Spain changes entry requirements for visitors from third countries travelling to Spain with immediate effect from 21 May 2022. This article has been updated on the 20 September 2022.

These new entry requirements apply to those entering Spain from a third country (so non-EU, for example, UK, USA etc)

Travellers coming in from the EU or Schengen country now do not need to present any kind of Covid certificate or health control form when entering Spain.

If you are travelling from a third country, use these quick links to check your situation:

You will be in one of these three following situations. 

Adults Age 18+ entering Spain 

You must meet one of these three situations to enter Spain if you are arriving from a third country.

1. Enter Spain, fully vaccinated against Covid 19 with a Vaccination Certificate  

On entry to Spain, you will only be required to show your Covid vaccination certificate.

To be classed as fully vaccinated, you must have received your second vaccination at least 14 days prior to travelling.   

If 270 days have passed since the date of your second vaccination, then to be classed as fully vaccinated, you will need a booster. There is NO expiry date on the booster

2. Enter Spain with a Covid Recovery Certificate

If you have recovered from Covid-19, you will be able to get a Recovery Certificate 11 days after officially testing positive.

This can then be used for 180 days to enter Spain.

3. Enter Spain with a Negative Covid Test

Unvaccinated travellers now have the option to take PCR test 72 hours before arrival in Spain, or a rapid antigen test within 24 hours before arrival. 

This test has to be done by an official test provider (so if you are in the UK, please do not use the NHS tests otherwise you may be asked to pay for a test on arrival to Spain). 

The rapid antigen tests are approximately half the price (or more) of a PCR test. Therefore my advice is to book an antigen test and save the extra money for a nice meal out in Mallorca.

Children aged 12 to 17 years old inclusive entering Spain

Children entering Spain from a third country with just one vaccination will need to get a Covid test before entering. This can also be a PCR test 72 hours before arrival or an antigen test within 24 hours of arrival. 

For vaccinated children who have had the full schedule, this has no expiry date (so no booster is needed). 

Children 12 years and over who are not vaccinated, and without a recovery certificate must take a test.

Children 11 years and under are exempt from presenting vaccination certificates, recovery certificates, or negative tests. 

Who must fill in the Spanish Health Control form to enter Spain*


Important: Covid-19 travel insurance for unvaccinated travellers

If you are unvaccinated and need to take a test before travelling then it is important you get adequate Travel Insurance to include Covid cover.

Do not underestimate that it’s perfectly possible that you could lose your entire holiday and your money if you test positive so close to your travel date and are unable to travel.

Don’t forget too to check the terms and conditions of your holiday booking before you book.

Don’t Forget…

Your trip is your responsibility, and this information is intended as a guide and to direct you to official sources of information.  

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While Spain changes entry requirements in time for Summer, just be aware that other changes can be if the situation changes.

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