If you are planning a holiday to Puerto Pollensa, Alcudia, Muro, Can Picafort, did you know it is cheap and easy to go sightseeing by bus in North East Mallorca?

In this guide, you will see how easy it is to explore the North East of Mallorca by using the public TIB buses which are hassle-free to use.

You can read more about taking the TIB public buses in Mallorca, see how much it costs, and find out the best ways to pay in this article here.

You can also watch my guide to sightseeing in North East Mallorca on my Youtube channel here.

I will explore some of my favourite places in North East Mallorca starting in Pollensa Old Town, Cala Sant Vincent, Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia Old Town.

I will also explain how to get to Palya Formentor beach.

And all these places are linked together by comprehensive bus timetables.

Just be aware that some of these routes are only available during the Summer months so make sure you double check the bus is running before travelling out of season.

Car hire isn’t essential to get around the island but if you wish to explore these locations then please go ahead and rent your car here.

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Sightseeing in Pollensa Old Town

Pollensa Old Town is a must-see if you are sightseeing in North East Mallorca. It is not only jam-packed with Mallorca charm and history, but the town is also buzzing with activity year-round.

Walk around the town, and explore the small independent shops and boutiques.

Enjoy a meal in the many bars and restaurants where there are so many culinary options to choose from.

And pull up a chair in the main town square, order a tapa and a drink, and just enjoy people-watching.

There is a great market in Pollensa on Sunday mornings from around 8:30 to 13:30.

It’s a great place to pick up fresh local produce, bread, cheeses, olives and wines, as well as handicrafts and leather goods.

On the island in the winter months when there is little happening on North East Mallorca, Pollensa old town on a Sunday is the place to be.

You’ll find during the winter months on a Sunday, the town square is filled with residents enjoying a Sunday lunch paella.

However, the main reason visitors head to Pollensa is to head to Pollensa for the first time, is to climb the Calvarí Steps to the Calvario Chapel.

There are 365 steps in total to climb. If you are visiting in the Summer months, then go early before it gets too hot.

There are some seating blocks as you climb, allowing you to get your breath back and enjoy the views as you go.

Calvair Steps Mallorca

When you get to the top of the steps, you can enjoy the amazing views over to the Puig de Maria hillside.

The hike up the Puig de Maria is a great walk to do out of season and in the cooler months.

You can see it on my channel here. Filmed as one of my first videos on my channel *cringe*, it gives a great idea of what the walk is like.

And in my opinion, it is definitely a hike worth making.

Bus timetables to Pollensa Old Town

From C’an Picafort, Muro, Alcudia, Puerto Pollensa and Cala Sant Vincent, take the 322 bus. Click here for the timetable

From Palma, take the 301 bus. Click here for the timetable.

Sightseeing in Cala Sant Vincent

Exploring Cala Sant Vincent (Cala San Vincente) is not dissimilar to exploring paradise with some of the clearest and cleanest waters in the North East of Mallorca.

This area can get a little too busy during the Summer months, but go early and enjoy the peace and the best part of the day during peak season.

The water here is turquoise blue. It’s a great snorkelling destination too with excellent visibility and few boats and yachts disturbing the water.

The area is made up of little calas or coves. You will see the beach at Cala Barques when you enter from the road, and follow the path around to Cala Clara.

There are some great rocky areas too to sunbathe which provides an alternative to lying in the sand.

Cala Sant Vincent Mallorca

With restaurants and services nearby, this day trip to Cala Sant Vincent makes a great way to enjoy a different kind of day by the coast.

It’s even possible to hike one hour from Cala Sant Vincent to Puerto Pollensa, and many people do this even during the summer months.

I would recommend waiting for cooler weather but if you do make the walk, then take water with you.

You can find details of the hike here.

There are several other hiking routes around Cala Sant Vincent, but I would recommend waiting until out of season before making these walks.

Bus timetables to Cala Sant Vincent

Take the 322 bus from the direction of Alcudia or Can Picafort or from Pollensa. You can see the times here.

