If hot summer days make sightseeing impossible, then make the most out of your Mallorca holiday, and visit Alcudia old town at night.

This gem of a historical town is one of Mallorca’s finest.

Alcudia old town is so pristine and well preserved, it is offiically recognised as one of the prettiest towns in Spain (los Pueblos Más Bonitos de España).

So if the thought of exploring Alcudia old town during summer months makes you hot and bothered, then you may wish to avoid the midday heat, and delaying your trip until the evening.

If you are staying anywhere on the North East coast, then I really recommend that you do not leave the island without visiting Alcudia old town at night.

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Alcudia old town at night:

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1. Enjoy the Alcudia Old Town Sunset

And watching the sun set from this walk is a one of the best things to do on a Mallorca holiday.

But leaving your visit until the evening means your experience will be so much more pleasant rather than visiting Alcudia old town on a hot summer’s day.

So my recommendation is, if you’re visiting from June to mid September when the mercury rises, check the time when the sun is about to set and head to Alcudia Old town about an hour beforehand.

Head to the old town walls, and climb the steps.

You will then see the sun starting to set and enjoy one of the best photographic opportunities of your holiday.

alcudia old town at night

2. Alcudia Old Town Shopping

During the summer months, many of the shops in Alcudia old town will stay open until 21:00 to 22:00 at night.

This means you will have plenty of opportunity to browse the shops before or after dinner and still have time to pick up souvenirs.

Many of the shops in Alcudia old town sell locally made products, from ceramics, shoes, wines and foods.

My recommended shop to pick up the traditional Menorcan Avarca shoes is a shop called Merche on Calle Moll.

shopping in alcudia old town

But don’t forget too, if you don’t wish to visit Alcudia old town at night, you can also visit the Alcudia market on a Sunday and a Tuesday.

The market is usually held just behind the bus station and runs from around 8:30am to 13:30pm.

You can see a live stream filmed in Alcudia Old Town on market day during the winter here:

3. Eating out in Alcudia Old Town

There is a huge selection of restaurants to to choose from in Acludia Old Town, catering for many varied budgets.

I found the retaurants within the Old Town walls to be a little more expensive than those on the outside.

However the advantage of eating within Alcudia Old Town is that the area is largely pedestrianised.

So eating out means eating without the noise or smell of cars or motorbikes passing by.

But the main advantage is that you get to enjoy amazing food in an incredible atmosphere.

I recommend this is something you do at least once on your holiday.

The main areas you will find restaurants are on the roads leading into Plaza Constitución, so Calle Moll and around Calle Mayor and Calle d’En Serra.

There is also a really lovely square in Placeta de les Vedures which is filled with outdoor seating and fabulous restaurants.

Placeta de les Vedures Alcudia
Dining out in Placeta de las Vedures, Alcdudia

But don’t overlook restuarant hunting in the area behind the bus station and around the market square.

The main dishes on offer around Alcudia old town are are Spanish tapas, paella, grill restaurants as well as Italian restaurants.

If you’re visiting in the Summer, then I would recommend getting a table early or reserving before your arrival to experience dining in Alcudia old town at night.

4. Amazing Alcudia Old Town views

Many people visit Alcudia Old Town without walking along the medieval old town walls.

But do not miss experiencing this on your visit.

The views you get here are not only free, but at their best during a summer sunset.

You will see the sun dip over the Mallorca’s Traumuntana mountains, with the bay of Puerto Pollensa located off to the right.

You will also be treated to views over the roof tops of Alcudia Old Town.

During the summer months, this is by far the preferred time to visit.

The sun can be intense during a daytime visit, but in the evening you can stroll along the walls, and really enjoy the views.

Plus this makes a truly Instagram-able moment from your visit.

When the sun has set and darkness falls, make sure you take photos too of Alcudia Old Town at night lit up from outside, making this one of the most pictureque towns in Mallorca to visit.

Alcudia Old Town Mallorca

5. Alcudia Old Town Tours

If you would rather visit Alcudia Old Town as part of a tour, there are a few options for you to book.

If you are travelling in a group then book a 2- hour private guided tour of Alcudia Old town here.

If you want to gameify your visit to Alcudia Old Town, you can download this great alternative walking tour, with puzzles and information, solve tasks and take part in challenges.

You can book this here.

And if time is short, and you want to incorporate a tour of Alcudia Old town in with a wider tour of the area, you can book this excusion here.

6. Getting to Alcudia Old Town

The bus station in Alcudia Old Town is a central hub for getting to all areas around the north of the island and indeed from Palma.

So where you are staying, it’s likely you can easily get a bus to the old town.

If you want to know how to use the TIB buses in Mallorca, check out this article here.

If you would like some more inspiration of places to visit in the North East of Mallorca, then check out this guide here.

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Watch Alcudia Old Town at night on Youtube.

On a hot June evening, I visited Alcudia Old town. After spending much of day avoiding the sun due to high temperatures, I ventured out for this nighttime experience.

You can see the video here: