Check out 17 GREAT things to do in Playa de Muro Majorca (Mallorca) if you are planning a holiday to the most beautiful beach resort on this beautiful Balearic Island.

Playa de Muro is also known as Platja de Muro and it is a purpose-built holiday resort located in the northeast of Mallorca.

The resort forms the middle section of the biggest beach in the Balearic islands stretching from Alcudia Port to C’an Picafort, and is so beautiful with its beautiful white sands and crystalline waters, it has been voted the 17th best beach in the World on the 2023 Trip Advisor Traveller’s Choice awards and the 5th best beach in Europe.

Its location between these Alcudia and Can Picafort means easy access to both of these resorts, so I will include some easily accessible and popular activities in all three of these resorts.

Playa de Muro is packed with things to do in the Summer months. Here is a selection of the best.

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1. Build Sandcastles on Playa de Muro Beach

Visiting Playa de Muro beach is an experience closest to visiting the Caribbean without leaving Europe. It is also a great place to build sandcastles in Mallorca as the sand is fine and golden, and there is a lot of it!

But it’s not just sand castle building that is worth doing on Palya de Muro Beach.

The beach here is absolutely stunning and for this reason, spending time on these sands is my number one choice for things to do in Playa de Muro Majorca.

The sand is white and the seas are turquoise and are perfect for not just swimming but also for strolling.

You can rent sunbeds for 18,15€ (2 sunbeds and a beach umbrella – I’ll update this price for 2023 if this changes). However, it is more expensive to rent sunbeds here than most other resorts in Mallorca (expect to pay 4€ to 5€ less elsewhere).

The beach umbrellas have security boxes fixed so you can leave your phone and wallet in them when you go into the water.

If you want to walk off the holiday excesses from the hotel dinner buffet, then walk south from Playa to Muro to either Can Picafort and return by bus, or walk north to Alcudia Port and take the bus back.

One word of warning though. I do find watersports activities to be more expensive along the entire Alcudia beach and Playa de Muro area than in other resorts on the island.

Any costs mentioned were correct as of 2022, but I’ll update this article when the season starts.

Also do take care when using water sports equipment. The wind can pick up right off the coastline here and the waters on a windy day can get choppy.

If weather conditions look choppy, then I would recommend paddling, sailing or rowing parallel to the shoreline, rather than heading out into the bay.

To find out more about taking the bus in Mallorca, check out this article here.

Guide to Playa de Muro Mallorca

2. Playa de Muro Paddleboarding

Right along Playa de Muro beach are many water sports activities and you’ll find the watersports huts spaced evenly right along the stretch of beach, allowing you to rent in many convenient locations.

The watersports huts will only operate during the Summer season, and often you will find them disappear on the first week of November, and opening again during late March (depending on the weather or early April).

But Paddleboarding is a great way to explore this spectacular stretch of coastline and it’s easy to do with minimum instruction.

3. Windsurfing in Playa de Muro

If you are holidaying in Mallorca, and are able to windsurf and unable to take your windsurfing equipment with you, then rent it from Playa de Muro beach.

In 2022, it cost 30€ to rent windsurf equipment for an hour.

You may also be able to get a lesson at many of these equipment rental areas too. Just ask!

4.Kayaking in Playa de Muro

Kayaking is such a fun way to explore the coastline and many watersports rental areas have both single and double kayaks for rent.

The cost of a single kayak for an hour in Summer 2022 was 18€ and the cost for a double was 25€.

This is the perfect family activity in Playa de Muro and it’s also a great way to stay fit on holiday.

5. Kitesufing in Playa de Muro

If you are visiting Playa de You are most likely to enjoy kitesurfing outside of peak season in the Spring and Autumn when the winds along this stretch of coastline are at their strongest.

There are plenty of rental points to rent kitesurf equipment and prices start from around 45€.

Check out Watersports Mallorca and also enquire about lessons.

This company offer lessons for all the family depending on the sport you wish to learn.

6. Surfing in Playa de Muro

Throughout the hot summer months, the sea off Playa de Muro is normally calm, however, I have known storms hit in August and in 2018, they actually had temporarily ban swimming due to high winds and stormy seas.

So if you do see the red flag flying from the beaches and the waves have picked up, these can be perfect surfing conditions. It’s possible to rent surf equipment right along the coast here.

The cost of renting a surfboard is approximately 18€ for an hour.

7. Playa de Muro Pedalos

The cost of pedalo rental along the Alcudia beach resort, Playa de Muro and up to Can Picafort is the same and in Summer 2022, they were the most expensive resorts to rent pedalos from on the island.

Costs per hour were 20€ per hour whereas everywhere else an hour’s pedalo rental was around 16€.

However, this is a great activity in Playa de Muro and so much fun to do with all the family.

