In this article, find out how to get to Formentor in 2024 during the Summer months. Formentor is located in North East of the Traumunta Mountains and is one of the most stunning natural sights to see in Mallorca.

The Formentor region covers the iconic Es Colomer lookout, Playa Formentor Beach, the coves of Cala Figuera and Cala Murta, and the Cap de Formentor Lighthouse which are linked together by the MA-2210 road.

This entire area is also a UNESCO-protected World Heritage area therefore measures have been put in place to protect this area from tourism saturation.

If you are planning to visit during the busy summer months, then you will find there are now traffic restrictions to avoid roads becoming congested.

As a result, it is now encouraged to take public transport over and above driving.

However, it is still possible to drive to Playa Formentor Beach but it could be an expensive trip if you do pick up a fine.

Read on to find out the various ways you can visit Mallorca’s Formentor, and if you do choose to drive, then find out how to get there.

I took a trip out to the Cap de Formentor recently and this article outlines all the restrictions you need to know about.

How to Get to Formentor in Summer by Car

If you are visiting Formentor outside of the peak Summer season, then you are free to drive your car from the MA-2210 road without picking up a fine.

This in my opinion is the best time of year to visit Formentor. Fewer visitors are making this an altogether more pleasant experience.

However, if want to find out how to get to Formentor during the Summer months, then please be aware of the following restrictions.

How to get to Formentor

How to get to Formentor – Restrictions

In 2024, the restrictions on the road to Formentor begin on June 1 and end on September 30, between 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 p.m

Due to the increase of tourists visiting Mallorca in 2023, there is a suggestion that these restrictions will extend into October 2024. So watch this space, and I’ll update this article if that is the case.

If you visit by car during these hours, the restrictions start as you head to the beginning of the MA-2210 road which snakes its way up to the Es Colomer lookout.

Here you will see a mobile street sign.

Traffic restrictions in Formentor Mallorca
Traffic restrictions in Formentor Mallorca

If the indicator shows green, then you will be able to drive.

If it shows red, you will be denied access because there will already be enough cars on the road to fill the car park on Playa Formentor Beach.

You can see in the photograph above the sign you need to look out for. There should also be a transport controller at the beginning of this road.

If the sign shows red, then a traffic barrier should also be put in place to stop you from crossing.

If there is no barrier and you see the red stop sign, then do not proceed.

This means there is no space in the car park in Playa Formentor and you could pick up a fine.

Do Formentor traffic restrictions apply to motorbikes and mopeds?

Yes, the Formentor traffic restrictions also apply to licensed motorbikes and mopeds.

The only exception to this rule is for cyclists and hikers.

Are there traffic fines for driving to Playa Formentor?

Last year a system of traffic fines was in place if you drove to Playa Formentor which was overly complicated and involved having to cancel the fine.

This system of fining also led to over 30,000+ drivers being fined and many of these visitors did not cancel the fine.

This has now STOPPED.

You can now freely drive to the Es Colomer Lookout (Mirador) or to Playa Formentor beach IF there is space in the car parks. But you must adhere to the traffic light system on the ascent to Es Colomer.

Check the video playing on the page to see where this is.

How Much Does it Cost to Park at Playa Forementor?

The parking rates to park at Playa Formentor car park are from 0.5 cents a minute or 18€ per day.

If you do not park in the official car park, then you could pick up a fine. This year there is no way of cancelling this fine.

If you still intend to rent a car, I would recommend doing so by searching car hire providers in the area here to get the best deal.

How to get to Formentor by car in Winter

During the Winter of 2022 to 2023, the road to the Formentor Lighthouse was closed from just beyond Cala Figuera. However, it was open to cyclists.

It’s unknown if this will be the case again in 2023-2024.

If this road does get closed, then the only way to get to the lighthouse will be by bike or hike.

How to get to Formentor by Bus

As you will read, it is much less complicated to get to Formentor by TIB bus.

The downside is that during the hot Summer months, the buses can be crowded. 

You may also have to wait for longer than anticipated in the hot sun for your bus or it could pass by “Complet” or full.

However, my advice would be to leave for Formentor early before it gets too hot. And leave a little earlier before there is a rush for the buses returning to Puerto Pollensa or Alcudia.

Alternatively, wait until just before sunset before leaving.

Which bus goes to Formentor?

Take the TIB number 334 from Alcudia old town bus station which will pass through stops in Puerto Pollensa before stopping off at Es Colomer lookout and then travelling down to Fromentor beach.  

You can also take this same bus if continuing your trip to Formentor Lighthouse or to Cala Figuera or Cala Muta.

The buses leave every 35 minutes and you can see the timetable here (starting 2 May 2024)

To find out more about getting the TIB bus in Mallorca and how much tickets cost, check out this article here.

How to get to Formentor by bus in Winter

Unfortunately, you cannot get the bus to Formentor in the Winter months. However, you can take a taxi there and maybe hike back.

Set off by taxi in the morning and from Playa Formentor, it’s just over a 2-hour walk back to Puerto Pollensa.

How to get to Formentor by Boat.

It’s not just super yachts that get to discover Formentor’s stunning coastline. Several boat trips leave from both Alcudia and Puerto Pollensa.

To book from Puerto Pollensa, check out this boat trip here. The tickets are 17€.

From Alcudia, you can book a boat trip to Formentor on this boat trip here. This is a fabulous day trip and a fantastic excursion to complement your holiday in the Alcudia area.


When you reach Formentor Beach, you will have plenty of opportunities to relax on the beach, swim or eat in the cafe.

If you want to extend your stay in the area, then catch the bus to Formentor Lighthouse.

What services are at Playa Formentor Beach?

As you enter the beach from the official car park or dock by boat, you will find a huge beach restaurant/cafe, where you can pick up food and refreshments. 

There is also a separate block for toilets too.

You will also find sun bed rentals on Playa Formentor Beach.  

These sun bed rentals may well be the most expensive in all of Mallorca costing 35€ for two sun beds and two beach umbrellas for the day.  

You may also have heard of the famous Hotel Formentor.  You will also see that this is under complete refurbishment. 

It is believed that the hotel has been purchased by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the hotel will be part of the X chain. 

The hotel famously welcomed Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill and stars from stage and screen. 

Watch this space for news of its opening!

Playa Formentor Beach Mallorca
Playa Formentor Beach Mallorca

How To Get to Formentor Lighthouse.

There are two main ways to get to Formentor Lighthouse during the Summer – by cycling or by bus.

How to get to Formentor Lighthouse cycling. 

Thousands of cyclists make the steep climb up into the mountains, passing the Es Colomer lookout, and cycling down to Formentor beach before continuing their ride to the lighthouse. 

The most popular time to go is at sunrise. 

This bike ride is one of the most popular in Mallorca.

If you do cycle early in the day, take plenty of water as it’s unlikely you will find cafes at Formentor Beach or the lighthouse open.

How to visit Formentor Lighthouse by Bus

After stopping Playa Formentor beach, either stay on the bus or board the 334 TIB bus which will take you along the spectacular route to the most North Easterly tip of Mallorca. 

This bus journey is extremely picturesque but also very winding so take this into account if you get travel sick.

You will also have the opportunity to stop off and hike down to some beautiful coves of Cala Figuera and Cala Muta (not to be confused with Cala Figuera on the south coast). 

Finally, I really recommend visiting the Es Colomer lookout at around sunset here to enjoy the very best views across this area of the island. 

If you don’t want to make the journey yourself, then join a tour here. Just check the reviews!

These rules are prone to change.

To check the official Mallorca Council information about visiting Formentor, check out this link here.

To find out more about sightseeing in the North East of Mallorca, check out this article here.  

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