In this guide to Mallorca in September, find out what this popular holiday island in Spain is like out of peak season.

Find out what the weather will be like, what to do, where to visit and some key events to help you plan your holiday.

As we enter Mallorca in September, we are officially out of peak season in Mallorca. Families will be returning home and children will be returning to school.  

September is one of the best months to visit Mallorca if you are not visiting with children as temperatures are still likely to be hot and resorts will be a little less busy.

It’s also a time when last-minute holidays will be cheaper than you will find in August. 

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Is Mallorca busy in September?

My feeling is that Mallorca will be busy in September 2023.

During peak season, we saw that some resorts are not as busy as they have been in previous years.

Following a poll on my YouTube channel which received over 300 votes, you will see that some 68% of respondents found the cost of a peak season holiday to be too high, and therefore didn’t book a peak season break.

It is therefore my guess that many of these holidaymakers will be choosing to come in September instead.. 

So in previous years, we used to see beaches in Mallorca be much less busy in September. I don’t this will be the case in September 2023.

So if you are visiting Mallorca’s most popular resorts in September, then I would expect to still find relatively busy beaches during the day and also busy restaurants at night.

The end of September also signals the end of busy nightlife in Magaluf and you will find the closing party at BCM nightclub taking place.

I also predict that the popular hilltop towns such as Soller, Deia and Valldemossa will still be busy because these are key tourism hot spots and visitor numbers will not be affected by locals returning to work and school. 

The first week and a half of September will see the beaches still packed with local kids, although many locals will now be back at work.

When do Spanish Schools go back in Mallorca in September?

In 2023, international school pupils return around 7 September and public schools return on 11 September. 

If you are planning ahead for future years, then you can reliably book for counting on International schools returning to schools after the first week of September, and the public schools just before mid-September.

From this point on, you will find the beach during the day to be much little less busy. But after around 3 pm you will see some local children returning to the beach after the school

This is one of the benefits of living in Mallorca.

You can find more about living in Mallorca in this article here.

What’s the Weather like in Mallorca in September?

While the daytime temperatures will ease in September (in theory) from the July and August highs, do not be surprised to encounter days when the temperature hits over 30 degrees Celsius.  

Typically, you will find temperatures to be around 28 degrees in September but in recent years, Mallorca has experienced much warmer days than this.

In September, Summer will “break” with a spectacular thunderstorm or two. 

Thunderstorms in Mallorca are nothing less than spectacular.  

As quickly as they arrive, they will disappear and visitors will be back on the beaches again. 

The temperature can drop suddenly for a day or two before returning to normal. This is called a gota fria or cold drop. 

If you are visiting Mallorca on a rainy day, then check out this article for things to do in the rain.

Finally, as we make our way through September, expect the evenings to get a little cooler, so you may need a cardigan if you’re going out for dinner. 

So pack a couple of long-sleeved tops and maybe a light jacket just in case! 

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Enjoying September in Mallorca

Sunrise and sunset times in Mallorca in September

As we enter the final quarter of the year, we can expect sunrise times at around 7:15 am at the beginning of Mallorca in September.  This will get slightly later as the month progresses.

Sunset times will be a little earlier too at around 8:15 am, which will get increasingly earlier as the month progresses. 

Although there are slightly fewer daylight hours, there is still plenty of time to have an amazing holiday. 

Where to visit in September in Mallorca

The weather will still be perfect for enjoying water sports, as the sea will be warm in the Summer, so booking a boat trip will make the perfect day out.

One of my favourites is the trip to see the dolphins in the wild in Alcudia which you can book here:

Other great Mallorca boat trips also include these suggestions here:

If you’re visiting Mallorca’s old towns, then because of the high temperatures, I would still recommend getting there early because even in September Mallorca’s old towns will be busy.

It will be almost impossible to avoid the crowds.  

But with slightly cooler temperatures, taking a self-guided walking tour in Mallorca’s capital Palma.

I have a route and itinerary which you can watch here on Youtube.

You can also find other great things to do and see in Palma in this article here.

With slightly cooler temperatures, in my opinion, it will be too hot to go hiking or cycling, so maybe consider making a trip back another time to enjoy these kinds of holidays.

guide to deia

Which festivals take place in Mallorca in September?

September is a great month for enjoying local festivals.

Les Festes de Rei en Sant Jaume Festival: This is one of the best festivals to take place in Mallorca in September.

It will take place in Santa Ponsa in the first ten days of September. Among other celebrations are parades, the mock Moors and Christians Battles plus a correfoc or fire-run.  

Check out this article here to find out more about the Correfoc, where it takes place and what to expect!

Also check out this Youtube video here!

Nit de Art Palma (Art Night) takes place on 23 September 2023 and in future years around the third Saturday of the month.

This is the biggest FREE art event on the island which takes place in Palma as an open-door extravaganza.

Art galleries, museums, and cultural centres will open for one evening to allow visitors and residents free viewings of their art.

There is a great atmosphere in Palma on Art Night and I would really recommend visiting.

-Havaneres (Habeneras) in Port de Soller takes place on the weekend of the 23 September kicking off on the Friday night with live music concerts and parties on the beaches.

La Festa des Vermar: If getting into the countryside and experiencing a local festival combined with your love of wine is your scene, then head into the wine-growing area of Binisalem for this festival.

This festival is a celebration where vineyards bring in the season’s grapes before the weather turns. 

You will find music, wine crushing and tasting, and kids’ events, all rounded off with a giant fideuá (paella made with noodles) which is served to the waiting masses.

Finally, if you are visiting Mallorca in September don’t forget to remember to budget for tourism tax when you check into your hotel.

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