed.

As a result, some bars have resulted in desperate measures to attract British workers illegally.

When arriving back at Palma Airport after a UK break in July, I was approached in the queue at passport control by a girl who asked me how I got my resident’s card.

I told her I had secured this before Brexit.

She told me she had been offered Summer work with the promise of residency at the end of the season. 

I did explain that without a visa and as a British passport holder, she would be working illegally. 

She said the offer was so good, that she didn’t want to turn it down.

The reality, however, was the risk of being caught working illegally and facing a huge fine.

What’s more, she risked overstaying the current 90-day limit in a 180-day time period allowed by Third Country visitors including British tourists, so she also faced a ban from European countries.

Temporary work visas have to be gained BEFORE arriving to Majorca to work. So please if you are thinking about doing this, then check out the information here.

I guessed that she was too young to have voted in the Referendum, and didn’t understand the full implications of Brexit and Britain’s position in Europe.

If you make the decision to work in Magaluf illegally, then be aware of the consequences.

How much is a pint in Magaluf?

Asked frequently on Facebooks Groups how much is a pint in Magaluf.

The cheapest pint I have found is 2€ at the Happy Place (next to Tom Brown’s on the seafront). They also do a free beer wine or water with speciality meals after 5pm. So free really is the best price.

Expect to find the average price for a pint in many of the bars to be in the region of 3,50€ to 4€ in many of the Magaluf bars.

If you are visiting a swanky beach club then expect this price to almost double.

Don’t forget Spanish beers will be cheaper. If you’re ordering a beer brand made outside of Spain, you could pay up to twice the price.

Crime in Magaluf

If you’ve arrived at this article and expect to read about Magaluf being the central crime scene in Mallorca, well this is not what this Magaluf Majorca travel guide is all about

Of course Magaluf has had its share of controversy over the years. Still, the relevant information, for now, is to treat a holiday to Magaluf in the same way as you would going on holiday to anywhere else on the island.

Look after your belongings and look after everyone in your party.

And don’t leave valuables laying around. And that includes expensive trainers on the beach while you go for a swim.

Because there are opportunists everywhere.

And there have been reports of muggings in the resort, which often go buy with no arrests being made.

If you want to read more about crime in Magaluf, then check out this article here:

What will Magaluf be like in 2023 and beyond?

Like everywhere in Mallorca, and indeed the world, Magaluf will become more expensive.

With the massive hike in the standard of living, and costs going through the roof, expect a holiday in Magaluf to be the most expensive yet in 2023.

With what feels like an agenda to make Magaluf more upmarket, expect more bar or hotel refurbishments to take place, which in turn will justify and demand higher prices.

I can see further attempts at Magaluf becoming more and more upmarket, but this will only work if holidaymakers with a higher disposable income decide to holiday here.

If you want to keep Magaluf the way it is, then keep coming.

Keep booking your holidays and don’t be put off or deterred by any changes.

The tourists “make” Magaluf what it is. And if people keep coming, nothing can change that.

Of course, I’ll keep you posted with all the news affecting Magaluf as we roll into Summer 2023, so don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel “Mallorca Under the Sun” for more news about Magaluf.

Things to do in Magaluf

Find things to do in Magaluf in this article here.

Of course, activities are centred around water in the summer months. There are plenty of boat trips and experiences from Magaluf pier, or you can book an experience on my website here (you’ll also help support the Youtube channel if you do).

What’s the weather like in Magaluf in August?

Another question asked frequently is what’s the weather like in Magaluf in August.

The short answer is that it’s hot, very hot.

In Summer 2022, we experienced daytime highs of around 32 to 34 degrees in August and weeks of unbroken sunshine and warm nights.

So don’t forget your sunscreen if you are coming out and make sure you drink lots of water.

What’s the weather like in Magaluf in September and October?

The start of September 2022 has seen a very hot start to the month, with thunderstorms sprinkled into very hot days and leaving muggy evenings.

To read more about the weather in the Autumn in Mallorca, check out this article here.

And to see a video about Magaluf in winter, see this video here.

For these first weeks in September, the heat can feel unbearable for some. Make sure you search on the Trip Advisor website before booking your hotel room if you will be able to control the air temperature.

In an article about hot hotel rooms in Mallorca, I found some hotels were turning up the airconditioning in all the rooms, leaving very little control for the guests.

And finally…

I hope you found this Magaluf Majorca travel guide useful and that it has given you an insight into what the resort is like now.

Yes, Magaluf could be better in 2023. The businesses which have closed down, we hope to see open again or be replaced.

It is also hoped that the visitors who have been visiting Magaluf year after year do not get priced out of being able to visit their favourite resort.

While more upmarket establishments are sure to appear, it is also hoped that Magaluf remains one of the most popular resorts in Spain and makes it through future Summers without making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

If you are visiting Magaluf, don’t forget you can book your holiday transfers and car hire from this page!

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