In this guide to the best Cala Bona nightlife in Mallorca (Majorca), Spain, find out why this resort has some of the liveliest nightlife on the island and what to expect if you are planning a holiday to the resort.

Cala Bona is a family-friendly resort and has been a popular holiday destination for visitors coming to Mallorca for many years.

It’s a smaller, more compact resort that neighbours larger Cala Millor and for that reason, the bars and restaurants are busier and so much more atmospheric.

Cala Bona is also more popular with British visitors, while you will find more German visitors drawn to Cala Millor.

But it’s not just the hotels, the beaches and the stunning stretch of coastline that brings visitors back to Cala Bona year after year.

For many, this is the best resort to enjoy the very summer nightlife that Mallorca has to offer.

What is Cala Bona Nightlife in Mallorca like?

Cala Bona nightlife is absolutely brilliant. While the 20-something crowd may flock to Magaluf, Cala Bona is a magnet for older holidaymakers who enjoy amazing uplifting live music, karaoke, dancing in one of the many bars and sitting out and enjoying the atmosphere.

Plus there are plenty of bars playing live sports.

In fact, you can see from the video playing on the page exactly what Cala Bona nightlife is like.

It’s a non-threatening, happy atmosphere which makes nightlife here fantastic and lively even for older visitors.

When is the best time of year to visit Cala Bona, Mallorca?

You will find July and August to be the most lively months in Cala Bona in terms of having the very best nightlife on offer.

Cala Bona is a seasonal resort in Mallorca, so the best nightlife is aimed at those visitors during the Summer months. So from 1 May until the 31 October.

However, also be warned that nightlife starts to wind down from the beginning of October.

So if you are planning to visit at the end of October, then expect to have a much quieter experience as some bars close earlier before the official season end.

Outside of these times, during the winter months, you will find most bars and restaurants are closed in the resort.

In 2023, we’ll start to see the first hotels and bars open for Easter in April and nightlife begin once again.

But the really busy resort you can see in this video is best experienced during peak season in July.

Is Cala Bona good for nightlife?

Ask anyone who has been to Cala Bona and they will recommend the nightlife at the Hotel Cala Bona, situated by the marina as being the number one place to go for a great night out.

This is the hotel that has the very best live music and has come recommended to me over the years.

The nightlife is a tasteful experience with live music and where guests or non-guests can sit in the hotel or out on the marina.

Il Quattro, Il Divo Tribute group, singing at the Hotel Cala Bona
Il Quattro, Il Divo Tribute group, singing at the Hotel Cala Bona

Also, the Hotel Sur offers a fantastic party night too. You can see they have live music, karaoke and dancing too.

In fact, you can see by the video playing on the page that the bar gets even more lively later on in the night.

Also featured in the video you will see just how busy the 60s Pub is in Cala Bona.

It was so busy you could see people sitting on the wall opposite the bar enjoying the atmosphere and the music

Sandancers bar is another family-run business that comes highly recommended. Catering for everyone from smaller groups to hen parties, there is sports, live music, karaoke and more that bring visitors back night after night.

The Rope and Anchor Bar too on the Marina, neighbouring the Hotel Cala Bona is another really popular bar. There’s a great atmosphere here too.

The Rope and Anchor bar is also open year-round in Cala Bona.

Bar Argos is on the seafront on the other side of the marina and is a great place to head to after dinner as it’s just literally pacing away from the waterfront restaurants.

These are just a few suggestions and all come on recommendation from the people I have spoken to in Cala Bona.

Also in this video, check out an interview I did with a lovely visitor who gives her advice on Cala Bona nightlife.

You can understand why this resort is one of the most popular and unique for its Mallorca nightlife.

However, if you want to avoid the live music and the party in Cala Bona, then it’s perfectly possible to do this too.

Just walk away from the Port area in either direction and have plenty of choices of quieter places to eat or drink.

What time do bars stay open in Cala Bona, Mallorca?

Late! While many resorts start winding down after dinner, Cala Bona just gets started. So expect bars to stay open until at least 11 pm.

In July and August, you will see bars stay open a lot later and possibly beyond midnight to 1 am.

What’s more, I noticed that as the evening went on, the bars got even more lively.

Don’t expect to get an early night in Cala Bona. It’s lively but a good kind of lively and if you’re visiting then you will want to be making the very most of the amazing atmosphere during your stay.

Hotel Sur bar Cala Bona Mallorca
Hotel Sur bar gets even livelier as the night goes on in Cala Bona, Mallorca

Where can I hear live music in Cala Bona, Mallorca?

The Hotel Cala Bona is the number choice for live music in Cala Bona. This is because they have tribute bands playing at the hotel.

During 2023, tribute bands for Il Divo and Coldplay entertained visitors. I saw Il Cuattro (the Il Divo tribute band) perform, and they were so good, they could have been mistaken for the real group.

Even if you are not staying in the hotel, you can enjoy the entertainment and order a drink at the many tables in the harbour.

And the music can be heard right through the marina.

You will find visitors going back night after night to the entertainment in the Hotel Cala Bona, and who can blame them?

You may have heard about drink restrictions in all-inclusive hotels in Mallorca. To read more about it, check out this article here .

While this doesn’t affect visitors to Cala Bona, you will see why coming on holiday to Mallorca to an area with great hotels and nightlife is essential for the ultimate summer holiday break.

Are shops open late in Cala Bona?

In most areas of Mallorca, shops will start to close from 8 pm to 9 pm. However, in Cala Bona, you will see shops stay open a lot later.

I saw many tourist shops closing after 10:30 at night while others still chose to stay open.

This means that if you are staying in self-catering accommodation, it’s possible to buy drinks and snacks later on in the night.

Is Cala Bona nice for couples?

Since most people visiting Cala Bona are older, it’s quite likely they will be travelling together. So Cala Bona is absolutely a great place to go with your partner.

Plus Cala Bona is so family-friendly, the resort caters fantastically for singles and couples of all ages. It’s not the same atmosphere by any means as you will find in some of Mallorca’s most notorious resorts such as Magaluf, and for that reason, Cala Bona is perfect for couples.

Is Cala Bona nightlife great for solo travellers?

Yes, it is! If you are travelling to Cala Bona on your own, do not worry.

This is also a fantastic place to meet other visitors in bars as this resort has a really friendly atmosphere.

Because the atmosphere is so friendly in Cala Bona, it’s really easy to strike up conversations with other visitors.

I would feel absolutely comfortable with coming over to Cala Bona as a solo traveller and going to any of the bars.

What’s the nightlife like for kids in Cala Bona

The hotel entertainment at the family hotels in Cala Bona is fantastically organised with kids’ focused activities, entertainment and discos.

However, in the actual resort and outside the hotels, you will see many kids stay out as late as adults.

There is a fantastic activity park right in the heart of Cala Bona, just beyond the Hotel Sur before arriving at the port, with trampolines, bouncy castles and a games area for children to let off steam and have fun.

There is a cocktail bar too for adults too.

In Summer 2022, this park was full of families and they looked like they were having a fantastic time.

The activities are reasonably priced too and in 2022, a turn on the bouncy trampolines cost just 5€.

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