Find out what to expect from Mallorca in April if you are planning an early Spring holiday to the island.

The Summer season officially starts on 1 May, but with Easter in 2024 falling at the end of March we see a ‘soft opening’ in many resorts around Mallorca as the island begins to wake up from its winter break.

This article will outline what you need to know about what it’s like in the resorts, how busy it will be, the weather and what to pack as well as some key events going on during the month.

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The advantages of booking a holiday to Mallorca in April?

With cooler temperatures and the island preparing to open again for the Summer season, April is possibly the best time to visit Mallorca.

This is possibly also the best time to travel around the island if you intend to explore the old towns and mountains before the Summer heat hits.

I particularly recommend sightseeing Mallorca’s capital Palma to see the sights and make the most of the cooler temperatures.

You can read about things to do in Palma de Mallorca in April in this article here.

Sightseeing in Palma de Mallorca
Spring is the best time for sightseeing in Palma de Mallorca

Plus you will enjoy the island without the tourist hoards who start to arrive as soon as the season starts on 1 May.

You will also find the beaches largely empty, and it is much easier to get a table in a restaurant without always having to book in advance or queue. However, if you are eating out at the weekends, then I do recommend booking a table in a restaurant at whatever time of year you wish to visit.

Sightseeing around Palma is also a more pleasant experience with fewer people visiting the city.

Plus it’s a cheaper time of year to visit the island.

With fewer visitors, cooler temperatures, and hiking, cycling and sightseeing opportunities galore, April is a fantastic month to visit Mallorca. Find your package holiday here, or self-package your break here

The disadvantages of booking a holiday to Mallorca in April

Everything that you would normally find open or operating during the Summer months isn’t necessarily open in April.

With the official start of the season starting at the beginning of May, many hotels and businesses also choose to wait to open until then, although it is likely that the majority will be opening early.

This can give a slightly empty feeling in areas to some of the resorts, particularly if they are still ongoing refurbishments.

All of the major attractions will be open in April except for the waterparks.

Overall in April, you’ll also find there to be fewer visitors to the island, but for many people, this is a good thing unless you prefer your Mallorca holiday experience to be busy and bustling.

How busy are resorts in Mallorca in April?

But don’t expect the resorts to be as busy as they are in July and August when you are visiting Mallorca in April.

You will find the main resorts such as Magaluf, Palmanova, Santa Ponsa, Puerto Pollensa, Cala Millor and others to be more “open” than others on the island and many of these will ensure they place beach umbrellas and sunbeds on the beaches ahead of the Easter weekend.

Palmanova Mallorca in April
The umbrellas going up in time for Easter in Palmanova

It’s unlikely though that the pedalos and the watersports that you would normally find down on the beaches during the Summer months to be operating until 1 May.

However, you can expect an overall more pleasant experience visiting Mallorca in April with fewer tourists and lots more opportunities to explore.

What’s the weather like in Mallorca in April?

The weather in April in Mallorca can be a real mix. We will begin to experience much warmer days, but an often keen wind blows across the beaches which can keep those temperatures cool.

As a resident, I do love this time of year. Some days you can visit the beach, and other days it’s cool enough to go hiking. In my opinion, the weather creates the perfect conditions for an active stay on the island.

If you want to visit the beaches in April, then find a sheltered cove and when the sun does come out, you will find temperatures to be extremely warm.

So don’t forget your sun cream. The strength of the sun in April in Mallorca can be deceiving. Bring at least factor 30 spf sun cream and limit your time in the sun.

Don’t be surprised too to experience the occasional showery or cloudy day. Also, evening temperatures can be cool too, so don’t forget to pack accordingly.

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Can you swim in the sea in Mallorca in April?

Yes, you can. Many residents will swim all year round, as will visitors on holiday in Mallorca.

However, this will be a cool swim as the temperatures will not have had the opportunity to warm up from the winter months.

You will find the sea to be crystal clear simply because of the lack of marine traffic over the winter months.

So pack your swimwear. It’s not unusual to experience some hot days in April so you will be glad you did.

What’s the nightlife like in Mallorca in April?

If you want to visit Mallorca to enjoy a vibrant nightlife, then April is only the warm-up to the season.

You will not find the party resorts such as Magaluf or the Playa de Palma to be as busy as you would find in the Summer months.

I visited Magaluf in the last week of April in 2023, and you can see how busy the Strip was on a Friday night in April here.

However, it’s a great time to experience a lower-key Mallorca nightlife experience.

In Mallorca in April, are bars and restaurants open?

Yes, they are, and because Easter Sunday fell on the 31 March in 2024, you will find many popular bars and resorts opening then.

In previous years, many restaurants wait until opening a weekend before Palm Sunday. So bear that in mind if you are looking to visit the island.

The best things to do in Mallorca in April

I would recommend that wherever you are staying on the island, make the most of the cooler temperatures and visit the capital, Palma.

The best and most affordable way to see the sights in Palma is to buy a ticket for the Palma City Sightseeing bus which you can buy here. You can also book it here.

Alternatively, you can take the EMT Palma city buses and do some really nice day trips, and you can read about where you can go in this article here.

There are some other great activities to do in Palma too, including getting a Skip the Line ticket to see the Palma Cathedral here.

It’s also a great time to get out and explore the rest of the island. This island tour makes a fantastic day out and you can book it from more or less anywhere you are staying on the island.

Boat trips have also started, and the cheapest is from just 13,50€ in Palma bay.

Check them out here.

What’s on in Mallorca in April?

If you are visiting Mallorca during the Easter school holidays in 2024, you will know that Easter Sunday is on the 31 March 2024.

So it’s likely your holiday may roll into April.

If you’re planning forward for 2025, then Easter will be held in April.

To get an idea, in 2024, with Palm Sunday held on the 24 March, and the practice Easter parade processions being held on the run-up to Jueves Santo (Easter Thursday) and then Good Friday, so expect this to dominate activities on the run-up to Easter Sunday, as this is the most important event on the religious calendar.

The processions are quite sombre but it is also an experience to see them taking place. They are held not only in Palma but in most towns throughout Mallorca such as Pollensa, Alcudia and Inca.

Read more about Easter in Mallorca here.

-If your stay extends into April, you will find that there is a Nautical Fair in Alcudia Port. This event, as the name suggests, has a nautical focus, but you will find a market, dancing, and family activities.

It’s a fantastic event for not only residents, but visitors to the island, and while no official date has been released, I suspect it will be held on one of the weekends after Easter so around 13 April (with information given last minute by the town halls, it may run on weekends either side of this date).

– Also, you will see the Palma Boat Show will be held on run up to the 25 April 2024, and you can check out more information about this event here.

-By far the biggest event to happen in Mallorca in April is the 312 Mallorca Bike race. Some 8,000 riders flock to the island to make the challenging ride across the Traumuntana Mountains stretching from Muro, Alcudia and Puerto Pollensa, all the way down to Es Capdella in Calvia.

The date changes every year but you can find out more information here.

In 2024, this will take place on the 27 April 2024.

There will be many road closures on this day too, so keep sightseeing to Palma, the south of the island or stay in your resort on the day the race takes place.

For inspiration about things to do in Palma, check out this article here.

The Magaluf Marathon will take place on the weekend of 20 April 2024.

Look out for road closures on this day if you’re hoping to get out for the day.

The Orange Fair in Soller usually starts in April and in 2023 it’s expected to start on the 13 April too. This is a great opportunity to try some signature dishes from the Soller Valley, made famous for their inclusion of citrus fruits.

For more information about this check out Mallorca in May here.

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