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Mallorca in January is a great month to visit the island. With Christmas and New Year’s Eve out of the way, flights coming to the island will be cheaper. 

What’s more, the New Year signals the start of many celebrations which last throughout the month for you to enjoy.

This is a fantastic time to experience the more traditional side of Mallorca, away from the mass tourism we see in the summer months. 

As the resorts lay empty and hotels and bars and restaurants start refurbishments for the season ahead, this is a great opportunity to get into Mallorca’s towns, cities and mountains before the heat of the summer descends. 

It’s a time when locals reclaim the island with a celebration of light and fire to brighten up dark winter nights.

Mallorca in January is anything but boring and visitors are more than welcome to join the fun.  So, here’s a guide to the many reasons to book an alternative winter break.

Three Kings Day, Mallorca in January

If you plan on arriving in Mallorca right after New Year’s Day, then you will enjoy the first of the celebrations. Just when you think Christmas is over, you’ll find the festive season goes out with a bang on the night of the 5 January.

This is your first opportunity to enjoy the celebrations as the Three Kings arrive in Ports and towns all over the island to bring presents to the eagerly awaiting children. 

Check the local press and also the Mallorca Under the Sun Facebook group for details of where to see the parade.  Expect a carnival-like atmosphere and more festive fun.

If you want to read more about Mallorca at Christmas here and Mallorca over the New Year’s Eve, you can do so here.

Sant Antoni Fiestas, Mallorca in January

The 16 and 17 January sees the start of the Sant Antoni celebration which takes part throughout the island.

Sant Antoni is the patron saint of animals and we see the start of celebrations which can last for weeks.

Animal Blessings or “Beneïdes” take place in churches throughout the island.  It is the most spectacular sight with people taking pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and horses, and even birds of prey to get blessed.

In the smaller villages and towns, there are parades welcoming the priest who performs the blessings.

It is also the time of the Sant Antoni bonfires and fire runs.  Sa Pobla is one of the towns in Mallorca that has the most foguerons (bonfires) in the streets. But you don’t need to travel far inland as almost every neighbourhood celebrates Sant Antoni and lights bonfires.

Normally at these events, you will see bonfires and BBQs burning and then the cooking of meats and sausages.  Many bars around these bonfires will sell BBQ packs too so you can join the grilling.

You will often see dimonis (or demons) appear at these events to warn off the bad spirits.  It’s great fun to experience.

Sant Antoni celebrations in Palmanova Mallorca
Sant Antoni fiestas in Palmanova, Mallorca

Pujada del Pi, Pollensa, Mallorca in January

On the night of the 17 January and as part of the Sant Antoni celebrations, see Pollensa like never before in the annual Pujada del Pi” or tree climb in Pollensa.

Every year a pine tree is sourced from the hillside locally, stripped, and greased and the challenge is for the strongest climber to get to the top.

Crowds flock into the town square in Pollensa and normally men will have a go to get to the top.

Just to add, there is no safety equipment and participants may fall.  One of my Youtube subscribers was attended told me a waiter from his favourite restaurant fell and broke his leg.

You can see the scenes at they happened in Pollensa here.

These are scenes that you will never see happen in Northern Europe!

Sant Sebastian celebrations, Palma de Mallorca in January

The Sant Sebastian celebrations are Palma’s largest celebrations and take place on the night of the 19 January.

To celebrate the patron saint of Palma de Mallorca, expect to enjoy concerts and torradas (BBQs) held over the city centre.

The evening starts with music and the lighting of the bonfire in Plaza Mayor.  You’ll see the demoni demons arrive with a dragon firing sparks from Plaza de Cort to Plaza Mayor spraying sparks and the lighting of the bonfire begins.

mallorca in january bonfire plaza mayor
Mallorca in January, Bonfire in Plaza Mayor Palma

With BBQs lit, bring some sausages and join the crowds grilling and drinking in squares and streets throughout the city.

Sant Sebastian torradas Palma de Mallorca
Torradas (BBQs) return to Palma for Sant Sebastian

The city centre is cut off to traffic so if you’re travelling into the city, then take the bus.

Concerts right through the night in the city centre and in the days leading up to and even after Sant Sebastian. 

Usually, a week after, there is a major free concert in the city featuring a well-known artist. This year was the turn of Catalyna star Antonio Font. 

You can normally find a full programme of activities on the Palma Town Hall website here.

San Sebastian Celebrations Palma de Mallorca

Chinese New Year, Palma de Mallorca in January

Chinese New Year celebrations are huge here in Palma and definitely worth checking out.

While Chinese New Year is held on the 22nd of January, the festivities go on until the first week of February and there is a lot going on in Palma for you to enjoy.

Organised by the Chinese Association in the Balearic Islands, most of the festivities take place in the Pere Garau district of Palma. 

Enjoy the food stands, the exhibitions, the Chinese dragon dance and more.

Check out the local press nearer the time for details.

When is The Correfoc, Palma de Mallorca?

The biggest and most spectacular Correfoc or fire run takes place in Palma the weekend after the San Sebastian festivities in Palma, usually starting around 7pm and ending around 9pm.

If you have never seen the fire run, then check out this video playing on the page, because they are held all over the island at various times of the year.

In fact, you can see a Correfoc and firework show in Santa Ponsa in this article here which takes place every September.

However, the Correfoc in Palma de Mallorca is the biggest and most spectacular fire event and makes its way along Jaime III toward Plaza Tortugas in Palma.

There are stages set up along the way, so while it is crowded you will still get a good view.

If you plan on dancing with the demonis, please take note of safety precautions.  Wear old clothes and just be aware that if you get too close you or your clothing could get caught by the sparks.

Noone I do believe has ever been hurt, so don’t worry too much. It looks more dangerous than it actually is!

There are a couple of other safety regulations, and that is not to throw water or take your own fireworks either.

It’s a great evening out, and one that you’re unlikely to see in most countries in Northern Europe.

the Correfoc Palma de Mallorca
The Correfoc Palma de Mallorca

What’s the weather like in Mallorca in January

The first weeks of January, or even the entire month of January are normally lovely. 

That said, we did experience “winter” in 2023 for a couple of weeks in mid-January. In 2022, these weeks were lovely and sunny.

Temperatures can range from 17 degrees to 8 degrees Celcius so expect a mixed bag with possible snow in the mountains.

If you would like to read more about winter weather in Mallorca, check out this article here.

If you are tempted to visit Mallorca in January, book your hotel room here.

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