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We are in the middle of the Summer season here, and the island as is as expected, extremely busy.

While most holidaymakers are enjoying their holiday, there are a few peak season problems in Mallorca this Summer we are experiencing that I would like to address.

Peak season problems in Mallorca eating out

I’ve seen many restaurants turn customers away as well as queues forming outside popular restaurants in main resorts.

I have recommended in the past reserving a table particularly if you are a large party.  

But do not be surprised though if you can’t get a table booking.  

Many restaurants aren’t accepting bookings because in some instances people do not show up.

Try your luck at booking a table and if not, take your chances later. 

My recommendation is to aim to go out for dinner before 8pm as this is the time restaurants get very busy.  

Alternatively, go for dinner at around 9.30 to 10pm as the 8pm diners start to finish eating and you should find a table. 

Above all, please don’t lose your patience in restaurants with waiting staff. If you’re finding longer than normal waiting times whether you are placing your order, receiving your food or even getting the bill. 

The entire hospitality is extremely short-staffed this Summer.  So getting angry will not get you served any quicker.  And great manners and patience go a long way. 

Now I heard in the news some restaurants charging extras that shouldn’t be on the bill, so charging extra for terrace space, tap water, or for placing a set table with knives, forks and plates.

Tap water legally must be given free if requested.  

If the restaurant asks if you would like bread, check if there is a charge and that this cost is on the menu before agreeing, because this is likely the cost will be added to your bill.

Also, I haven’t experienced hidden costs myself when eating out in Mallorca, but always double-check your bill before paying.

Any extras like this should be clearly advertised before you decide to dine there.   

If you feel you have been unduly charged then ask the restaurant for the claims sheet hoja de reclamación” – you’ll need to fill this in, keep your receipt and leave a copy with the establishment, keep a copy and then submit a copy to the Oficina Municipal de Información al Consumidor (municipal consumer information office) which is actually to the left-hand side of the main steps by the meat section in Mercat Oliver market in Palma. 

Of course, it’s unlikely that any tourist will do this. But holidaymakers are taking to social media instead. 

So please feel free if you’ve been unfairly charged to let us know on the Mallorca Under the Sun Facebook group.

Please tip for good service

This is addressing the problem of low salaries in the hospitality industry. So please also remember to tip if you have received good service. 

Hospitality staff on the island are generally not well paid.  If you are dining in an extremely expensive restaurant or staying in a high-end hotel,  then the chances are these workers are being paid pretty much the same as other less high-end establishments.  

Do not assume that high-end hotels or restaurants are filled with highly paid staff. Most aren’t.

So please tip what you can afford but try and leave around 10% of the bill.

Or just tip for good service, so for example when you leave your hotel room and your cleaner has done a great job.

Taxi problems in Palma and around the resorts

I am still seeing long queues at taxi ranks around the island, especially in Palma in the evening.  Waiting for a taxi this summer requires patience. 

Try and take the bus where possible and if you are taking a taxi, be prepared for a longer than normal wait. 

You can read more about taking a taxi in Mallorca here.

Bus problems in Mallorca

You can read all about using the public TIB buses in Mallorca here. This also includes a quick video guide too, so please go ahead and check this out.

Because of the sheer number of visitors on the island, many of the buses are not strictly running to the timetable. So please be aware of this.

I just want to add, however, to be doubly careful if you are using your bank card to get on or off the bus.

And you only tap the card for the number of people travelling. Because you will get charged if you tap for the incorrect number of times.

I received a message from a holidaymaker who had been incorrectly charged.

If this happens to you, then please lodge your complaint directly with the bus company here.

taking the bus mallorca

Problems in Mallorca with air conditioning?

This week, you may well have read about the threat that Spain will be turning down the air conditioning just as we’re in the middle of yet another reported heatwave. 

Of course, this news has been sensationalised by the tabloid press, particularly in the UK. 

But I’m happy to report that this is unlikely that this measure affect your Mallorca holiday too much. 

The new ruling will apply to public buildings. It will mean these public spaces will not be able to have their airconditioning below 27 degrees, and in some cases, 25 degrees Celsius and street lights will be dimmed in an attempt to create a 25% saving on the demand for energy. 

Now I can’t believe how many messages I have received about this issue from worried holidaymakers.

To confirm, if your hotel room, apartment or villa does have air conditioning, then you will be able to use it.  

You won’t notice much difference because this new airconditioning rule will apply to bars, nightclubs, gyms and shopping centres.

And to avoid greater problems for the Spanish electricity supply, please avoid placing the airconditioning on the lowest possible temperature if you don’t have to.

Above all, close the windows or doors when you are running air-conditioning because otherwise, you are literally wasting energy which could lead to further problems in the future.

Palma International Airport Update

Finally, most flights coming into and leaving Palma International airport are going out largely on time.  

Many of the airline disputes have been solved now, and for any up-and-coming strikes, it is hoped that minimum services will run.

I’ve heard very few reports of long delays. There are a few problems in Mallorca with baggage handling as one friend reported who came into the island, and the information screens in the airport sent passengers to the wrong luggage belt. 

And on the subject of luggage, avoid using the type of bag services where you can send your bag ahead of your journey if you’re flying to Mallorca from the UK. 

I’ve heard reports of holidaymakers’ suitcases sent from the UK to Mallorca being caught indefinitely in customs and the contents being subject to customs charges.

In fact, the website advises against using this service from the UK for the purposes of going on holiday.

Mallorca transfers

Entry Requirements Update for Visitors from Third Countries

Please go back and look at my last video and article about entry requirements to Spain from third countries such as the UK and USA. 

I just want to confirm that there is absolutely nothing to worry about here.

The press has printed some alarming reports, however, checks are not being made on holidaymakers.

Also, you may well have read in the press that Britons will face further requirements as of next year when entering the Balearics with the implementation of the ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System).

And photographs and fingerprints will be taken as part of an updated entry and exit system. 

Again, please do not worry about this for now.  It’s purely designed to replace passport stamping.  

In fact, if you have travelled to the USA from the UK and Europe, you will have seen this in action.  

This will eventually apply to visitors to Spain who are from countries which are not part of the EU. 

I will announce when this will take place and what is involved but for now, it’s not something to worry about.

Please do not worry about what you read in the papers.  I said this last week.  If there is anything that will massively affect your holiday to Mallorca, then you will hear about it first on my Youtube channel, so don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the notifications bell to get the news updates.