In my Mallorca weekly update, I cover the recent Spain entry restrictions update, I talk about the air traffic control and airline strikes and cancellations.

Also this week I have also received a customer apology email from the TUI Managing Director Andrew Flintham, and I give you a quick weather update.

Spain entry restrictions update

It was hoped that the current entry restrictions for visitors coming into Spain from third countries, (for example the UK and the USA), would have been dropped on June 15th, but this has not been the case.

The Spanish government announced in the the BOE (Offiicial State Bulletin) that the current entry restrictions for travellers from third countries would remain in place until the 15 July 2021.

So if you’re travelling from a third country, you will still need to either show a covid vaccination certificate that is in date, a recovery certificate from the past 180 days or the results of a negative test. 

You can read about the entry restrictions for travellers from Third Countries here.

This however, is not the case for travellers from the EU or those from the Schengen area travelling who are now free to enter Spain without having to show proof of vaccination, recovery certificates or take tests.

This change was made at the beginning of June. The decision to maintain the entry restrictions for third countries for one more month was not explained.

But it is also entirely possible that the Spanish government will remove the entry restrictions imposed on third countries before the 15th July.

So while the “health crisis” continues to be about politics, I really hope I can bring you good news soon. 

Meanwhile in other news, 

Great news for Americans visiting Mallorca 

Covid restrictions have also been lifted for all travellers entering the USA, so if you’re over here visiting from the USA, you don’t need to get waste valuable time on your holiday getting a Covid test to fly home again.

It also removes the stress of travelling and wondering if you will be stranded in Spain by testing postive at the end of your holiday, before being able to return home.

Air traffic control & airline strikes

The airport and travel chaos looks set to continue into the Summer.

So if the current entry restrictions aren’t enough to put many people off travelling, the travel chaos will.

We are going to be in for a bumpy right and at the mercy of many of the airlines with Ryanair and air traffic controllers threatening to strike at the end of June. 

I just want to add, both of these strikes are speculation at present, and the stories have been causing much worry in the press.  However nothing has been confirmed.

It is hoped that pay disputes can be resolved and Ryanair boss, Michael O’Leary steps in to “save Summer”, since Ryanair, as until now Ryanair has been seen as the preffered airline due to lack of cancellations.

Ryanair strikes

TUI says “Sorry”

Anyone on the TUI UK email list will have received an apology this week from the Managing Director Andrew Flintham who states that TUI are working to “address the issues that caused the delays and cancellations.”

He also went on to say that “the majority of flights have operated normally,  AND for those flights that had been cancelled over the past few weeks, “refunds are being processed” or “alternative holdiays found.”

Very importantly, he made the point that TUI would never leave their customers stranded overseas.

Now I just want to say that many people have been able to fly to Mallorca with absolutely no problems at all. 

Please look at the video I made about that when I spoke to visitors who had just arrived on the island without any delays or cancellations at all. You can also read about it here.

We are going to be encountering even busier times at the airport as we head into peak season,  the queues are going to be longer than normal, whether it is going through passports, security or getting a taxi, transfer or bus.  

Please go back and look at my airport travel tips video that I made on Monday and also the more extensive article here which will give you advice about preparing for your journey.

And in the meantime, we will keep our fingers crossed.

Mallorca transfers

Weather forecast. 

It’s hot. Very hot for June and we are in the midst of heatwave which I can see continuing until at least next Wednesday

You can also check out my tips and recommendations for things to do and ways to keep cool in a Mallorca heatwave. So please go ahead and check that out. 

Watch the video: Spain entry restrictions update | Strikes | TUI apologies