In this guide to Deia in Mallorca, find out why you must include this beautiful hilltop town in your Mallorca holiday plans, whether you are looking to book a hotel stay, or are visiting on a day trip.

Deia is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site and you will see why as soon as you enter this charming village.

This stunning mountain village lies in the shadow of the Serra de Traumunta mountains in Mallorca.

And it is a town that is packed with charm, without an explosion of modern architecture.

Deia is not only an artist’s retreat (Robert Graves famously sought solace here), but his presence welcomed the rich and famous.

As a result, Deia now has a reputation for providing a safe haven for the world’s glitterati to provide a holiday destination away from the media glare.

Of course, Deia isn’t just limited to the rich and famous. This is a fabulous town to visit, if only for a day, regardless of your budget.

This guide will give you all the information you need to know to make the most out of your stay.

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Deia is about as far away from all the main resorts both culturally and geographically as you can get. Saying that it’s just a 45-minute drive from Palma and a little longer by bus.

See the Getting There guide much further below this article for information on how best to arrive in Deia

Deia feels a world away from the rest of Mallorca and this is part of its charm.

You can understand why the rich and famous chose to holiday here or invest in property. While the main road through the village can get busy, turn off down any of the winding side streets to experience peace and absolute tranquillity.

The Traumuntana mountains provide an impressive backdrop to Deia and at the same time provide the perfect cycling conditions for the thousands of cyclists and hikers who come to the area for one a route that is both challenging and spectacular.

If time is not on your side, and you’d rather visit Deia and the other mountain villages on a small tour, then click here.

Beautiful views in Deia, Mallorca

What’s Deia like?

Don’t be fooled into thinking the Deia you see in the Summer months is the same Deia you will experience out of season.

Workers at the hotel are shipped into the town and housed so the population of Deia along with the visitors it receives every day, multiply considerably during the Summer months.

The main road through the town does get very busy but you will need to get off the beaten track and explore Deia and its surroundings to experience the solitude it is so famous for.

In the Winter months, the town is very quiet. Most of the shops close when the season ends, and many of the restaurants do too (as well as the restaurants on Cala Deia).

With the position of the sun in the sky and the mountains, Deia is a mountain town that can feel very cold in Winter, which makes this destination perfect for hiking.

Hotels in Deia – A Guide to Deia

Luxury hotels dominate Deia. Visitors who wish to stay in Deia are most likely wishing to visit to escape the limelight and there is one hotel in town offering just that option.

La Residencia – A Belmond Hotel |Hotels in Deia

La Residencia offers luxury and the kind of service that the wealthy demand from a hotel stay. With rooms starting from around 1,000€ a night, quality is key here, as is privacy.

To Belmond La Residencia Hotel dominates Deia. You can see the hotel grounds from the church grounds to get an idea of just how prominent this hotel is.

Richard Branson once owned the hotel and famously invited Princess Diana to stay.

Now owned by the Louis Vitton family, the A-listers including Robbie Williams, Chris Martin, and Kate Moss have been rumoured to have stayed here.

With prices starting from around 1,000€ per night and over 6,000€ per night (for the Presidential Suite), you can find out more about this hotel and book it here.

Des Puig Hotel |Hotels in Deia

Another stunning hotel in Deia, the Des Puig Hotel is a little cheaper but equally charming which you will pass walking on the way to the church.

Room nights here start from 300€ in May, but check out the amazing views from this hotel and the reviews here.

Hotel Des Puig, Deia
Amazing reviews at the Hotel Des Puig, Deia. Click here to read.

Things to see in Deia

Whether you are arriving from the direction of Valldemossa or Soller, park as soon as you arrive in the village to start your walk through the village. The sight of the church high up on the hill and the old town is most definitely camera worthy.

Deia Mallorca

San Juan Baptista Church

The must-do activity in Deia is to make the walk to the church. You can see in the videos on my Youtube channel and on this page that it the views are incredible on the way and then again from the church grounds.

The church inside is rather dark, but worth a look if it is open, especially on a hot summer’s day.

From the Church, head on into Deia cemetery.

Deia Cemetry

Visiting a cemetery on holiday isn’t normally on the holiday agenda, but many visitors wander into one of Mallorca’s prettiest to locate the grave of author and poet Robert Graves.

The views from either side of the cemetery are just spectacular.

Robert Graves Museum

Find out more about how Robert Graves made Deia his home at the lovely little museum at the far end of Deia village en route to Soller.

Anyone with an interest in literature or the history behind one of Deia’s most prominent residents will enjoy finding out about his life here.

You will see his marvellously preserved house and well-kept gardens. Ticket prices are 10€.

Things to do in Deia

Join a tour and see Deia, Soller and Valldemossa.

If you would rather have the comfort and luxury of a small tour of these mountain villages, then I would recommend booking this tour here.

Only able to accommodate a few passengers, this tour is one of the best ways to get the closest to personalised service and a chance to see one of the most beautiful areas of Mallorca.