If you are travelling from outside of the Alcudia area, then take any bus to Alcudia and change there.

Sightseeing in Puerto Pollensa.

Even if you are staying in any of the other holiday resorts in North East Mallorca, I would recommend spending some time in Puerto Pollensa.

It’s not only one of Mallorca´s most iconic holiday resorts, with several historical hotels, but it’s packed with things to do.

As well as exploring the famous Puerto Pollensa Pine Walk, the area is popular for cycling (there is a great cycle path running through the town to Alcudia and beyond), as well as activities for watersports fanatics too.

It´s also a great place to come for a meal and watch the world go by.

As well as the main beach, Puerto Pollensa has several little beaches which lie off the Pine Walk, which are shaded by the trees and offer protection from the midday sun.

Plus there are some great boat trips to book here from the Port area.

Puerto Pollensa Mallorca

The Puerto Pollensa market is at the time of writing being held away from the town square on a Wednesday due to renovations, but it is hoped to make a return to the square during Summer 2022.

If you want to read more about what it’s like to holiday in Puerto Pollensa, you can do so here.

But this is a great opportunity to spend some time experiencing this hugely popular and unique resort, even if you are staying elsewhere on the island.

Bus timetables to Puerto Pollensa

Sightseeing in Alcudia Old Town

Alcudia Old Town is in my opinion the most pristine and well-kept old town in Mallorca. It’s absolutely spotless and a delight to visit.

Plus it’s so easy to explore and peaceful too since most of the town has been pedestrianized.

Alcudia’s old town lies within the old walls of the town which have a very forboding appearance to those who enter but give this town its unique charm and character.

However, it´s possible to walk around the tops of the walls and enjoy some great views across the area.

There is a fabulous market in Alcudia Old Town lying right near the bus station on a Tuesdays and Sunday between 08:30 and 1:30 so expect these days to be busier when visiting.

And for the rest of the time, shopping in Alcudia’s old town is completely catered for the visitors to the area.

With small, picturesque independent shops selling everything from locally made products, toiletries, ceramics and clothes, there is plenty to keep visitors occupied.

You can also see evidence of Alcudia Old Town’s Roman heritage through the old Roman ruins of Pollentia which lie on the outside of the walls.

You do not have to pre-book tickets, but tickets to enter and explore cost 6€ .

From the hotels closet on the Alcudia Port side of the beach area, you can actually walk to Alcudia Old Town in around half an hour if you do not want to take the bus.

However plenty of buses pour into the bus station, and you can always jump onto the bus and enjoy the ride.

Sightseeing in North East Mallorca

Bus timetables to Alcudia

Travelling from Palma, you can take the 301 bus. Find the timetable here.

Staying nearby, you can take the 322 and 324 to Alcudia.

Sightseeing in Playa Formentor beach and lighthouse

Taking a trip to Playa Formentor is slightly more of a mission during the summer months and it can get busy.

However, this beach area is reminiscent of the Caribbean. Similar to Cala St Vincent, the water here is crystal turquoise blue.

There is little else to see and do, but swim and sunbathe in incredibly stunning surroundings, but it’s still worth making the trip.

You can also take a boat excursion here if you want to avoid the crowds on the buses and the winding roads. You can book this here.

The Hotel Formentor has been bought and is currently being transformed into a luxury hotel by Bill Gates. Watch this space to find out more when it opens!

It is also worth continuing on the bus to Formentor Lighthouse for even more incredible views and some great photo opportunities.

Bus timetables to Formentor

The bus is the only way to travel to Palya Formentor beach as the road is closed over the summer to traffic.

Take the 334 from Alcudia, which also stops off at Puerto Pollensa. You can see the timetable here.

Just make sure that on the day you wish to book a hotel double check that there are no cycling events taking place on these roads.

Booking Car in Mallorca

If you’re still wishing to book a car in Mallorca to make routes such as this at your leisure, then do rent a car here.