Find out what to expect from Cala Millor nightlife in Mallorca if you are planning a holiday on this East Coast of the island.

Cala Millor is one of the biggest holiday resorts on Mallorca’s East Coast. It is also one of Mallorca’s liveliest resorts with a bustling nightlife.

Popular with primarily German visitors, Cala Millor is also a draw for holidaymakers of other nationalities. And since the resort neighbours Cala Bona, you are also likely to find many British holidaymakers walking along the promenade to Cala Millor to enjoy two resorts for the price of one.

You will see from the video playing on this page, just what Cala Millor’s nightlife was like during August 2022 which was absolutely packed with visitors.

If you are looking for a Mallorca holiday resort with a lively nightlife that is suitable for family and friends of all ages, then Cala Millor could be a perfect choice.

This article will answer some questions that you may have about the nightlife in Cala Millor.

Cala Millor nightlife – what’s it like?

Cala Millor was extremely busy during the Summer of 2022. While there are many large hotels in the resort all providing hotel entertainment, you will find that many visitors will still leave the hotel in the evening and go into the resort to enjoy the nightlife.

This means that the resort centre is incredibly busy which is great news if you plan on booking a holiday during the peak season.

With shops staying open late into the night and restaurants and bars offering live music, this is a great resort to visit to soak up a family-friendly party atmosphere.

What’s more, in peak season, in August, I found the beach to be incredibly busy at night.

The sand is well-lit by the nearby hotels meaning that tourists also swarm to the sands for a late-night dip. And with evening temperatures averaging 30+ degrees centigrade, who can blame them!

*WORD OF WARNING: While this is a great time of the day to come for a swim, since there is no risk of sunburn, the beaches in Mallorca are not lifeguarded at night.

So if you do choose to go for a midnight dip, please be careful, particularly if you are visiting with children, or if you have been drinking alcohol.

Cala Millor Nightlife Mallorca
A very busy Cala Millor Beach late at night in August

Is Cala Millor nightlife as busy as Magaluf or El Arenal?

From my own experience of Mallorca’s nightlife, I found Cala Millor to be the busiest resort at night in Mallorca.

The atmosphere here is totally different to Magaluf or El Arenal. In these resorts, you will find a younger crowd going out partying. In Cala Millor, you will find tourists of all ages and it is a quieter night out.

There is less of a drunken vibe too in Cala Millor.

Both the resort centre and the sea front was absolutely packed with tourists during the Summer season, but with visitors of all ages.

Is there a strip in Cala Millor?

The main areas to find the bars in Cala Millor are along the sea front on the Paseo Maritimo and the main shopping street on Paseo Cristòfol Colom. Many hotels have open bars too with live music that you can join.

And of course walk down any of these side streets linking the promenade and main street together to find even more bars and restaurants.

Check out Carrer Olivera where you will find Bananas Bar and Disco & Bar Havana.

Nightlife in Cala Millor - the Paseo Maritimo
Nightlife in Cala Millor – the Paseo Maritimo

Where to find the best nightlife in Cala Millor Mallorca

For holidaymakers staying in Cala Millor, the most instant nightlife will be the entertainment you will find in your hotel.

But I would encourage you to step outside the hotel and soak up the atmosphere in the resort, especially during peak season.

You will find many bars blasting out German pop, but you will find other live music acts in the neighbouring hotels and bars.

British visitors will love Cheers Bar, the Rose and Crown (this stays open until the early hours) and the Gunners Pub.

You will also find buskers playing and visitors dancing in the streets. Plus you will find karaoke bars too.

If you are staying on the south side of Cala Millor, then head into Delaney’s Bar in Cala Millor. This comes highly recommended. In fact, the owner Mark Amott runs the main Facebook group for the Cala Millor area which you can find here, and where you can find out more information about staying in Cala Millor as well as what’s on.

There are a few nightclubs too which you can read about below.

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Nightclubs in Cala Millor, Mallorca

The main nightclubs in Cala Millor are Havana Q on Avenida Bon Temps, which plays mainly Latin music. Don’t head to this venue before 10pm though and it will not get busy until around 1am!

The same goes for the Disco and Bar Havanna on Carrer Olivera which opens it doors at 11pm.

Opening a little earlier is the Mississipi from 8:30 which serves great priced cocktails and has great reviews on Google!

What time do the shops stay open in Cala Millor?

The fact that shops stay open late into the night in Cala Millor ads to the atmosphere in that nightlife in Cala Millor isn’t just about drinking or eating.

You will see in this video that while many of the chain shops started closing down around 10pm, many stayed open until almost 11pm.

How close is Cala Bona to Cala Millor?

Depending where you are in Cala Millor, it can take from around 15 to 20 minutes to walk from Cala Millor to Cala Bona.

This also opens up many other nightlife options in the area too.

If you are staying in Cala Millor, then I highly recommend visiting Cala Bona at night. To find out my top recommendations of where to visit, check out this article here which includes a video where you can really get an idea of the atmosphere too.

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