In this Mallorca September travel update, I’ll highlight the key issues affecting travel to Mallorca over the coming weeks and months, whether you are visiting from within Europe or from further afield.

We’ve made it through peak season relatively unscathed by airline strikes affecting fewer flights than anticipated to and from Mallorca.

In this Mallorca September travel update find out why reports of airport strikes that you may have read in the media in recent days are unfounded.

And why other planned airline strikes should have minimum impact if you are planning a holiday to the island.

I’ll also run through the Covid entry restrictions to Mallorca for third countries visitors, talk about taking money on holiday and what the weather is like in Autumn if you have a holiday planned.

INCORRECT REPORTS of Strikes at Palma de Mallorca Airport

You will have read in the press over the past few days that workers at Spanish airports including Palma de Mallorca Son Sant Joan airport voted for widespread strike action in September and December, which would affect airport security, baggage handling and all other airport services.

From what I can find, this news is incorrect and no airport strikes have been called.  And there is no official press release from the workers’ unions.  

In fact, the Olive Press in Spain contacted one of the workers’ unions who denied any such strike would take place.

The inews too has also rectified this story. They contacted the workers union who confirmed that  “Reports shared by several outlets about airport worker strikes in Spain were “incorrect”.

Unfortunately, the news of these so-called airport strikes has travelled far and wide throughout the UK media outlets but you’ll find no official announcement in the Spanish press.

This has undoubtedly caused undue panic and worry for travellers, especially if you have a holiday booked.

So please if you are travelling, this is not something to worry about.

Airline Strikes in Mallorca, Autumn 2022

As we move into Autumn, we can expect to hear of further airline strikes going ahead by easyJet and Ryanair. 

But remember in Summer 2022 these strikes caused minimum disruption to services and most flights operated as normal. 

Ryanair has called for further weekly strike action until the end of the year running weekly from Monday to Thursday until the 7 January 2023, but again, disruption is expected to be minimal to passenger services.

Also, there have been reports of possible easyJet strikes too, so my advice is to travel as normal, and keep an eye on news from the airline and on your flight booking for any updates regarding flight time changes or cancellations, but please do not worry too much.

If there is any change to any of these stories, or further strike action announced, then I will of course let you know.

Wearing Face Masks in Mallorca

In this Mallorca September travel update, it has also been confirmed this week that face mask-wearing will continue to be a mandatory requirement on public transport in Mallorca.  

So please don’t forget your face mask if you are using public transport, as you will need this on your transfer bus if arriving on a package holiday, as well as in taxis, buses and trains.

Don’t forget if you are self-packaging your holiday, then you can book your holiday transfer here:

Book Mallorca transfers

Mallorca September travel update: Spain Entry Restrictions Reminder

The questions keep rolling in regarding Covid Entry restrictions for travellers coming from Third Countries such as the USA or the UK.

The travel restrictions may well have been lifted in other areas of the world, but when entering Spain, there is still the requirement to present Covid paperwork on arrival depending on your country of residence.

So, for example, travellers from the UK and the USA travelling to Spain still need to present a Covid certificate or take a test, whereas if you’re travelling from the EU (as a resident in the EU), you may enter Spain freely. 

Here is a brief summary of the rules for travellers from third countries:

  • You either need to be fully vaccinated. Take proof of this with you. 
  • This vaccination should be no older than 270 days old otherwise you’ll need a third booster which has no expiry date. 
  • Alternatively, take a recovery certificate less than 180 days from recovering from covid
  • Or take an antigen test taken less than 24 hours before travel.  If you take an antigen test, then please also fill in the Spanish Health form which you can find here.
  • These rules do not apply to children aged 11 years and under.
  • UPDATE 20 September 2022. The passenger locator form previously needed on the Spanish Health Site has been scrapped.

All this information can be found in this article here which includes links to official government websites.

You can also read more about what you need to know before you go to Mallorca here.

Plus you may wish to read about other entry restrictions that may affect travellers coming to Spain from Third countries, with regards to having proof of funds.

Check out this article here:

Should I take cash or cards to Mallorca?

We’ve had plenty of questions on the Mallorca Under the Sun Facebook group about whether to bring cash or credit cards.  

My advice is to bring both.  “Cash is King” in Mallorca and cash is widely accepted just about everywhere.

Credit or debit cards are also widely accepted and offer a great discount if for example, you are using the TIB public buses to travel around the island.

Also, make sure you keep the receipt of any cash you exchange and keep a separate record of bank details and passport details.  

You will have seen in my Crime in Mallorca piece last week about reports of tourist-related thefts. 

Following comments I received on my channel, while it’s very unlikely that you will be a victim of crime, make sure you can somehow access your bank details, emergency contact numbers and copies of important documents should you need to replace them or to put in an insurance claim following a theft.

Also for information, the current exchange rate is currently $1 USD to 1€ or 1.18€ to £1 GBP.

What’s the Weather like in Autumn in Mallorca?

We are entering the last week of peak season on the island and as school children start to return to school, we will see emptier resorts and slightly cooler temperatures.  

You can check out this video here to get more information about the weather in Mallorca in the Autumn.

In early September, sunrise is at around 7:15 making it easier to catch a beautiful sunrise particularly if you’re staying on the East Coast in resorts such as Alcudia, Puerto Pollensa, Sa Coma or Cala Millor, and sunset is at 8:30pm so the evenings are starting to draw in slightly.

Expect these times to shorten as we move through the next two months.

alcudia old town at night
Find out where to see the sunset in Alcudia here

At this time of year too, we will get some unpredictable weather with a few storms but this shouldn’t affect your holiday too much and they usually pass through the island quickly.

If you do get a rainy day, then please check out this article here about things to do on a rainy day in Mallorca.

I hope this Mallorca September travel update has been useful to plan your trip to the island.

As we leave peak season behind, I’m hoping we leave behind the sky-high prices charged for hotel accommodation in July and August.  

So if you’ve missed out on your Mallorca holiday you should be able to book a more reasonably priced late break before the end of the season on the 31st of October. 

If you have any questions about your holiday don’t forget you can find plenty of information on my YouTube channel and right here on the website. 

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