Cycling in Deia – A Guide to Deia

Deia is an important cycling destination. You will see cyclists arriving across the hills and winding roads into the village.

In fact, if you are a cycling fan, then you don’t need me to tell you how popular the route from Valldemossa, Deia to Soller and Port de Soller is one of the most popular cycling routes on the island.

Popular for its challenging climbs, spectacular views and wonderful old town stop-offs, this is one of the best cycling routes in Mallorca for you to try.

Hiking in Deia – A Guide to Deia

Visitors and residents flock to Deia just to enjoy walking the wonderful hiking routes in this area.

My favourite hike is from Soller town to Deia. I’ve made this walk many times and one day I will film it so make sure you subscribe to the Mallorca Under the Sun Youtube channel so you don’t miss it.

The hike follows a route through orange groves and the coast in places. Time this with the buses to whisk you back to Palma or back to Soller when you’ve reach your destination.

You can easily spend hours hiking around the village, but for a more simple hike into the countryside then I recommend the 30-minute walk to Cala Deia, which you read about below.

Visit Cala Deia – A Guide to Deia

If you make the trip to Deia, you have to make the journey to Cala Deia.

This rocky cove is so picturesque with the fresh clear sea waters so often found on the North West of Mallorca.

Take water shoes and go swimming here. The water is amazing!

There are also two restaurants here. Cas Patro March, which featured in the BBC drama The Night Manager, and its cheaper neighbour Can Lluch.

I would recommend booking a table at either or taking a picnic to enjoy on the beach.

Cala Deia is Deia’s beach, however, it’s further away from the village centre you may think.

Cala Deia, Mallorca
Cala Deia, Mallorca

There are three ways to arrive in Cala Deia:

Arrive in Cala Deia by Superyacht

Arriving in Cala Deia by superyacht is a way favoured by many.

Moor the yacht far from the beach, and bring the tender into the little mooring near Cas Patro March or Can Lluch.

That way you can enjoy a great lunch, with amazing views, before getting back on your yacht. Don’t forget to book a table before arriving.

Drive to Cala Deia

Follow the very winding road located near the Robert Graves Museum. You will see the two restaurants signposted.

Driving in the direction of Soller, take the next left after the Robert Graves museum and follow the very narrow winding road to the bottom of the hill and keep your fingers crossed that you will find a parking space.

My favourite way of getting to Cala Deia is to walk.

How to Walk to Cala Deia – A Guide to Deia

Head to the top of Camí Es Verger in Deia and walk past the houses and school to the start of the walk.

From here, it’s around 1.6 km or 1 mile to Cala Deia following a dry stone path on this section of the GR221 hiking route down to the Cala.

How to walk to Cala Deia, Mallorca

This is a very easy hike, but steep in places, so wear adequate footwear.

The biggest challenge is the hike back!

You can see the walking route in this video here.

Art in Deia – A Guide to Deia

You will see evidence of Deia’s artistic heritage all over the town and you will see art studios and galleries around Deia village. So make sure you explore the side streets.

If you are staying at the Hotel La Residencia then there is an artist in residence. Visit the studio and ask about the workshops and the art excursions around the town.

Cala Deia restaurants – A Guide to Deia

There are many wonderful culinary experiences to be had in Deia, from high-end restaurants to budget eateries.

If you’re arriving in Deia and would like to eat on a budget year round, for some good local fare, order a menu-del-dia from the Café Sa Font Fresca.

Two courses are priced at around 12€ in 2022, and I’ll update this article when I see the price for 2023.

I have eaten in the Trattoria Italiana in Deia which is the only restaurant dedicated to Italian food.

Serving wonderfully fresh pasta dishes, I really recommend dining here, particularly if you need to energy for cycling and hiking.

El Olivo features in my restaurants with a view article which you can read here.

Catering to its luxury clientele, dishes served here are made from locally grown produce.

This is just a selection. There are many other fabulous restaurants in Deia. Let me know in the comments if you had a great dining experience here.

Shopping in Deia – A Guide to Deia

There are two small rustic supermarkets in Deia both filled with locally produced goods, so if you are renting a property for the summer you can get basic supplies here.

For a larger supermarket shop, then I would recommend going to Soller town where you will find a larger Euroski supermarket.

Otherwise, you will find the centre of Deia packed with little artisan shops and boutiques, as well as a hiking/cycling shop and a chemist.

Events in Deia

If you are visiting Deia and Valldemossa in September then consider attending the Deia International Music Festival.

While there is no programme online just yet, this usually features the Balearic Symphony Orchestra and classical music artists from around the world.

Concerts are usually held in the Son Marriog Country House and throughout Deia and Valldemossa.

Getting to Deia -A Guide to Deia

The best way and cheapest way of visiting Deia is by taking public transport.

Taking public transport removes the stress of driving these hair-raising country roads, and then finding parking.

The bus you need is the 203 leaving from Palma’s bus station and you can find a timetable here.

To read more about Getting Around Deia, check out this article here.

You can also get here by taxi. Taxi fares are in the region of 70€.

Or you can rent a car, which you can do here.