In this article, I want to de-mystify travel in turbulent times and tell you what to expect flying to Mallorca.

I want to remove the fear that’s surrounding travel at the moment.  

The constant stories we are reading in the press are not good.  Don’t forget too when school holidays start, many people will not travel.

What to expect flying to Mallorca – my experience

Our flight was completely full, as are many others arriving into Mallorca at present. So in theory, when the flight is full, noone else will be travelling to the airport at that time.

Of course school holidays signal an increase of overall passenger numbers, but hopefully the airports will be better equipped to get passengers through security and onto their flights.

I’m happy to report that my experience of travelling to and from the UK in July 2022 was a good one. 

We arrived at Bristol airport 2 hours before departure with just hand luggage and I was pleased to see check-in for other passengers moving smoothly in spite of the huge volume of traffic. 

Check in at Bristol Airport UK
EasyJet Checkin at Bristol Airport

Airport security wasn’t too bad either and we made it through in half an hour. 

If you are travelilng, just make sure you collect everything from the trays. I managed to leave my watch behind and 10 mins after leaving the security area I returned to find it had been handed in.

So my faith in humanity has been restored.

My most important piece of advice is to bring a face mask with you for your flight to Spain. 

Ryanair in the UK are refusing to allow passengers board without facemasks and there was an almighty race for many back to the airport terminal to buy before boarding. 

On boarding the airline stated that wearing face masks was mandatory during the flight.  

However the reality was that these masks were removed on the flight, and no-one insisted they were replaced. 

So please have a face mask with you at the airport. It’s my opinion that Ryanair were following legal procedures for travelling on public transport in Spain.

But the reality of this being implemented was another matter.  It is hardly surprising many people are discouraged from travelling.

Our flight was delayed by half an hour getting to Palma de Mallorca airport, due to waiting for a departure slot from air traffic control.

On arrival at Palma de Mallorca airport, Border Control did eventually open the passport e-gates which they were allowing only passengers over the age of 18 to go through. 

The health check was still being made to make sure passengers have either their vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or negative covid test.

And don’t forget to check this link here to find out what documentaiton you need.

I’m hoping all this will change on the next week or so when the rules get reviewed . 

Don’t forget too that you will need a face mask too getting onto a transfer bus, a taxi indeed any form of public transport getting around the island

And I made it into the news myself with my video report for the Majorca Daily Bulletin, so you can see what it’s like flying to Mallorca here

While this trip was made outside the school holidays in the UK, there were plenty of children travelling.

Even with the onset of the school holidays, it appears that airports are now better geared to cope with tourism this summer.

Passengers are also not arriving ridiculously early for their flights clogging up airport security lanes.

And many of the airports are offering a Twilight Drop off service allowing holiday makers to drop their bags the night before their flight.

Of course I made a video about my journey to the U.K. too. So if you want to find out more about travelling to the UK from Palma airport, then again check this video here.

I hope this gives you a clear indication of what to expect flying to Mallorca from the UK.

Airline Strike Dates:

In other news, as you will have heard further airline strikes have been announced by easyJet and Ryanair.

These are currently listed on the following dates:

easyJet Strikes:

15, 16, 17, 29, 30, and 31 July

Ryanair Strikesthese strike days are now confirmed:

12-15, 18-21 and 25-28 July

News of strikes will undoubtably have an impact on tourism in Mallorca and Spain this summer with travellers now being attracted to other European  destinations . 

And who can blame them!

However I’ll try and keep on top with what’s happening with the strikes. 

As with the strike action mentioned previously, many flights still went ahead and others were cancelled in advance. 

So it is hoped that any flights effected by the strikes will be cancelled in advance of any passengers arriving at the airport.

If your flight is cancelled, then I would recommend booking onto a new flight as soon as possible, and don’t delay because these flights will fill up. 

For information too, your airline must get you to your destination even if it’s with a rival airline but I’ve personally found easyJet reluctant to do this. 

They must provide overnight accommodation and reinburse you of reasonable costs should the absolute worst case scenario happen and your flight is cancelled at the airport.

My advice is to book onto another flight with the same airline and apply for compensation. 

If the new flight doesn’t fit the dates of your trip, and you must travel on certain dates, then get your money back and fly with another airline. 

My feeling is that there will be minimum disruption to these flights. Because the compensation costs will be too high and staff will found to keep these routes moving. 

As I’ve mentioned in previous videos, if you can avoid travelling with check-in luggage, then do so, and then buy what you need here on the island. 

There are so many beach and clothes shops in Mallorca, you won’t have a problem finding  what you need.  

However I saw no problems flying from Bristol with luggage arriving on the luggage belts in arrivals. And visa versa. 

You can read more about aiport travel tips for 2022 here.

Don’t forget too, to take out good travel insurrance before travelling this Summer.

Positive holiday news 

If indeed tourism has reportedly dropped on the island, then expect to see some last minute booking deals. 

Keep your eyes peeled for these to on sale as we go through the summer..

So if you had been waiting for a late break, I’m hoping getaways will still be possible.

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