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The Palma International Boat Show 2023 returns to Mallorca and will be held from the 27 to 30 April 2023 promoting all things nautical from the very top-of-the-range sailing yachts to the luxurious and modern motor yachts.

I visited in 2022 while working for the local paper, and while I am not working directly in the yachting industry, it was still fun to look around and the event is open to the public.

Held in Moll Vell in Palma´s La Lonja area, the Palma International Boat Show is the main yacht show in the Balearic Islands for anyone interested in investing in a yacht, yacht maintenance, or supplying their superyacht.

As well as motor yachts, the Palma International Boat Show also showcased the very best in yacht toys from jet skis to fly boards.

It’s also a great opportunity for yacht owners and investors to talk to the yacht providers about charters and trials. And for those interested in yachting, the opportunity to take a superyacht tour.

The Boat show is largely a trade fair with all the major providers in one place. It is also a great networking event.

The yachting industry is the main employer in the Balearic Islands offering the best employment opportunities for those wishing to work hard and earn good money.

And for those interested in getting a foothold in the industry, it’s worth taking a look around and speaking to staff on the stands about working on the superyachts crewing a yacht or working in the offices in various locations around the world.

I will be making a video for my Youtube channel about working in the yachting industry in the future, so make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel to check that out.

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Palma International Boat Show 2022

While this event was hosted primarily for those in the yachting industry, it attracted residents and holidaymakers too.

If you are visiting the Palma Yacht Show, then I would advise visiting on a week day as the weekends were extremely busy.

Tickets are available at the main entrance for 2023 cost 12€.

To get an insight into the Palma International Boat Show, a look aboard a couple of super motor yachts, and an idea of how much luxury costs, check out the video I made for my own channel here.

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