In this holiday guide to Mallorca in December, find out about everything you need to know if you are planning a festive break to the island.

Find out what the weather is like, about things to do and see and how your stay may be impacted by the holiday season.

Visiting Mallorca in December is not just about Christmas, but also about the amazing sunsets, fantastic hiking and experiencing this popular holiday island in a way you will never see in the Summer.

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Mallorca at Christmas

If you are visiting Mallorca in December to coincide with the festive period then you are in for a treat.  

The capital, Palma de Mallorca has in my opinion the best Christmas lights displays in Europe with hundreds and thousands of twinkling lights tastefully decorating the city.  

If you are unable to make it to Mallorca this winter and you would like to see the Christmas lights, then subscribe to the Mallorca Under the Sun YouTube channel, where you will be able to see live streams and videos highlighting the very best of Mallorca at Christmas.

Throughout December the Christmas lights will be illuminated after sunset at around 5:45 pm until around 10:30 pm.  

I have a full guide here on the Youtube channel which I’ll link to here and you can read about it here.

Public holidays in Mallorca in December

But it’s not just Christmas that is celebrated in December.  

There are other public holidays on the island that will be observed and we will see some businesses close for the day.

The holiday season starts with fiestas held on the 6th of December for Constitution Day (which celebrates Spain becoming a democracy) and the 8th of December which is a religious day Feast of the Im­macu­late Con­cep­tion (it’s an important holy day in the Catholic religious calendar).  

While many businesses will close for these two days, you will find shops closed on the 6th December however on the 8th December you will find shopping centres will be open as usual. 

And to help you plan your Christmas shopping, while shopping centres do not usually open on Sundays, you will find shopping centres open on Sundays in the run-up to Christmas so on the 17th and the 24th of December.

You will find early closing in most shops on the 24 December as Christmas Eve is widely celebrated in Spain, even more so than Christmas Day.

Shops are also likely to close early on New Year’s Eve too.

So in summary, the public holidays in Mallorca in December are the 6, 8, 24, 25, 26 and the 31.

There is no Boxing Day in Mallorca in December, but instead Saint Stephen’s Day (Sant Esteve).

Getting Around Mallorca in December

As I mentioned in my Mallorca in November article/video, timetables on the TIB buses will be reduced until the beginning of the Summer season. 

But you won’t have problems getting around Mallorca. 

On public holidays or fiesta days, you will still find buses (both TIB and the Palma-based EMT buses) running a reduced service. 

There will be taxis around too, and you will be charged more for taking a taxi these fiesta days but if you are arriving on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, there will be taxis available. 

I have a full guide to getting around Mallorca here and a visual video guide to using the TIB bus on the YouTube channel which you can see here.

Weather in Mallorca in December

The shorter days bring some amazing sunsets and sunrises in December. 

Sunrise times are at around 8 am and sunset is around 5:30 pm

Also, expect some wonderful winter sunshine, but this will be mixed in with everything winter weather could throw at you.  

In November this month, we’ve had cold days, very warm days, sun and rain so far so expect this mixed weather to continue into December.

You can read more about winter weather in Mallorca here, and watch a video here.

Things to do in Mallorca in December:

Visit the Christmas Lights in Mallorca

I’ve already mentioned seeing the Christmas Lights in Palma but it’s not just Palma has has some great Christmas light displays. 

Also worth visiting is Soller, Alcudia Old Town but also if you are passing the resorts you will see Christmas lights in the main commercial areas too. 

You will find the Christmas Lights illuminated right through the month of December but just be warned visiting Palma at the weekend will be extremely busy.

As residents flock to see the Christmas lights, make sure you keep an eye on your belongings. Find out more here.

Christmas in Mallorca

Visit Christmas Markets in Mallorca

There is also a huge range of Christmas markets to experience all over the island. 

The biggest choice of Christmas lights are in Palma and my favourites in other areas of Mallorca include the Puerto Portals Christmas market as well as the small and friendly Consell Christmas market in the heart of the island. 

The Christmas markets in Mallorca run from the end of November until the night of the 5th of January, on the eve of Three Kings Day.

You can read more about the Three King’s parades which take place on the night of the 5th January all over Mallorca here.

Again, I have a full guide to the Christmas markets in Mallorca and where to find them in this article here.

Self-Guided Tour of Palma’s Nativity Scenes

Also worth exploring is the route in Palma to see the “Belens” or nativity scenes which you can find in various public buildings around the city.  

This is a great activity to do with kids visiting Palma.

Find out more and follow the route here

Santa Lucia, Palma Cathedral

One of the most magical ways to see Palma Cathedral and to get into the festive spirit is by attending the celebrations for Santa Lucia in Palma Cathedral on Wednesday, December 13.

Pupils from Mallorca’s Swedish School present the traditional Saint Lucia concert In Palma’s La Seu Cathedral.

Initially hosted in Plaça de Cort, the recital moved indoors to the cathedral in 2017, coinciding with the school’s 50th anniversary.

December 13 holds special significance across Scandinavia and various other countries, making Santa Lucia a widely celebrated and magical experience for visitors and residents in Mallorca.

Palma Aquarium – open on Christmas Day!

You will also find some great attractions still open in December, with Palma Aquarium being the main attraction open on Christmas Day.

You can pick up your tickets here.

Palma City Sightseeing Bus 

I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the best tickets you can get over the winter is the Hop on, Hop off Palma City Sightseeing bus which takes you to Palma’s key sights including the Joan Miro Museum and Bellver Castle.

This is particularly useful if you are visiting Palma for a short time, and want to get the most out of your stay and to be able to get to the sights quickly and cheaply.

Check availability here before getting your ticket:

Book a spa day in Mallorca

If you are looking for things to do on a rainy day, then I can recommend getting a day pass in a spa in some of the lovely hotels which have remained open.

There are plenty to choose from in Palma and in the Playa de Palma, but you will also find experiences throughout the island.

For example, you can grab a 90-minute spa break for 23€ here.

To find out other things to do in Mallorca in the winter, check out this article here.

The best Mallorca Beaches in December

Also, I’m often asked if you can swim in the sea here in Mallorca in December. 

Yes, you can!  Just be aware that beaches are not lifeguarded, but on a sunny day, there’s nothing better than a refreshing swim!

You will also find the normally busy coves or calas to be more pleasant to visit and sheltered from any wind too.  So enjoy these beaches like you could never experience them in July and August.

Some of the best beaches to visit in Mallorca in December are Cala Comtesa, Cala Magó, Cala Petita and Cala Gran.

If you are staying in Palma, then the easiest calas to get to are Cala Comtesa and Illetas.

Check out my guide here to using the Palma EMT buses and how to get there quickly and cheaply from Palma.

cala gran in Winter
Cala Gran beach in Cala d’Or in Winter

Plus if you’re visiting in December, then bring comfortable shoes and be prepared to get a little more active than if you were visiting during the Summer.

There is so much to do and see, and with cooler temperatures, you will be able to get around to see the island more comfortably.

To find out more about hiking in Mallorca, check out this playlist here

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If you’re travelling to the island too, I also have some travel tips if you are coming through Palma de Mallorca airport in the winter, which you must check here.

Above all, have fun, and if share your experiences either in the comments below or over on the Mallorca Under the Sun Facebook Group here.