In this article, find out what to expect if you are visiting Mallorca in October from the weather, how busy resorts are, what to wear and things to do and key events taking place in the month. 

The 31st of October signals the end of the Summer season in Mallorca, so the month of October is your final call to organise a Summer holiday until 2024 when the season officially starts on 1 May (or unofficially for Easter which in 2024 is held at the end of March).

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What’s the Weather like in Mallorca in October?

While October signals the end of the tourist season, do not expect the weather to be like the weather in July and August.

With shorter days, expect mornings and evenings to be cooler and the weather to be mixed and slightly unpredictable.

Expect highs of 25 degrees Celsius and lows of 16 degrees Celsius. Also expect the sun to shine to enjoy lovely days on the beach, and other days with clouds, showers or storms.

Autumn weather can be hard to predict, but if we go by the high temperatures and the sunshine enjoyed in October 2022 then you could be in for a late summer treat by booking your stay on the island.

Is it busy in Mallorca in October?

This year, I’ve heard that some schools particularly in the UK will be having a 2-week half-term holiday rather than one, so expect to see more families on the island at the end of the month than you normally would do.

This could make the October school holidays more expensive around the final two weeks of the month.

And with the rise of Summer holiday prices, expect those who missed out in July and August to enjoy an end-of-summer break on the island.

That said, you will find beaches to be much less busy than you would be in the Summer months. It’s a much more pleasant time to visit Mallorca if you wish to avoid the crowds and really high temperatures.

Puerto Pollensa Mallorca in October
Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca in October

With cooler temperatures, tourism hotspots – so Mallorca’s old towns, Palma city centre, market days etc I predict will be busy too.

If you do visit these tourist hotspots, please look after your valuables and read about crime in Mallorca here.

If you do decide to visit Palma, then check out my mini-guide for things to do in Palma de Mallorca here.

Sunrise and sunset time in Mallorca in October

The later sunrise and sunset times in Mallorca will also mean that the day will be shorter.

Sunrise times will be just before 8 a.m., and sunset times are at around 19:30 p.m. 

Days will be shorter than you will find during the longer hotter summer months and bear in mind that the official Summer time ends on the clocks will go back one hour on the 29 October 2023.

Can you swim in the seas in Mallorca in October?  

The water will still be warm and perfectly suitable for swimming as it will have retained much of the heat from the Summer. 

The sea will be much warmer than you will find in Mallorca in May for example and regardless of any rain or storms that Mallorca has in the Autumn, you will find the sea to be perfectly refreshing.

You will also find lifeguards still patrolling the beaches until 31 October. 

What to wear in Mallorca in October

Mornings and evenings are usually much cooler than you would find in July and for this reason, it’s unlikely you will be going to the beach until a little later in the morning.

Beach days will be shorter too, so my advice is to take a sweatshirt to the beach as you may need it.

You will also find the temperatures to be cooler in the evening.  I would recommend bringing a light jacket or cardigan for wearing out in the evening if you are going out for dinner, and maybe some jeans or trousers too.

Word of warning, visiting Mallorca in October

You will find restaurants using up items and maybe not replacing them as we approach the end of the season.  

So you may find your favourite ice cream shops with fewer ice creams or meals being off the menu.  

As many establishments close at the end of October, it could be said that this is the wind-down month so they are not left with stock that can go out of date over the winter.

Things to do in Mallorca in October

Hiking and cycling are very much back on the agenda in October, and cooler temperatures give much relief to those wishing to take part in outdoor sports.

Check out the Mallorca Hiking playlist on the Mallorca Under the Sun YouTube channel for some easy but spectacular walks here.

It’s also a much better time of year to get into the heart of Mallorca, explore the hilltop towns and visit the local markets.

You can find a list of the best weekly markets worth visiting in this article here.

mallorca markets in october
Shopping for locally made products in Mallorca in October

I predict that the Mallorca will still be busy in October, but the cooler temperatures will make visiting a little more pleasant.

With warmer seas, this is also a great time of year to enjoy the final boat trips of the season.

I have plenty of recommendations which you can find on the Get Your Guide banner below.

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For further inspiration, check out favourite things to do in Alcudia here, and in Cala d’Or here. Also, check out the Experiences page on the website here!

The public transport is also likely to be a little less busy than the Summer months and more pleasant to use.

You can find out more about getting around Mallorca here.

Nightlife in Mallorca in October

Do not expect the nightlife in Mallorca in October to be anything like the nightlife in July and August.

You will find Magaluf Strip will be a much quieter affair with much of the The Strip closed by the end of October. 

You will have read in the Mallorca in September Guide that BCM Nightclub holds its closing party at the end of September, which signals the end of Summer as you know it on the Strip. 

To see how empty Magaluf beachfront and strip is at the end of the season, check out my live stream from here at the end of October 2022.  

You will see along the beach front there are very few restaurants open, and you can follow this journey through the Strip right here.

Getting Around Mallorca in October

Getting around Mallorca in October will be a much more pleasant experience.

The cooler temperatures and the reduced number of tourists and waiting for buses will be more pleasant.

Plus you are less likely to see buses pass by full. But all the bus timetables, including those with a Summer timetable, will still be running so although visiting Mallorca in October is out of peak season, you will find it much easier to get around.

To find out more about getting around Mallorca using public transport here.

There is a full guide here to use the islandwide TIB buses and here to use the Palma city EMT buses here.

Events in Mallorca in October

12 October 2023 Public Holiday La Fiesta Nacional o Día de la Hispanidad is a day to celebrate National Spain Day.  It is also held to commemorate the discovery by Christopher Columbus of the Americas.

In Mallorca on the Día de la Hispanidad, you will usually find a market along the Paseo Maritime and along the old town walls.

15 October 2023 – TUI Marathon – The route for the TUI Marathon will take place around Parc de la Mar on Palma’s seafront, Palma Old Town, to the Port and then in the other direction to Molinar. 

You can find out more about the TUI Marathon here.

14 October 2023 Challenge Peguera – this triathlon takes place in the Calvia area and dominates the area around the resort.

For both the TUI Marathon and Challenge Peguera, please be aware of road closures and buses being rerouted which may disrupt your plans for the day if you are not taking part.

6 – 29 October 2023Mostra de Cuines in Calvia – This is an event for all foodies keen to taste some traditional Mallorca cuisine for less.

Designed to showcase food in participating restaurants through Calvia’s resort, you will be able to enjoy a menu del día (a set price menu) in resorts including Santa Ponsa, Palmanova and Magaluf.

You will find this taking place in Peguera on the 6 -8 October, Portals Nous on the 13-15 October, Palmanova and Magaluf on the 20-22 October and Santa Ponsa and Costa de la Calma on 27 to 29 October 2023.

30 September to 21 October 2023 – Puerto Soller Classical Music – This is a must-visit for any classical music enthusiasts. The event starts in September but enjoys a programme of three concerts taking place on the 7, 14 and 21 October 2023 in the Church in Port de Soller.

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