If you are planning a holiday to Mallorca, then this article contains all the information you need to know before you go to Mallorca on holiday in Summer 2022.

Announced on the 15th July 2022 in the BOE (Official State Bulletin in Spain), it looks like the entry restrictions are extended again for travellers coming to Spain from Third Countries such as the UK, USA and Australia until the 15th September.

However, it suggests there is the possibility to be able to apply to a change in circumstances governed by European law. In short, there is an outside chance the restrictions may be lifted before the Summer is over.

What are the entry requirements for travelling to Mallorca?

This means if you’re travelling to Spain from a third country you will still be required to present paperwork to either prove you’re fully vaccinated, have a recovery certificate or a negative covid test.  You can read more about this here.

So for now, we can expect the health checks for travellers coming from Third Countries to remain in place until at least the 15 September.

Travellers resident in the EU and able to prove their residency if necessary have no restrictions on entry and you can travel freely.

The importance of travel insurance

Regardless of where you are travelling from, please ensure you have adequate travel insurance before making your journey.

Particularly if you are travelling from a third country, don’t forget if you are not fully vaccinated and you have to take a covid test, you could test positive the day before you travel meaning you will not be able to go on holiday.

Even if you are vaccinated or travelling from any other country, please make sure your travel insurance includes adequate cover to include getting ill on holiday, having an accident, or if your holiday is affected by travel disruption.

Always read the small print and the exclusions of any policy before you buy. 

Also, and this is very important, please ensure you take your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or your GHIC card (Global Health Insurance card).

These cards will allow cheap or free treatment in public hospitals in Europe.

If you’re travelling from the UK, and your EHIC is still in date, you can continue to use this. 

This doesn’t however replace a good health insurance policy.  So please bear this in mind.

What to do if you get ill on holiday

Contrary to the message that the Spanish Government are sending out that it seems travellers from Third Countries must be prevented from bringing Covid into the country, the reality is that Covid is already here in Mallorca.

If you are travelling to Mallorca and high risk, then I would recommend wearing a mask that is proven to offer some protection on the flight and take necessary personal measures on holiday. 

Many residents have been hit by a wave of Covid in June and there are still cases here regardless of which passport you hold. 

If you need to get a Covid test, you can buy up an antigen test from the pharmacy for around 5€ to 6€.  

Or you can go to any hospital and pay around 30€ for an antigen test.  

If you do get sick on holiday, then there is nothing stopping you from getting on a plane and returning home if you the country you are returning to doesn’t demand pre departure testing. 

However, the authorities do ask that if you do test positive, to wear a facemask in public spaces for 10 days.

You will see some residents wearing facemarks either for protection or because they have Covid. 

If you contact your hotel rep or hotel staff they will ask you to wear a mask in the hotel property. 

If you do get very sick, then contact the medical services call: 900 100 971 or in the event of an emergency, call: 112.

Wearing Face Masks in Mallorca

It’s very important to know before you go to Mallorca on holiday this Summer the rules surrounding wearing face masks in Mallorca.

If you saw my video about travelling to Mallorca from the UK, you will see that flights coming into Spain require passengers to wear a facemask. 

This is because you will need a facemask if travelling on public transport in Mallorca. 

So if you’re getting your airport transfer, a taxi, bus or train, please make sure you have a face mask with you

You will also need a facemask entering a pharmacy or medical centre.

Travelling to Mallorca

As I reported last last week, our trip to Mallorca from the UK was absolutely fine and many others have reported good journeys too.

In fact there have been more good journeys than bad, and you can read these comments on the many Mallorca Facebook Groups.

So please take this into account, keep upto date with communications from your airline, and try not to lose too much sleep before you make your journey.

Check in at Bristol Airport UK

If your flight does get significantly delayed or cancelled, check out this article here and this article here.

Also, check out my Airport travel tips article and video for extra advice for getting through the airports this summer.

In addition, you can book your holiday transfers and car hire on my website too, so you don’t risk waiting in a potentially long taxi queue. 

Mallorca transfers

Mallorca Eco Tax

One more additional cost you will have to account for on your trip over to Mallorca is the Eco Tax (sometimes called a Tourist tax, which even applies to us residents if we stay in  a hotel). 

It’s been widely reported that money collected in 2022 will not go towards environmental projects, but will aid economic recovery.

So how much can you expect to pay?

It depends on the category of your hotel, but budget between 2€ to 4€ per adult per night.  Children under the age of 16 are exempt from paying this eco/tourist tax.

hotel check in

Stay Vigilant in Mallorca

Please stay vigilant of your belongings particularly if you’re going to the beach.

Don’t leave valuables on the beach and then go for lunch.  

If you’re sightseeing around the island, do not leave your passports in your hire car, and be mindful of pickpockets too if you’re sightseeing, particularly in Palma or in busy marketplaces.  

This is the same advice I would give if you are going anywhere in the world, not just Mallorca.

But sometimes the holiday spirit can allow you to drop your guard.

Sunburn Warning in Mallorca

The summer sun is strong here and we are experiencing daytime highs of 33 degrees Celcius.

And I’ve seen many visitors here with horrific cases of sunburn. 

Please cover up in the sun. Wear a minimum of SPF factor 50. Ensure it’s waterproof and apply frequently after swimming.

If you are burnt, don’t apply more sunscreen, because you will only burn more. 

Cover up with a long sleeve shirt, and protect your skin. 

sunburn warning mallorca

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