8. Wing Foil in Mallorca

Wing Foil or wing foiling is a NEW watersport that has now come to Mallorca. It can be described as a combination of surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing all rolled into one.

Wing foil uses a hydrofoil board and a handheld wing and is propelled through the water by the wind.

The faster you go, the more the board rises out of the water on the foil (which is fitted to the underside of the surfboard. And it has become hugely popular in Mallorca.

The equipment is less heavy and cumbersome than windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment and less wind is required to pick up speed.

You can also enquire about wing foiling at Watersports Mallorca.

wing foil mallorca
Wing Foil Mallorca

9. Parasailing in Playa de Muro

You will see various parasailing points along Playa de Muro beach and the cost is in the region of 60€ for 10 minutes in the air.

It is quite expensive but it’s still a spectacular experience to see the coastline from the sky.

During peak season I would advise booking directly at the parasailing points as this activity can get rather busy.

10. See the Dolphins from Playa de Muro

One of my favourite recommendations for things to do in Playa de Muro is to go and see the dolphins.

My favourite option is to jump on the 324 bus to Alcudia Port and catch this small and intimate boat trip to see the dolphins.

I’ve done this trip and it’s fantastic as the boat is small and you get so incredibly close to the dolphins, it’s an absolutely magical and bucket list experience.

I would recommend this trip over and above many other dolphin trips on larger boats. And you can book it here:


You can also venture down the coast to Can Picafort and pick up a dolphin cruise then. When the 2023 season starts, I’ll post the link to this dolphin-watching boat trip here.

Alcudia Dolphin Watching & Sunrise Coast Cruise with Guide
Alcudia: Dolphin Watching & Sunrise Coast Cruise with Guide: We got THIS close! BOOK HERE

11. Catarmaran Cruise from Playa de Muro

One of the most exhilarating experiences to try on holiday in Playa de Muro is heading out on a catamaran experience boat trip. But don’t worry if you can’t sail or don’t have experience.

For just 65€ for a group of two, a monitor will take you into the bay and you can actively take part in sailing along this stretch of coastline.

This trip is fantastic as it includes all safety gear and insurance too, and it is a fantastic family activity particularly if you want to give your children their first real sailing experience.

Book this experience right here.

12. Jet Ski from Playa de Muro

You can rent jet skis from Alcudia, all the way up through the Playa de Muro to Can Picafort. Even if you don’t have a license, there are jet ski tours for adults over 18.

As soon as the season starts, I will give an idea of prices and how you can book these, once I know what is open, but expect to budget in the region of 100€ for a half-hour jet ski excursion.

13. Horseriding on Playa de Muro

I can really recommend visiting Rancho Ses Roques just along the coast in Alcudia on a horseriding and wine-tasting activity with Rancho Ses Roques.

We’ve ridden at Rancho Ses Roques many times before and the guided horse treks are for riders of all levels – even absolute beginners and young children.

There is also a petting zoo, and the opportunity to taste some local wines too.

You can book this here.

14. Visiting the S’Albufera Natural Park

Bird watchers and nature lovers will want to visit the very lovely S’Albufera Natural Park in Playa de Muro. Plus the S’Albufera Natural park is just lovely to walk around.

You can see how beautiful it is in this video clip here and also read more about it here.

15. Visiting the Markets around Playa de Muro

Being based in Playa de Muro means being centrally located close to two fantastic markets in the northeast of Mallorca.

Jump on the 324 TIB bus which runs frequently during Summer months along these three resorts (and you can find the timetable here) you can visit the Can Picafort market on a Friday from 8:30am to 1pm or the Market in Alcudia Old Town on Sunday and Tuesday, also at 8:30 to 1pm.

To find more markets in Mallorca, check out this guide to Mallorca markets here.

16. Renting bikes Playa de Muro

The Playa de Muro is a cyclist’s paradise because the main road running in from the coast is flat, straight and long!

There are many bicycle rental and repair shops on the main road going through Playa de Muro. I counted at least four, and they are all located near the Iberostar Playa de Muro hotel which you can’t miss!

Bike rentals, depending on what you rent cost in the region of 10€ per hour. Make sure you ask for a helmet too!

Warning: Just be careful in peak season as the traffic is heavier and there are a lot of tourists around trying to cross this main road, so please slow down when cycling through main resort areas.

17. Things to do in Playa de Muro Majorca – Sightseeing around the North East Mallorca

For more things just outside the Playa de Muro, check out an article I’ve written here about easily visiting Pollensa old town, Cala Sant Vincent, Puerto Pollensa, and Alcudia old town from here.

All these locations are easily accessible by the TIB public transport system and you can read about them here.

To find out more about taking the red and yellow TIB bus in Mallorca, check out this link here.

You can read more about what it’s like to holiday in Playa de Muro in this article here, so please check it out before you book your holiday.

You can also read more about neighbouring Alcudia in this article here, and Can Picafort in this article here.

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