Cala d’Or in Mallorca is a great destination for a Summer holiday. So check out my list of top 12 things to do in and around Cala d’Or.

Cala d’Or provides the ultimate relaxing holiday. Packed full of hotels, apartments and beautiful low-rise white washed. villas, many visitors to Cala d’Or are happy to while away the days lying beside the hotel swimming pool.

However, for those keen to break out and explore the area, here is a selection of 12 things to do in and around Cala d’Or to help you get the most out of your holiday.

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1. Book a boat trip in Cala d’Or

All around Cala d’Or are opportunities to book boat trips. This is by far the best way to see this area of Mallorca.

My advice is to head to Cala d’Or Marina where you will find numerous opportunities to book a charter or even a shared charter.

I can recommend going aboard the Capalina shared charter in Cala d’Or. We experienced a 2.5 hour shared charter in July 2022 and you can see our amazing experience in this video playing on this page.

It really is fantastic value for money if you do not want to charter an entire boat yourself.

In 2022, the cost to join the Capalina shared charter is just 99€ per person, and everything is included.

This means lunch, drinks, and the use of the snorkelling, paddleboard, and bodyboard equipment on the boat. There are life jackets if needed and pool noodles too.

You only need to take your swimwear and beach towel.

There is an option to charter the entire boat for your party which will cost 1,000€ for a party of 10.

There are other boat trips that can be booked in Cala d’Or. Just take a walk around Cala d’Or Marina and explore your options.

2. Watersports in Cala d’Or Marina

There are many more watersports activities to enjoy from Cala d’Or Marina.

You can join a fishing boat charter with the Sea Riders, or even join a jet ski tour.

The cost of a jet ski tour is 99€ for half an hour jet tour from Cala d’Or Marina and you can book it here:

The tour includes a tour guide, fuel, and insurance. What’s more, a jet ski license is not required.

3. Visit the Cala Mondrago and Playa S’Amarador Natural Park

One of the most beautiful coves and beaches in Mallorca is in the Cala Mondrago and Playa S’Amarado Natural Park.

The two beaches link together by an adjoining path which also offers stunning views of the turquoise waters.

This area does get extremely busy during the Summer months.

If you are visiting with a party, then there is a lovely shaded picnic area from Cala Mondrago.

There are also a couple of restaurants on the beach and on the main road leading into Cala Mondrago.

Take the walkway around to Playa S’Amarador. From here there are various points you can jump off the rocks into the water (be careful!), snorkel and swim.

You’ll see many superyachts moored here too.

There are beach chringuitos (beach bars) where you can get refreshments and toilets too.

There is also a car park a short walk from both Cala Mondrago and Playa S’Amarador.

Playa S'Amarador Mallorca
Playa S’Amarador, Mallorca

My tip is to arrive early in the Summer to ensure you can get a parking spot.

You can also get the 521 TIB bus from Cala d’Or to Cala Mondrago.

If you want to see how to take TIB bus in Mallorca, you can read about it here.

4. Dolphin Watching in Cala d’Or

A must-do activity in Cala d’Or is to see the dolphins. You will see the Starfish glass bottom catamarans cruising the calas picking up passengers several times a day.

The catamaran follows a route along the coast so this is a great way to see the other calas (or coves).

The boat then heads out into the water towards the fishing boats where the dolphins will be waiting.

It’s almost guaranteed that you will see the dolphins. Besides, where there is food, there are dolphins.

You can read more about dolphin watching in Cala d’Or here.

The cost of this excursion is around 50€ for an adult and 30€ per child.

It includes a stop-off at Cala Mondrago for a snorkel and swim, so essentially this is two days out for the price of one!

5. Explore the coves in Cala d’Or

Cala d’Or as a resort is quite spread out and covers a large area.

So if you so wish you can explore the many calas on foot.

From Cala Gran beach, you can easily walk to Cala Petita, as well as down to the Marina.

From there you can also walk to Caló des Pou and over to Cala Egos.

Going in the other direction from Cala Gran beach, you will arrive at Cala Esmeralda and then Cala Ferrera and onto Cala Serena.

Don’t forget I have videos showing exactly what these Calas are like on my Youtube channel and you can watch them here:

Cala d’Or in Autumn

Cala d’Or in Spring:

6. Visit the Night Markets in Cala d’Or

During the Summer months, you will find a couple of night markets in Cala d’Or.

The most popular is the night market in Cala d’Or centre around Burger King in Plaza Toni Costa.

Here you will find some great holiday souvenirs including clothes, jewellery and arts and crafts.

The market runs from around 18:30 until 23:00.

There is also a night market in Cala Egos centre on a Thursday evening also running from 18:30 until 23:00 where you will also find similar products.

I would be really keen to see photos from either of these Cala d’Or markets. So please go and post your experience over on the Mallorca under the Sun Facebook group here.

mallorca under the sun amazon shop

7. Golfing in Cala d’Or

Golfing enthusiasts will enjoy some of the best golfing on the island at the Vall d’Or golf club.

This 18-hole golf course is different to many others in that it is elevated with amazing coastal views.

With all the facilities expected from a high-end golf club, visitors can also enjoy a meal at the Máxime restaurant.

8. Horse riding in Cala d’Or

For those looking to get out and explore the Cala d’Or countryside on horseback, then there are some great horse riding excursions to enjoy.

Rancho Jaume is the go-to riding stables in Cala d’Or offering tours of the calas, coves and countryside.

Of course, you will not see horse tours taking place during peak season, but this is a great professional centre to try for an alternative activity, whatever your horseriding level.

9. Nightlife in Cala d’Or

The nightlife in Cala d’Or is not as lively as you would find on the South West of the island in resorts such as Magaluf or El Arenal, but the nightlife here is fun all the same.

The main areas to enjoy include the bars and restaurants along Cala d’Or Marina, and also in Cala d’Or Centre.

Visitors looking for a place to dance into the early hours of the morning should head to Club Tiempo which opens at 22:00.

Located on Carrer Toni Costa 33, in Cala d’Or, you can see where this and many of the other bars are located in Cala d’Or centre.

10. Visit Es Forti in Cala d’Or

Cala d’Or lacks the historical monuments that you would find in Palma.

Therefore I would recommend if you are looking to uncover some history and architecture in Cala d’Or, my recommendation is to visit Es Forti.

Built as a military base in1793, Es Forti is also a site of Cultural Interest here in Mallorca.

You can get views of Es Forti from Cala Petita, or you may wish to walk there from Cala d’Or marina.

Es Forti Cala d'Or Mallorca
Es Forti, Cala d’Or, Mallorca

11. Visit the Caves of Drach or Caves of Hams

For one of the top 12 things to do in and around Cala d’Or, jump on the local bus to Porto Cristo to visit the Caves of Drach and the Caves of Hams.

This is a great excursion to make if you’ve had too much sun and your skin is screaming for a break.

Head underground at either of these two attractions to see incredible rock formations.

And then enjoy a walk through Porto Cristo itself.

You can book tours from Cala d’Or here to the Caves of Drach and the Hams Caves:

Alternatively, take the 428 TIB bus to Porto Cristo at the bus stop at the top of Cala d’Or town centre.

You can see my experience of the caves of Hams in this video here:

12. Visit Portopetro from Cala d’Or

A visit to Cala d’Or needn’t be all about the beautiful beaches and coves.

Just a 10-minute bus journey on the 521 TIB bus will take you to the heart of Portopetro, where you can experience a real working fishing village.

Come here to enjoy an evening meal, and stroll along the harbourside.

There are some great fish restaurants here too.

If you have found more things to do in Cala d’Or that I haven’t mentioned in this article, please leave me a comment below.

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