If you are on holiday and see green sea in Mallorca, then you may be surprised. Mallorca is famed for its beautiful turquoise blue seas, but during the hot summer months and on various areas of the island, you may see the colour of the sea change.

Which resorts have green sea in Mallorca?

In July 2023, holidaymakers had noticed green seas in Palmanova, Mallorca. In fact green sea has also been spotted in other south west resort locations such as Santa Ponsa, Peguera, Camp de Mar and Sant Elm.

It’s not to say the blue sea turned bright green – it was just that the shoreline seemed a little greener than normal.

Why is the sea green in Mallorca?

Just to make clear, the sea isn’t green on all the beaches in Mallorca.

The green sea only applies to some of Mallorca’s beaches. This is not the first time it has happened either.

Over the 18 years I have been living on the island, I have seen green sea in Mallorca and it has only been during the hot summer months.

So to find out why we sometimes have green sea in Mallorca, I went in search of an official explanation.

I called Calvia Town Hall (for Palmanova, Santa Ponsa and Peguera) to ask them the cause of these phenomena. 

They said the green sea in Mallorca is due to a  “micro-organic decomposition of algae that happens during very hot weather.” 

As you have seen in my video, you will know that we have been experiencing very high temperatures on the island in the past few weeks. 

These higher temperatures lead to an increase of the growth of algae and plantain.

The plantain is microscopic which turns the sea green. It is commonly known as “phytoplankton.” It is these photosynthetic organisms which contain chlorophyll which then turned the sea green as the sun shines on the water in Mallorca.

You will also see if you snorkel that underwater the green hue is even more pronounced. The build up of this algae also leads to reduced visibility in the water if you are snorkelling.

In previous years,  I have seen green seas in Camp and Mar and St Elm during the hot summer months.  

If you have noticed this too, do let me know in comments below, and also which month you visited the island.

Green sea in Palmanova mallorca
Green Sea in Palmanova, Mallorca

What is being done about Green Sea in Mallorca?

This year, Andratx town hall announced on their Facebook page that pumps have been installed over at Camp de Mar and Sant Elm to help remove excessive nutrients, and keep the water circulating and the sea clear.

I’m unsure whether these pumps be installed in Palmanova as the beaches are larger and wider. I feel we will have to wait for the cooler temperatures for the sea to regain its turquoise colour.

The water quality on Mallorca’s beach is also checked regularly and green seas in Mallorca is normally attributed to warmer weather.

During July, the sea temperature in Mallorca is a lovely warm  28 degrees Celsius, so enjoy the water, and don’t worry about the green seas in Mallorca.

Keep an eye on the lifeguard flags. If green seas in Mallorca posed any threat to health, then the red lifeguard flag would be flying.

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